Ready to Take On Any Adventure: Get Your 4Runner Ready with 285 70R17 No Lift

The 4Runner has 285/70R17 tires with no lift kit.

4Runner 285 70R17 No Lift

The 4Runner 285 70R17 No Lift is an advanced suspension lift kit designed for Toyota 4Runner vehicles. This quality lift kit provides a comfortable, stable ride even on rough terrain, making your 4Runner look great and perform better. The kit includes shock absorbers with progressive-rate spring technology and nitrogen-charged hydraulic cylinders. It also features welded steel brackets for added strength, along with built-in adjustability so you can dial in the right fit for your vehicle and terrain. Best of all, it’s easy to install – no cutting or welding required! With its superior performance and easy installation, the 4Runner 285 70R17 No Lift is the perfect way to get off-road quality performance and superior style without spending hours in the garage.

Tires for 4Runner

Tires are an important component of any vehicle, and 4Runner is no exception. When it comes to choosing the best tires for your 4Runner, there are several factors to consider: size, weight, and type. The 285/70R17 tire size is one of the most popular sizes for 4Runners, as it provides a great blend of performance and comfort. The size offers good grip on both dry and wet roads, while also providing good traction in off-road conditions. In terms of weight, these tires tend to be slightly heavier than other options on the market due to their larger diameter and tread design.


The 285/70R17 tire size has a section width of 11 inches and an overall diameter of 32 inches. This makes them slightly wider than other popular sizes such as the 285/65R17 or 265/70R17 tires. The larger width offers more stability when cornering, although this can come at the cost of increased rolling resistance. In terms of weight, these tires typically weigh between 33-37 pounds depending on the brand and model.


As mentioned above, the 285/70R17 tire size is slightly heavier than other options on the market due to its larger diameter and tread design. Generally speaking, these tires weigh between 33-37 pounds depending on the brand and model. This extra weight can have an effect on acceleration times as well as fuel economy, so it’s important to consider this when selecting new tires for your 4Runner.

Lift Kit

Installing a lift kit can give you a whole new look for your 4Runner while also providing improved performance. Lift kits come in various sizes and types with different levels of height adjustment capability; however, they all provide similar benefits such as increased ground clearance, improved approach angles for off-roading purposes, and better suspension articulation for better handling over rough terrain. Additionally, some lift kits offer additional features such as shock absorbers or sway bars that help improve overall ride quality even further.

Installation Process

Installing a lift kit requires some mechanical knowledge or experience with tools; however its something that can be done in a day with basic tools by following instructions carefully. First you must remove all components related to your current suspension setup including shocks struts or springs before installing any components from the lift kit itself which will include brackets spacers or extenders bolts nuts etc After that you will need to reinstall all components from your old suspension setup onto the new components from the lift kit Finally you will need to adjust ride height according to your preference by adjusting either shock absorber tension bolts or torsion bar settings


The benefits of installing a lift kit include improved ground clearance which allows you to traverse over steep inclines without worrying about scraping underneath your vehicle; improved approach angles which provide better traction when tackling off-road obstacles; improved suspension articulation which allows for greater control over uneven terrain; increased ride height which provides better visibility when driving; and finally increased power and performance as larger wheel sizes require more torque from the engine in order to turn them effectively resulting in better acceleration times overall..

285 70R17 Tire Size

The 285/70R17 tire size is one of the most popular sizes for 4Runners thanks to its blend of performance and comfort offered by its large diameter and tread design. This tire size has a section width of 11 inches and an overall diameter of 32 inches making them slightly wider than other popular sizes such as 265/70R17 or 285/65R17 tires resulting in increased stability when cornering although this may come at a slight cost in terms of rolling resistance due to their larger widths compared to other options available on the market today..

Pros & Cons

Pros: The large diameter and tread design provides good grip on both dry & wet roads while also offering good traction in off-road conditions; Increased stability when cornering due to their wider widths compared with other options available; Increased ride height provides better visibility when driving..

Cons: Slightly heavier than other options available due to their larger diameter & tread design resulting in decreased fuel economy & acceleration times; Increased rolling resistance due to their wider widths compared with other options available..


When selecting new tires for your 4Runner its important not only consider factors such as size weight & type but also make sure they are compatible with your vehicles suspension system brake system wheels etc Most standard suspensions should have no issue accommodating 285/70R17 sized tires but if you have aftermarket parts installed its best make sure they are compatible before making any purchases..

4 Runner Lift Kit Options
There are many types & brands offering lift kits specifically designed for 4Runners ranging from basic models that simply increase ride height up advanced models offering adjustable shocks sway bars etc Depending on what type of terrain you plan driving through will dictate what type kit best suits your needs Basic models often provide enough ground clearance traverse over mild off-road trails while heavier duty models equipped adjustable shocks & sway bars are more suitable tackling tougher terrain..

< h 2 >Height Adjustments
Most lift kits offer various levels adjustable height allowing you customize ride according specific needs For example if plan doing only light trail riding then may want keep ride height low maximize fuel economy However if plan tackling tough terrain then would likely want increase ride height improve ground clearance & approach angles If unsure how much adjustment need then best consult local dealership get professional advice about what would work best particular situation..

< h 2 >Power & Performance
Installing a lift kit can have positive effects both power & performance Many factory suspensions set low limits driving conditions such speed bumps potholes etc Installing higher quality aftermarket components not only provide greater ground clearance but also allow customizing dampening rates stiffness rates etc All this leads smoother comfortable rides greater handling performance increased power output Improved braking capabilities result upgrading brake system along with installation higher quality wheels spacers etc..

< h 2 >No Lift Kit On 4Runner
If decide not install any type lift kit then still possible upgrade certain aspects vehicle order improve overall performance Installing higher quality wheels spacers can help increase track width improve stability during cornering Additionally upgrading braking system could help reduce stopping distances along with improving pedal feel Lastly if looking further stabilize vehicle consider adding sway bars stiffer springs shocks etc All these modifications should lead smoother comfortable rides greater handling capabilities improved power output reduced body roll during cornering ..

Lift Kits for 4Runner 285 70R17

When considering which lift kit is right for your 4Runner 285 70R17, there are a few factors to consider. Durability is of utmost importance when selecting a lift kit; you want to make sure that your investment is going to last and provide the performance you expect. Quality is also a key factor, as you don’t want to end up with a poorly-made lift kit that ruins your ride or fails prematurely.

Ease of installation is another thing to think about. If you’re not comfortable working on your own vehicle, it’s best to look for kits that are ready to install by professionals, as opposed to DIY kits that require more skill and expertise. Safety should also be taken into consideration make sure the parts are properly designed and tested before use, and look for reputable brands with good reviews from other users.

Using No Lift 4Runner 285 70R17 Tires for Offroad Driving

If you’re looking to take your 4Runner out off-roading without installing a lift kit, you may want to consider using no-lift tires. These types of tires offer increased ground clearance, allowing you to drive over more difficult terrain without having to worry about bottoming out or scraping on rocks or other obstacles. However, it’s important to keep in mind that no-lift tires can affect the driving performance of your vehicle; they can decrease handling and cause instability at high speeds due to their increased size and weight. They also tend to wear faster than regular tires due to the added stress placed on them during off-roading activities.

Ready To Install Lift Kits For 4 Runner 285 70R17

If you’re ready to install a lift kit on your 4 Runner 285 70R17, there are several options available. The most popular kits include adjustable suspension lifts, body lifts (which raise the vehicles body from its frame), and spacer lifts (which provide an added clearance without lifting the entire vehicle). Generally speaking, adjustable suspension lifts are the most versatile type of lift; they allow for maximum customization options while still providing good ride quality and performance. Body lifts are typically used for cosmetic purposes only; they will raise the body but wont improve performance or off-road capability like adjustable suspension lifts do. Spacer lifts offer a low cost alternative but don’t provide as much adjustability as other types of kits do. In terms of price range, lift kits vary widely depending on what type of kit you choose and how many parts it includes; however, most kits usually fall somewhere between $500-$1000USD range.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the dimensions and weight of tires for 4Runner?
A: The tire size of 285 70R17 is 33.0 inches in diameter, 11.7 inches in width, and has a maximum load capacity of 2,758 lbs. The weight will depend on the make and model of the tire, but generally varies from 37 to 43 lbs.

Q: What are the benefits of installing a lift kit?
A: A lift kit can improve off-road capability and performance by increasing ground clearance, allowing larger tires to be fitted, improving suspension articulation, and providing better approach angles when driving over obstacles. It also adds an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle with a more aggressive look.

Q: What are the pros and cons of 285 70R17 tires?
A: The pros include increased ground clearance, improved off-road performance due to larger tire size and better traction due to increased profile size. On the other hand, downsides include increased road noise due to larger tire size and decreased fuel economy due to heavier tires.

Q: What options are available for 4 Runner lift kits?
A: Options available for 4 Runner lift kits include adjustable coilovers or shocks for height adjustment, sway bar disconnects or air bags for improved articulation in off road applications, as well as various power steering kits for improved steering response when lifting your vehicle.

Q: What advice should I consider when buying a lift kit for my 4Runner 285 70R17?
A: When shopping for a lift kit for your 4Runner 285 70R17 you should consider ease of installation (DIY or professional), safety considerations, durability considerations such as material quality and strength, as well as any necessary components not included in the kit such as brake lines or wheels spacers which may be required depending on your application.

The 4Runner 285 70R17 No Lift is an excellent choice for those looking to increase the off-road capability of their vehicle. It provides great traction, good ground clearance and improved ride quality. The no lift option makes it easier to install and provides a lower center of gravity for improved handling. This tire size is a great option for those who want to take their 4Runner off the beaten path.

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