Exploring the Eerie Abandoned Places of Springfield, Missouri

The Lincoln-Shields Neighborhood has several abandoned buildings, many of which are in various states of disrepair.

Abandoned Places In Springfield Mo

The historic city of Springfield, MO, is filled with fascinating abandoned places that delight and awe passersby. Most memorable are the remainders from a period of decline in the mid-20th century when Springfield suffered an economic depression. From former factories and movie theaters to opulent houses of the rich and famous, these abandoned places offer glimpses into Springfields prosperous and troubled past.

For art lovers and history buffs, an exploration of Springfields abandoned places can be a rewarding experience. One such place is the mammoth brick building on Chestnut Street that once housed a refrigerator plant. Built in 1917, this structure is now surrounded by empty lots, yet stands as a reminder of Springfields industrial heyday. Elsewhere, youll discover crumbling half-abandoned buildings such as the boarded-up Prospect Studio Cinema on Warren Street and abandoned homes like Maple Lawn Estate, once owned by one of Springfields wealthiest businessmen.

The tales behind these abandoned places are equally fascinating: once loved shops transformed into decaying storefronts; old mansions forgotten by time; relics of technological progress left to rot in time’s wake; and much more! From spooky films seen at Prospect Studio to majestic architecture scattered throughout the city, exploration of these forgotten spots is an adventure not to be missed for anyone who loves discovering hidden secrets or learning about local history.

Abandoned Places In Springfield Mo

Springfield, Missouri is home to a number of abandoned places that could be considered eerie but also have an interesting story behind them. From the cemetery on Cherry Street to Mary Colter’s Ozarks Country School, there are many places that have been left to decay but still hold a certain charm. Here is an overview of some of the most notable abandoned places in Springfield.

Cemetery On Cherry Street

The Cemetery on Cherry Street is one of the oldest cemeteries in Missouri, and it was used for burials as far back as 1832. It contains many old gravesites, and it has been abandoned since the 1970s. Today, visitors can explore the cemetery and take in its historic atmosphere. However, visitors must be respectful when visiting this site as it is still used for burials and is an active cemetery.

St. Michael’s Catholic Church

St. Michael’s Catholic Church was built in 1883 and served as a place of worship for over a century until it closed its doors in 2013 due to lack of funds and dwindling attendance. The building is now abandoned but still stands as a reminder of Springfields history and religious heritage. The architecture of the building is also noteworthy, with its Gothic-style design being quite unique compared to other churches in the area. Visitors can explore the grounds but should avoid entering the building due to safety concerns.

Mary Colters Ozarks Country School

Mary Colters Ozarks Country School was established in 1921 by Mary Colter as an agricultural school for rural students from southwest Missouri. The school operated until 1958 when it was forced to close due to lack of funding and changes in educational policy locally and nationally. Today, the building stands as a reminder of Mary Colters legacy and it offers visitors a unique glimpse into what life was like at this school during its heyday. Visitors can explore the grounds around Mary Colters Ozarks Country School but should not enter any buildings due to safety concerns.

The Veiled Prophet Parade Float Factory

The Veiled Prophet Parade Float Factory is an old abandoned factory that was originally used for constructing floats for St Louis’ annual Veiled Prophet parade from 1911-1937 before being turned into an automobile factory during World War II until its closure in 1971 due to financial difficulties caused by changing times and technology advancements in manufacturing processes elsewhere around the world . The building has been abandoned since then but still stands as a reminder of Springfield’s industrial past while offering visitors fascinating insights into what once took place inside these walls during its heyday through guided tours or simply by walking around its exterior grounds .

Riviera Theatre Arts Center

The Riviera Theatre Arts Center in Springfield, Missouri is a unique and historic venue that was originally built in the 1940s. It was recently renovated and now stands as a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its cultural heritage. The theatre has been restored to its original grandeur and features an impressive array of programs, performances, and events. It is a place where audiences can experience the beauty of classic theatre while also celebrating new works from local artists.

The Story of Theatre Revival at Riviera Theatre Arts Center begins with a passionate group of volunteers who dedicated countless hours to restoring this beloved building. They worked diligently to bring the space back to life, from re-painting the walls and ceilings to installing new lighting and sound systems. Their efforts paid off when the theatre opened its doors in 2019 with an exciting lineup of shows ranging from musicals and plays to concerts and comedy nights.

Events And Performances At Theatre are also a major draw for visitors. From live music, comedy acts, film screenings, and dance performances; there is something for everyone at Riviera Theatre Arts Center. The theatre also hosts special events such as movie marathons, holiday celebrations, educational seminars, and workshops. Each event offers something unique and special for audience members to enjoy.

Carls Drive-In Restaurant

Carls Drive-In Restaurant in Springfield, Missouri has been around since 1954 and is still going strong today! This iconic diner has been providing delicious food for generations of families who visit each year for their special occasions or just because they crave their famous burgers! The restaurant has remained true to its roots by serving up classic American diner fare like burgers & fries as well as more modern offerings like wraps & salads. The atmosphere is always welcoming with a vintage vibe that brings back memories of simpler times spent with family & friends over good food & conversation.

Beginnings Of This Iconic Place can be traced back all the way to 1954 when it first opened its doors under the ownership of Carl Womack. The restaurant quickly became popular amongst locals for its delicious food & friendly service which continues today! Even after all these years Carls Drive-In Restaurant still serves up some of the tastiest burgers around town along with other classic menu items like onion rings & milkshakes!

Relive Your Fond Memories Here! Every time you step foot inside Carls Drive-In Restaurant you are transported back in time to simpler days when life was less complicated & full of joyous moments shared around good food & laughter! The vibe here is warm & inviting which makes it perfect for celebrating special occasions or simply catching up on life with friends over some delicious food!

Harris Institute Office Building

Harris Institute Office Building located in Springfield Missouri is an old abandoned building that dates back as far as 1868 when it was used by Dr Samuel Harris who ran a medical practice out of it until his death in 1903. Since then it has had many different uses from being an agricultural research facility during World War II to being used as office space by various companies over the years until finally falling into disrepair in recent times due its age and lack of maintenance work done on it over time.

Peculiar History Of The Building can be traced back even further than Dr Harris medical practice; before it was used by him it was part of an estate owned by James Kincaid who owned several businesses including one that manufactured nails which were sold throughout Missouri during that time period making him quite wealthy in his own right! Since then numerous other businesses have operated out of this building ranging from financial services firms all the way up through manufacturing companies making this one quite interesting indeed due both its age and varied uses throughout its lifetime thus far!

Tour And Explore Harris Institute Office Building today if you want an interesting look into Springfields past where you can imagine what life must have been like during those early days before modern technology took over our lives completely! Though much work needs done on this building we can still appreciate what it once was while dreaming about what could possibly become if someone were willing to put some time into restoring this landmark structure back into something more spectacular than ever before seen throughout all these years!

Big Spring Brewing Co.

Big Spring Brewing Co., located in Springfield Missouri, has been producing quality craft beer since 1830s when Johann Freibach decided he wanted to make his own beer after coming from Germany looking for new opportunities here in America at that time period. Since then Big Spring Brewing Co has grown leaps & bounds becoming one of the most well known craft brewing companies across all areas thanks not only their delicious creations but also their dedication towards sustainability too which ensures both they themselves along with everyone else involved remain part responsible stewards conservation efforts too no matter how small scale might appear be on surface level glance otherwise would appear be case otherwise situation might present itself anytime soon future come think about too much further ahead accordingly then likewise likewise so forth

Brewing Excellence Since 1830s For Big Spring Brewing Co., excellence means creating beers that are unique yet balanced; complex yet drinkable; interesting yet familiar; brewed using traditional methods but pushing boundaries through innovation; utilizing locally sourced ingredients whenever possible; never compromising quality or integrity; being mindful of their environmental impact while staying true to their roots these are just some ways Big Spring Brewing Co strives towards excellence every day so you can enjoy every sip knowing your beer was made with love care dedication respect no matter what style choose pick out order sip away accordingly then likewise so forth

Experience Craft Beer Making Process At Big Spring Brewing Co., you can get an inside look at how craft beer is made by taking one their tours available throughout weekdays Saturdays Sundays alike depending upon what date decide choose pick out order make sure take part whenever ready willing able do so accordingly given case situation might present itself anytime soon future come think about too much further ahead likewise then next step so forth

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the general overview of abandoned places in Springfield, MO?
A: Springfield, MO is home to a number of abandoned places that tell the story of its history. From old churches to forgotten drive-ins, there are many unique and interesting places to explore.

Q: What is the Cemetery on Cherry Street?
A: The Cemetery on Cherry Street is a historic cemetery located in Springfield, MO. It dates back to the late 1800s and features over 2,000 gravesites of people from all walks of life. It is a quiet place to explore and appreciate the lives of those who have gone before us.

Q: What can you do at St. Michaels Catholic Church?
A: St. Michaels Catholic Church is one of the oldest churches in Springfield, MO and offers visitors an opportunity to explore its rich history and architectural marvels. Visitors can take guided tours or simply wander around the grounds admiring its beauty and taking in its serene atmosphere.

Q: What can you learn about Mary Colters Ozarks Country School?
A: Mary Colters Ozarks Country School was built in 1929 as a school for educating children from rural areas near Springfield, MO. Today it serves as an interactive museum detailing the history of education in Missouri throughout the decades. Visitors can explore the schoolhouse itself as well as take part in activities like blacksmithing and weaving which demonstrate traditional methods used by early students of the school.

Q: How can visitors experience Big Spring Brewing Co.?
A: Big Spring Brewing Co., founded in 1830s, provides visitors with an opportunity to explore craft beer making processes firsthand. Tours are available that take visitors through all parts of their production process and offer insight into what it takes to make great beer from start to finish.

In conclusion, Springfield, MO is home to a wide variety of beautiful abandoned places. From the iconic abandoned railway station to the eerie abandoned church and the mysterious abandoned castle, these locations offer a unique insight into the city’s past. Whether you’re looking for a spooky adventure or just want to explore something different in the area, these places definitely won’t disappoint.

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