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The address is 83 Broad Street, Westlake, OH 44145.

83 Broad Street Westlake Oh 44145

83 Broad Street Westlake, OH 44145 is a residential address located in the small town of Westlake in the northeastern part of the state. The street is a quiet suburban area surrounded by green trees and beautiful countryside views. The nearest shopping center is located just one mile away, while the closest school is only three miles away. Residents here enjoy easy access to parks, playgrounds, and other recreational activities. Additionally, the city boasts several restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues to explore. So if you’re looking for a safe, friendly community with plenty of amenities nearby then 83 Broad Street Westlake, OH 44145 could be an ideal place to call home.

Location – Westlake, Oh – 83 Broad Street

83 Broad Street is a historic address located in the heart of Westlake, Ohio. Located in the Cuyahoga County of Ohio, this address is surrounded by a variety of businesses, shops, restaurants and entertainment venues. This area provides an ideal location for residents to live and work and has been attracting more people over the years. The area around 83 Broad Street is conveniently located near major highways, making it easy to get around town and explore all that Westlake has to offer.

Demographics Population Average Age

Westlake’s population currently stands at 32,729 according to the 2019 census. The average age of residents is 42 years old with a median household income of $82,878. The area is home to many young families as well as older professionals who are drawn to the convenience of living close to downtown Cleveland and other nearby cities.

Economy Major Industries Employment Rate

Westlake’s economy is heavily based on retail and service industries such as banking and finance, health care and technology. It also has large employers in manufacturing, construction and transportation. The city’s unemployment rate is low at 3%, which indicates that there are plenty of job opportunities available in the area for those looking for employment.

Education System Primary & Secondary Schools Colleges & Universities

Westlake has a number of schools available for primary and secondary education including Westlake High School, Dover Middle School, St. Angela Merici Elementary School and St. Barnabas Catholic School among others. There are also several colleges and universities located within 30 miles of 83 Broad Street such as Cleveland State University, Baldwin Wallace University and Case Western Reserve University which provide higher education opportunities for students living in Westlake or nearby cities.

Shopping & Entertainment Malls & Outlets Restaurants

Residents living near 83 Broad Street have access to a variety of shopping options including Crocker Park Shopping Center which offers over 100 stores including national brands like Sephora and Apple Store as well as local boutiques like Fuzzy Monkey Clothing Co.. There are also several outlet malls such as Great Northern Mall where shoppers can find discounts on designer items from top brands like Coach or Michael Kors as well as outlet stores offering great deals on everyday goods from clothing to electronics. Additionally there are a variety of restaurants ranging from casual eateries like Barrio Tacos to upscale dining establishments like Hyde Park Prime Steakhouse offering something for everyones taste buds!

Public Services

83 Broad Street Westlake, OH 44145 is home to a wide variety of public services. The area is served by two local libraries, four parks, three fire stations, and several community centers. These facilities all provide important resources to the community and help foster civic engagement.

The libraries offer a range of materials from books and magazines to DVDs and CDs, as well as computers with internet access for research or recreational use. The parks provide outdoor recreational opportunities with playgrounds, trails, and sports fields. Fire stations provide vital safety services that help protect the area from fire hazards and other disasters. Community centers are often used for events like meetings, classes, or performances.

Healthcare Services

83 Broad Street Westlake OH 44145 is also served by two hospitals and several clinics that provide essential healthcare services to the community. These facilities offer a range of treatments from routine checkups to more complex procedures like surgeries or specialty care. The hospitals are staffed by highly trained medical professionals who can provide specialized care for any medical needs that may arise. In addition to hospital-based care, there are also several pharmacies in the area that can fill prescriptions and offer advice on general health topics.

Climate and Environment

The climate in 83 Broad Street Westlake OH 44145 is generally mild with average temperatures ranging between 40-80 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the season. Rainfall patterns vary year round with an average of around 45 inches per year while snowfall varies significantly depending on the winter season with an average of about 15 inches per year in recent years.

Transportation System

The transportation system in 83 Broad Street Westlake OH 44145 is well developed with easy access to airports both nearby and further afield via public transportation lines such as buses or taxis as well as train stations which connect the area to other cities in Ohio and beyond. There are also several car rental companies located nearby for those looking for an alternative mode of transport.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the location of 83 Broad Street Westlake Oh 44145?
A: 83 Broad Street Westlake Oh 44145 is located in Westlake, Ohio.

Q: What are the demographics of the area?
A: The average age of the population in the area is not publicly available. However, according to the US Census Bureau, Westlake has an estimated population of 32,729 people.

Q: What are the major industries in Westlake?
A: The major industries in Westlake include healthcare, education, finance and insurance, retail trade, professional and technical services, manufacturing, and hospitality and food services.

Q: What educational institutions are nearby?
A: The primary and secondary schools nearby include Westlake High School, Bay High School, Lee Burneson Middle School and Dover Elementary School. There are also several colleges and universities within a 20-mile radius including Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland State University and Baldwin Wallace University.

Q: What public services are available in the area?
A: Public services available in the area include libraries, parks, fire stations and community centers. There are also several healthcare services such as hospitals and clinics as well as pharmacies.

The address 83 Broad Street Westlake, OH 44145 is located in the city of Westlake, Ohio. It is a residential area that is close to many shopping and dining options. It is also close to Cleveland Hopkins International Airport and other transportation hubs. Overall, this address offers a convenient location for those looking to live in the Westlake area.

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