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The Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice Rom is a visual novel game for the Nintendo 3DS.

Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom

Experience the world of Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice, a courtroom adventure game that lets you experience the thrill and pressure of a courtroom trial. Players will join attorney Phoenix Wright and his colleagues on a thrilling new courtroom adventure as they traverse the globe to defend their clients in this captivating sixth installment Ace Attorney series. In Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice, youll need to navigate the sometimes complex legal system while exploring fresh evidence and gathering testimony to bring your clients innocence to light in this unpredictable and thrilling narrative. Dive into the exciting world of Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice with its stunning visuals, an exciting new setting, fresh characters, complex cases, poignant plots and an interesting mix of action and puzzle solving. You’ll need quick wits to unravel details, discover clues, piece evidence together to solve riveting mysteries throughout each courtroom case. All this awaits you in Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice your destiny awaits!


Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is a visual novel and puzzle game developed by Capcom, released for Nintendo 3DS in 2016. The game is the sixth installment in the Ace Attorney series, and follows rookie attorney Phoenix Wright and his assistant Maya Fey as they investigate a murder case with supernatural elements in the country of Khura’in. The game features a variety of gameplay styles, including courtroom battles, crime scene investigations, and exploration. It also introduces new characters and locations to explore, as well as a unique Divination Seance mechanic.


Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice features traditional gameplay elements from previous entries in the series. Players control Phoenix Wright or another playable character as they explore crime scenes, interact with witnesses, collect evidence, and present their findings in court. The game also introduces several new mechanics to the series. The “Divination Seance” allows players to experience past events from the perspective of deceased individuals. Additionally, players can now send text messages to other characters during certain parts of the story.


The story of Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice revolves around Phoenix Wright’s journey to Khura’in, a foreign country that has outlawed defense attorneys due to its belief that justice can be achieved through mystical means known as “Divination Seances”. In Khura’in, Phoenix meets Rayfa Padma Khura’in, a young princess who serves as an Oracle and assists him on his quest for truth and justice. As Phoenix investigates various cases throughout Khura’in, he uncovers an underground conspiracy involving dark forces that threaten not only his client’s lives but also his own life. As he struggles to uncover the truth behind these events he must battle powerful enemies in court using all of his legal skills at his disposal if he hopes to succeed in bringing justice back to Khura’in.


Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice features a large cast of characters with fully-voiced dialogue scenes throughout the story mode.

Main Characters

The main protagonist is Phoenix Wright who returns from previous games in the series with an updated look and set of moves for battling it out in courtrooms across Khurain . He is joined by Maya Fey who assists him on his journey while providing comic relief throughout some moments in the story. Rayfa Padma Khurain serves as an Oracle for her kingdom and works alongside Phoenix Wright while providing invaluable information about her homeland and its laws . Apollo Justice returns after a long absence from previous titles , now sporting longer hair , he fights alongside Phoenix by presenting evidence , interviewing witnesses , etc .

Supporting Characters

The supporting cast consists mostly consists of returning characters such as Athena Cykes , Trucy Wright , Miles Edgeworth , Ema Skye among many others who provide assistance or act as witnesses during courtroom battles . New characters such as Nahyuta Sahdmadhi ( Prosecutor ) , Dhurke Sahdmadhi ( Defense attorney ) are introduced along with their respective assistants Behleeb Inmee ( Prosecutor ) & Amitri Cykes ( Defense attorney ). Other characters such as Queen Garan Sigatar Khurain serves as major antagonist whose true intentions remain hidden until late stages into story .



The visuals are rendered using cel-shading techniques similar to those used in other 3D games such as The Legend Of Zelda : Breath Of Wild giving it a cartoonish look . Animations are smooth thanks to 60 FPS frame rate which helps make cutscenes enjoyable . Character designs are detailed down to smallest details like facial expressions which helps bring out emotion from character dialogue scenes .


The game takes place mostly within courtroom settings which offer plenty variety thanks to different kinds cases that occur during course story mode . Exploration sections are also present where players can search for clues or items that might help them progress further into game . There are also few locations outside courtroom setting such temples ruins , villages etc which add more flavor overall presentation .

Music And Sound Effects

Background Music

Background music consists mostly orchestral pieces which fit every scene according tone mood being presented . Battle themes add more excitement during courtroom sections while exploration tunes give sense mystery when searching for clues or items throughout different locations . All these tracks come together form cohesive soundtrack which perfectly complements overall presentation game giving it more depth than ever before .


Dialogue between character is fully voiced giving them more personality than before helping player connect them on emotional level . Voice actors do great job bringing out best each character making every conversation enjoyable listen no matter how long they might be at times due amount content being delivered each conversation scene .

Pros And Cons

+ Rich Storyline With Interesting Characters Ace Attorney : Spirit Of Justice offers an engaging storyline filled with interesting characters that you will grow attached too throughout your playthroughs.. + Variety Of Gameplay Elements Gameplay elements vary between investigations , finding evidence , presenting facts courtroom battles etc making each playthrough unique experience every time you play it .. + Detailed Visuals And Animations Visuals are detailed down smallest details like facial expressions which help bring emotion out each character during conversations .. + Great Soundtrack Orchestral pieces fit every scene according tone mood being presented adding depth overall presentation ..

< H 3 > Cons – Repetitive Gameplay Despite variety gameplay elements some may find repetition due fact there are only few kinds cases player will encounter during playthrough .. – Long Loading Times Loading times be quite long at times making progress slow down especially when going through multiple areas within same location .. – Lack Of Difficulty Options Difficulty options not present so those seeking challenge be disappointed when playing this title ..

Pricing and Availability

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice is now available on the Nintendo 3DS, iOS, and Android platforms. It is currently priced at $30 USD for the 3DS version, $20 USD for the iOS version, and $15 USD for the Android version. This game is also available to purchase in physical form through various retailers.

Reviews and Ratings

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice has received positive reviews from critics. Many have praised its story-driven content, tight mechanics, and charming characters. It has been rated a 9/10 by IGN and a 4.5/5 by Gamespot. User reviews have also been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising its depth of story and fun puzzles. Most users find that the game offers an enjoyable experience for both hardcore and casual players alike.

Tips and Strategies

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice offers a variety of tips and strategies for both beginner players and experts alike. For beginners, it is important to pay attention to detail when examining evidence in court as well as when questioning witnesses or suspects during investigations. Additionally, it can be helpful to take notes while playing in order to keep track of important clues or pieces of information that can help when piecing together a case. For more advanced players, it can be beneficial to think outside the box when attempting to solve puzzles or uncover new information about a case; sometimes taking risks with your theories can lead to unexpected discoveries which can be used to further your investigation.

Additional Resources

For those looking for more information on Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice there are a number of resources available online which can provide additional tips, strategies, tutorials, and reference materials related to this game. The official website for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Spirit of Justice contains a variety of helpful resources including an extensive FAQ section which answers common questions about the game as well as tutorials on how to play it effectively. Additionally there are numerous fan websites such as Ace Attorney Wiki which feature detailed walkthroughs for each case as well as comprehensive character biographies which may be helpful when trying to understand the motivations behind certain characters in the games story arcs.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom?
A: Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom is a visual novel adventure game developed and published by Capcom. It was released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016.

Q: Who are the main characters in Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom?
A: The main characters in Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom are Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, Athena Cykes, Ema Skye and Trucy Wright.

Q: What platforms and devices is Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom available on?
A: Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom is available on the Nintendo 3DS. It can be purchased from the eShop or in physical form from retailers.

Q: What type of graphics does Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom have?
A: Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom features 3D cel-shaded graphics with highly detailed 2D character portraits and backgrounds. The animations are smooth and fluid, with vibrant colors and a unique art style that captures the spirit of the series perfectly.

Q: What type of reviews has Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom received?
A: Critics have generally praised the game for its story, characters, music, visuals and gameplay. User reviews have been mostly positive as well, with many citing its addicting nature and replayability as some of the games best features.

The Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice Rom is an excellent example of a game that combines excellent storytelling, captivating characters, and challenging puzzles. With its unique courtroom battles and creative investigation mechanics, this rom stands out as a great title for fans of the Ace Attorney series. It offers a great deal of replayability and is sure to please both newcomers and veterans alike.

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