Upgrade Your Weapon with a 13.9 Barrel and SureFire WarComp.

This 13.9 Barrel With Surefire Warcomp provides high-efficiency muzzle device performance in an ultra-compact package.

13.9 Barrel With Surefire Warcomp

The Surefire Warcomp 13.9 Barrel is an efficient and reliable barrel compatible with a wide range of firearms. This barrel features a stainless steel construction for superior reliability and corrosion resistance, providing consistent and long lasting performance while shooting. Its three-pronged flash suppression system significantly reduces muzzle flash while shooting, making it ideal for nighttime operations. The 13.9 Barrel also features a mid-length gas system which helps maintain accuracy while also reliably cycling light loads and heavy loads within 7 diameter groups. Additionally, its 1:10 twist rate ensures consistent accuracy when firing heavier bullets at longer distances. To ensure ultimate strength and rigidity, the contour of the Surefire Warcomp 13.9 Barrel is designed to prevent movement under significant recoil or heavy use in adverse conditions. This barrel is the perfect addition to any firearm system looking for greater performance and reliability in all scenarios.

13.9 Barrel With Surefire Warcomp

The 13.9 barrel with Surefire Warcomp is a unique and innovative solution for shooters who are looking to take their shooting performance to the next level. It offers superior accuracy, reduced size and weight, and smooth functioning. This combination of features makes it an ideal choice for many different shooting applications.

What it is?

The Surefire Warcomp is a type of muzzle device designed specifically for use on barrels measuring 13.9 inches in length. It features a three-part construction that allows it to be securely attached to the barrel without the need for additional tools or hardware. The device acts as both a compensator and flash hider, providing enhanced accuracy while reducing muzzle flash and back blast. Additionally, the Warcomp provides significant size and weight reduction compared to traditional muzzle devices, making it popular among competitive shooters who need to stay light on their feet during competitions.


The main advantage of using the Surefire Warcomp on a 13.9 inch barrel is its ability to reduce recoil while providing increased accuracy due to its design principles of redirecting gases away from the shooter’s face upon firing. Additionally, the device offers significant size and weight reduction compared to traditional muzzle devices, making it easier to carry around during competitions or hunting trips. Finally, the Warcomp also provides improved sound signature control by suppressing most of the loud noise associated with shooting firearms without sacrificing performance or accuracy.

Installation Process

Installing a Surefire Warcomp onto a 13.9 inch barrel is relatively straightforward and can be done in just a few minutes with basic tools like an Allen key wrench set or crescent wrench set. First, remove any existing muzzle device from your firearms barrel by unscrewing it counter-clockwise until it comes off completely (if applicable). Then attach the Warcomp by aligning the notches on its body with those on your firearms barrel before gently tightening the device with your chosen tool until secure but not overly tight this will ensure that your device remains firmly attached while allowing you freedom of movement when using your weapon in various scenarios such as competitions or hunting trips where speed is essential.


The benefits of using a Surefire Warcomp on a 13.9 inch barrel are numerous but can be divided into three main categories: size & weight reduction; smooth functioning; and sound signature control/suppression capabilities; All these features make this muzzle device an ideal choice for shooters looking for superior performance without compromising comfort or portability when out in the field or competing in different scenarios where speed is essential. In terms of size & weight reduction, this model provides up to 25% less overall bulk compared to other muzzle devices allowing users more freedom of movement when carrying their firearm around while also offering enhanced accuracy due to its design principles which redirect gases away from the shooters face upon firing; Smooth functioning thanks to its three-part construction which allows it to be securely attached without additional tools or hardware; And finally sound signature control/suppression capabilities which reduce loud noises associated with shooting firearms without sacrificing performance or accuracy making it ideal for both competitive shooters who need maximum precision as well as hunters who want minimal disturbance when out in nature searching for game animals such as deer or wild boar etc..

Comparison Of 13.9 Barrels

When comparing different types of 13.9 inch barrels available on todays market there are several features and specifications that should be taken into consideration including: length (measured from tip-to-tip); twist rate (measured per complete turn); chamber type (i.e., rimmed cartridge); bore material (usually stainless steel); rifling type (i.e., conventional or polygonal); number of grooves (typically 4-6 depending on caliber); crown shape (usually recessed target crown); gas port location (used for regulating gas flow during cycling process). While all these specs may seem overwhelming at first glance they provide important information about how each particular barrel will perform in terms of accuracy, reliability, velocity & energy output etc.. This makes them invaluable tools when comparing different types of barrels available from various manufacturers both online and offline in order find one that best suits your individual needs/desires etc..

Advantages And Disadvantages

Some advantages associated with using 13.9 inch barrels include: increased velocity & energy output due their longer length compared to shorter barrels; improved accuracy thanks largely attributed their higher twist rate; lighter overall weight due their thinner walls compared shorter barrels; more flexibility when choosing ammunition thanks larger chamber width capable accommodating larger cartridges such as .45 ACP etc.. Some disadvantages associated with using these types of barrels include: increased felt recoil due greater mass being pushed backwards upon firing this can be mitigated somewhat by attaching an appropriate compensator/flash hider such as Surefires WarComp mentioned earlier; increased cost production due more raw materials required manufacturing them compared shorter barrels etc..

Benefits Of Surefire Warcomp

As mentioned previously one major benefit associated with using Surefire’s WarComp on any 13.9 inch barrel is its ability reduce felt recoil while still providing enhanced accuracy due its design principles redirecting gases away from shooter’s face upon firing – resulting improved comfort & control when shooting fast moving targets competitions etc.. Additionally this model also offers significant size & weight reduction compared traditional muzzle devices making easier carry around during hunts trips where speed essential – finally also provides improved sound signature control suppressing most loud noise typically heard when shooting firearms without sacrificing either performance nor accuracy making ideal choice many different types applications including hunting target practice etc..

Maintenance Of 13

13.9 Barrel With Surefire Warcomp

The 13.9 barrel with Surefire Warcomp is the perfect choice for any shooter looking to upgrade their rifle and maximize accuracy. This high quality barrel is designed specifically for use with the Surefire Warcomp compensator, allowing you to customize your rifle to fit your exact shooting needs. The 13.9 barrel and Surefire Warcomp combination provide superior accuracy, reduced recoil, and a lightweight design that ensures maximum performance with minimal effort.

Accessories for 13.9 Barrels

When choosing accessories for your 13.9 barrel and Surefire Warcomp combo, there are several essential components that you should include in your setup. These include essential tools such as wrenches, hex keys, and Allen wrenches; along with compensators that will help reduce recoil and flash hiders that will help conceal muzzle flash when shooting in low light conditions. Additionally, there are several grip options available to customize the feel of your rifle and make it comfortable to shoot.

Pros of Using a 13.9 Barrel

The 13.9 barrel with Surefire Warcomp offers many benefits over standard-length barrels including improved accuracy, increased velocity, reduced muzzle rise, quicker follow up shots, increased stability while shooting on the move, and a more lightweight design overall. The combination of these features makes it an ideal choice for precision shooters as well as those who are looking for an upgrade in performance without sacrificing maneuverability or mobility on the range or in the field.

Cons of Using a 13.9 Barrel

In terms of downsides, one potential issue with using a 13.9 barrel is that it may require specialty ammunition due to its shorter length than standard barrels; this can be mitigated by using factory rounds designed specifically for this type of setup or by handloading ammunition tailored to the specific needs of this type of firearm setup. Additionally, due to its shorter length compared to standard barrels there may be some difficulty in mounting optics or other accessories designed for longer rifles; however this can usually be overcome by utilizing special mounts or adapters designed specifically for use with this type of setup.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Surefire Warcomp?
A: The Surefire Warcomp is a flash hider/muzzle brake combination device that reduces muzzle flash and recoil. It is designed for use on firearms with 5.56/.223 caliber barrels.

Q: What are the advantages of a 13.9 barrel with Surefire Warcomp?
A: A 13.9 barrel with Surefire Warcomp provides size and weight reduction, smooth functioning, and improved accuracy over other barrel types. Additionally, the combination of the two devices results in reduced recoil and muzzle rise when shooting.

Q: What features and specifications should I look for in a 13.9 barrel?
A: When selecting a 13.9 barrel, it is important to consider its bore diameter, twist rate, material type (such as stainless steel or chrome moly), length, surface treatment, and chamber type (such as .223 Wylde). Additionally, it should be compatible with your firearm’s specs and have an appropriate fitment with your chosen accessories (such as flash hiders or compensators).

Q: How can I maintain my 13.9 barrel?
A: To ensure that your 13.9 barrel remains in top shape for years to come, regular cleaning and inspection are essential. It is also recommended to use gun oils or lubricants to keep the metal parts from wearing out too quickly; however, you should avoid using corrosive cleaners or solvents on your barrel as they can cause damage over time. Additionally, it is important to inspect any repairs or replacement parts before installation to ensure proper function and reliability.

Q: What accessories are available for 13.9 barrels?
A: There are many different accessories available for 13.9 barrels including essential tools such as torque wrenches or bore guides; compensators; grip options such as vertical foregrips or pistol grips; muzzle brakes; flash hiders; suppressors; optics mounts; bipods; handguards; sling attachments; recoil pads; mag catches; charging handles; buffer tubes; magazines; sights/optics etc..

The 13.9 Barrel With Surefire Warcomp is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and effective barrel that will last them for years. It is made of high-quality materials and is designed to be both accurate and dependable. The Surefire Warcomp flash suppressor provides a great combination of superior accuracy and recoil mitigation, making it a great choice for any shooter. In conclusion, the 13.9 Barrel With Surefire Warcomp is an excellent choice that will provide superior performance and reliability to the user regardless of environment or shooting conditions.

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