Explore the Beauty of Portland – 15617 Ne Airport Way Portland OR 97251

This is the address for Portland International Airport in Oregon.

15617 Ne Airport Way Portland Or 97251

15617 Ne Airport Way Portland Or 97251 is a stunning address located in Portland, Oregon. Situated near the airport, this area offers quick access to restaurants and shopping. Its convenient location allows business travelers or leisure seekers to explore Portland with ease. You’ll find plenty of outdoor activities in the nearby trails or parks, so you’ll be able to stay active all year-round. With its easy access to public transportation, residents can travel hassle-free throughout the city. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant nightlife, cozy atmosphere, delicious food, or excellent shopping opportunities Portland will not disappoint! Many of Portland’s most popular attractions are only a short drive away from 15617 NE Airport Way Portland Or 97251, providing further reasons to make the address your home.


15617 Ne Airport Way is located in the city of Portland, Oregon. Situated on the west coast of the United States, Portland is a vibrant city known for its natural beauty, outdoor recreation, and fun nightlife. With its proximity to mountains, rivers, and forests, Portland is an ideal destination for those looking to explore the great outdoors while still having access to all the comforts of a modern city.


Ne Airport Way in Portland is home to the Portland International Airport (PDX). PDX is one of the busiest airports in the Pacific Northwest and serves as an important hub for domestic and international flights. The airport is located just minutes away from 15617 Ne Airport Way and provides quick access to destinations across North America and beyond.


From the Portland International Airport to 15617 Ne Airport Way, travelers can take I-205 South for approximately five miles before taking exit 21A onto NE Columbia Blvd towards NE Airport Way. After turning onto NE Airport Way, travelers will need to take a left at SE Alderwood Rd before turning right onto NE 156th Ave. The destination will be on the right at 15617 Ne Airport Way.


Those looking for transportation options from 15617 Ne Airport Way have several options available including taxi and car rental services. Additionally, public transport options are available such as bus service through TriMet or MAX light rail which runs from downtown Portland all the way out to PDX airport.


The area around 15617 Ne Airport Way offers plenty of shopping opportunities with numerous retail stores nearby as well as restaurants and groceries. Those looking for some retail therapy can find everything they need with local shops such as Target or Walmart located just a few miles away from the address. Additionally, delicious restaurants like Elmers Breakfast & Lunch or Burgerville are perfect spots for grabbing a bite to eat after a long day of shopping.


FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the address of the airport?
A: The address of the airport is 15617 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR 97251.

Q: How do I get to downtown Portland from the airport?
A: To get to downtown Portland from the airport, you can take a taxi or car rental service. Alternatively, there are public transport options available such as bus and light rail services.

Q: Are there any shopping options near the airport?
A: Yes, there are a variety of shopping options near the airport including retail stores, restaurants and groceries.

Q: What attractions can I find near the airport?
A: Nearby attractions include museums and historic sites as well as parks and outdoor activities.

Q: What is the weather like in Portland?
A: The average annual temperature in Portland is around 55F (13C). Rainfall is common throughout much of the year with an average of 40-50 inches annually.

15617 NE Airport Way Portland Or 97251 is the address of the Portland International Airport. Located in Northeast Portland, this airport is the largest and busiest airport in Oregon with over 23 million passengers served each year. It serves as a hub for Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and United Airlines and offers direct flights to over 70 cities throughout North America.

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