83 Broad Street: A Look at Westlake Ohio’s Prime Real Estate

83 Broad Street, Westlake, Ohio is the address.

83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio

83 Broad Street in Westlake Ohio is a great place to call home. Located just minutes away from downtown Cleveland, you’ll enjoy the convenience of being so close to the city and all it has to offer. From shopping and dining to art galleries and cultural attractions, there’s something for everyone in the area. You can even take in some fantastic views of Lake Erie and its surrounding parks. Westlake Ohio is full of diverse neighborhoods and friendly people, with a variety of activities and amenities for the whole family. 83 Broad Street is an affordable residential community that will provide you with a comfortable place to call home. With easy access to public transportation in addition to safe streets, you’ll be able to get around town quickly and conveniently. From spacious townhomes to charming condos, there’s something available for everyone at 83 Broad Street in Westlake Ohio.

83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio

History of Westlake Ohio

Westlake Ohio has a rich history that dates back to the early 1800s. The area was settled by Quakers in 1810, and the village was incorporated in 1813. The village was named after its first settler, John Westlake, and has since grown to become a thriving city of over 32,000 people. Throughout its history, Westlake has been a place of innovation and progress. Some of the most notable milestones include the development of electric street lighting in 1918, the opening of Crocker Park shopping center in 2004, and the completion of I-90 in 2009.

Westlake also has a strong sense of culture and tradition that can be seen throughout the city. From parades and festivals to holiday celebrations and events for all ages, there is something for everyone in Westlake Ohio. Local businesses proudly display their ties to Westlake’s past with historic buildings, monuments, parks, eateries, and more throughout the city.

Tourist Attractions in Westlake Ohio

Westlake Ohio is a great destination for visitors looking for shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. The 83 Broad Street area is home to several popular tourist attractions such as Crocker Park shopping center which houses over 100 stores and restaurants as well as an outdoor amphitheater where concerts are held each year. The Clague Playhouse also offers live theater performances with an array of musicals and plays throughout the year. Additionally, visitors can explore many local attractions such as the Clague Museum which features artifacts from some of Westlakes earliest inhabitants or take a stroll through Lakewood Park which offers picturesque views along Lake Eries shoreline.

Climate & Weather in Westlake Ohio

Westlake Ohio is located on Lake Eries south shore which provides mild temperatures year-round with hot summers and cold winters. The average temperature range from mid-20s during winter months to mid-70s during summer months while humidity levels typically stay between 30-40%. Annual rainfall averages around 37 inches while snowfall averages around 50 inches each year with December typically being the snowiest month.

Public Transportation in Westlakle Ohio

Getting around town is easy with convenient public transportation options available throughout Westlakle Ohio thanks to RTA services like buses that run throughout most areas including routes that travel directly into downtown Cleveland daily. For those looking for air travel services there is Burke Lakefront Airport located just minutes away from 83 Broad Street offering regular flights to various locations across North America as well as private charter services available if needed.

Education Centers in Westlakle Ohio

Students living or visiting 83 Broad Street are served by several top-notch educational institutions at both primary school level as well as university level including top rated schools such as Lee Burneson Middle School for grades 6 – 8 , Dover Elementary School for grades K – 5 , St Edward High School for grades 9 12 , John Carroll University , Cleveland State University , Baldwin Wallace University , Cuyahoga Community College , Ursuline College , Case Western Reserve University , Oberlin College , Notre Dame College , Kent State University at Stark . All these schools provide great education opportunities to those living or visiting this area giving them access to some of best educational programs offered anywhere .

Health Care Facilities in Westlake Ohio

Westlake Ohio is home to a number of health care facilities that provide comprehensive care for those in need. Hospitals and medical clinics offer a variety of services, from emergency care to primary care and specialty care. Mental health centers and counselors are also available for those who need help dealing with emotional or psychological issues. The Westlake area is served by several medical centers, including the Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, Fairview Hospital, and Southwest General Health Center.

Shopping & Dining Places in Westlake Ohio

Shopping and dining opportunities are plentiful in Westlake Ohio. Grocery stores and supermarkets provide a variety of foods for residents to purchase while cafes, bars, and night clubs offer a range of entertainment options. Additionally, there are numerous boutique shops throughout the area where one can find unique gifts or souvenirs. For those looking for something more upscale, there is Crocker Park Shopping Center located just minutes away from 83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio. This mall offers over 100 stores and restaurants as well as outdoor activities like live music concerts and other special events throughout the year.

Security & Neighborhoods in Westlake Ohio

Westlake Ohio is known for its safe neighborhoods with low crime rates. The community offers a variety of resources to keep its residents safe including community watch programs and police patrols throughout the city limits. Additionally, local organizations like the Westshore Crime Prevention Network provide crime prevention information to residents as well as education on how to stay safe during emergencies or natural disasters such as floods or fires.

Nightlife & Entertainment Centers in Westlake Ohio

Westlake Ohio has plenty to offer when it comes to nightlife and entertainment centers. Theaters, cinemas, sports venues, recreational areas are all available close by at 83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio. Additionally the city has several amusement parks such as Cedar Point which boasts an array of thrilling rides and attractions that will excite even the most adventurous thrill seekers! With plenty of fun things to do after dark it is no wonder why people love living in this charming city!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the history of Westlake Ohio?
A: Westlake Ohio was established in 1811 as a township, and it was officially incorporated in 1940. The city has seen many developments over the years, including the construction of 83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio in 1985.

Q: What tourist attractions are there in Westlake Ohio?
A: Westlake Ohio is home to numerous attractions for visitors to enjoy. Some popular attractions include 83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio, various hotels and restaurants, theaters and cinemas, sports venues and recreational areas.

Q: What is the climate like in Westlake Ohio?
A: The climate in Westlake Ohio is moderate with an average temperature range of 45F – 75F (7C – 24C). Humidity levels are generally low with annual rainfall reaching an average of 43 inches (109 centimetres) and snowfall averaging 38 inches (97 centimetres).

Q: Are there any public transportation options available in Westlake Ohio?
A: Yes, there are several public transportation options available for residents and visitors to use. There are numerous bus routes around the city with timetables available online, as well as local airport services.

Q: What educational facilities are available in Westlake Ohio?
A: There are several educational facilities located within or near the city limits of Westlake Ohio. These include primary schools, universities and colleges offering a variety of courses to suit different needs.

83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio is located in the city of Westlake, Ohio. It is a residential property, and is close to many local amenities such as shopping, dining, and recreation. The area is known for its safe and friendly atmosphere, making it a desirable place to live. With its convenient location and amenities, 83 Broad Street Westlake Ohio is an ideal place to call home.

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