Explore the Spectacular Universe of Star Citizen with the Area 18 Map

The Area 18 map in Star Citizen is an interactive map of the space sim’s Stanton system.

Area 18 Map Star Citizen

Area 18 Map is a game feature for Star Citizen, a space combat and trading simulation. It provides an interactive map of the entire in-game universe, allowing players to explore new locations. Area 18 Map gives players an opportunity to find out what’s out there. It not only shows the main star systems but also gives detailed information about planets and elements to be found within. It also contains information about educational opportunities, missions and more. You’ll be able to read news feeds and locate friends who are playing in the same session. The map contains hyperspace lanes that link systems together as well as actual jump points on a 3D rendered map. With this map you can traverse intergalactic distances or get lost in space!

Area 18 Map & Layout

Area 18 is a bustling spaceport located on the planet Hurston, in the Crusader system of the Stanton star system. It is a hub of activity for commerce, business, and entertainment, and serves as the primary trading post for the UEE. It is also home to many of the underworld’s most notorious characters and factions. Area 18 is composed of various districts, such as Lorville, which houses major corporations and other organizations; Gravlev, which is a residential area; and Origin Services, where players can purchase ships and ship components.

The layout of Area 18 consists of several distinct areas that are easily recognizable on the map. On the south side of Area 18 lies Lorville, which has several important locations within it, such as Halion Spaceport where traders can buy and sell goods or services. The north side contains Gravlev district which is home to many residential buildings as well as recreational activities such as clubs and bars. Further east from Gravlev lies Origin Services Terminal where players can purchase or rent ships from various merchants.

Important Locations at Area 18

The different districts within Area 18 provide players with many different services that they may need or want during their stay in the area. In Lorville players can find Halion Spaceport where they can purchase or rent ships, buy commodities or services from merchants or even hire mercenaries to do tasks for them. The district also houses several important organizations such as Banu Protectors Guild Hall, Hurston Dynamics HQ and Mako Corporation HQ which all provide different services to players who visit these places.

In Gravlev district players can find recreational activities such as clubs or bars to hang out in after a long days work. This district also houses some residential buildings where people may live during their stay in Area 18. This part of town also contains some shops where players can buy food, clothes or other items they may need during their stay in Area 18.

Shops at Area 18

Area 18 also has many shops located all around it that provide various items for players that they may need during their stay in this bustling spaceport city. Players can find shops selling clothes at different prices depending on their needs or budget restrictions; other shops offer food items like groceries or ready-made meals for those who do not have time to cook; there are also weapon stores offering a variety of weapons for those who wish to arm themselves while travelling through space; lastly there are medical stores providing basic medical supplies like painkillers or ointments for those who get injured while exploring space. All these stores provide important items needed by anyone visiting this area so its best to check them out first before venturing into space!

Security Services

For those who want some extra protection while travelling through space there are security services offered by various organizations at Area 18 that help keep travelers safe from potential danger lurking around every corner of this bustling spaceport city. Organizations like Banu Protectors Guild Hall provide top-notch protection with highly trained personnel available 24/7 to make sure travelers feel safe while travelling through star systems far away from home base planet Hurston.

Banking Services

In addition to security services provided by various organizations at Area 18 there are also banking services available here too! Players have access to ATMs located throughout the city which allow them to withdraw local currency when needed and transfer funds between accounts if necessary making it easy for them manage their finances while away from home base planet Hurston without having any worries about money shortages!

Origin Services Offered at Area18

At Origin Services Terminal located at the east end of Area18 players will find a variety of merchants offering manufacturing services such as ship customization options including paint jobs, engine upgrades and more! In addition to these manufacturing options Origin Services Terminal also offers missions available for hire from certain NPCs located within it making it an ideal place for anyone looking to make some extra money while exploring space!

Manufacturing Services Offered

At Origin Services Terminal in Area18 players have access to a variety of manufacturing services offered by NPC merchants including options like paint jobs for their ships as well as engine upgrades allowing them customize their vessels however they see fit! These merchants offer competitive prices so be sure to check them out before purchasing any upgrades you might need!

Missions Available from Origin Services Terminal

In addition to manufacturing services offered by NPC merchants at Origin Services Terminal there are also missions available here too! These missions range from simple delivery jobs all the way up more dangerous ones like bounty hunting meaning theres something suitable here no matter what type of player you are looking for something fun yet rewarding then this could be just what you need!

Characters & Factions at Area18

There are many notorious characters & factions roaming around in Lorville & Gravlev using it as a base operations due its neutrality & its strategic location within Star Citizen Universe with close proximity to UEE controlled planets & other outposts within Stanton System making it ideal spot start your journey into deep unknown corners Star Citizen Universe! Some these characters include Mexican Cartel leader El Capitannez & his gang members they often seen roaming around Streets Lorville looking trouble those unfortunate enough cross paths with him should be careful unless they want end up sleeping with fishes sea!. Theres also criminal organization known The Syndicate whose main goal destabilize UEE rule over Stanton System often found recruiting new members areas outside origin service terminal so beware any shady deals might come across!.

Gameplay around Area 18 in Star Citizen Universe

Star Citizen’s Area 18 is the main hub of activity for the game, and offers players a variety of activities to participate in. With its bustling metropolis, space-age technology, and expansive landscape, Area 18 is a virtual playground for those looking to explore and engage with the game. Players can engage in Player vs Player (PvP) combat around the outskirts of the city, as well as partake in various PvE content available around the city.

Different Viewing Modes of the City

Area 18 provides players with several different ways to view it from a variety of perspectives. Players can take an orthographic view or a first person mode view when exploring the area. Different magnification bases are also available for those wanting to get a closer look. For those looking for even more detail, satellite views are also available for exploration.

Overview & Flythroughs

Players can take advantage of overviews of interesting areas of Lorville & Gravlev with stunning flythrough videos that showcase all there is to explore within Area 18. These videos offer an immersive experience that allows players to get an up-close look at certain features such as landmarks and other points of interest within the city.

Movies Filmed in and around Lorville & Gravlev area

Area 18 has been featured in various movies and series over the years, giving fans who love Star Citizen a chance to find locations where their favorite movies were shot. Players can use these locations as reference points while exploring Area 18 or simply enjoy taking in all the sights from up close and personal viewings.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How to Find Area 18 in Star Citizen?
A: Area 18 is the main city hub in the Star Citizen universe. It is located in the Lorville star system, and can be accessed via quantum travel or by flying directly from major UEE outposts like Levski or GrimHEX.

Q: What are Important Locations at Area 18?
A: The most important locations in Area 18 are the Origin Services Terminal, which provides access to manufacturing services, missions and other services; the Security Post, which provides security services; and several shops and markets.

Q: What Services are Offered at Area 18?
A: The services offered at Area 18 include security services, banking services, manufacturing services, missions from the Origin Services Terminal, and various shops and markets.

Q: Who are Notorious Characters of Lorville & Gravlev Using Area 18 as a Base of Operations?
A: Notorious characters of Lorville & Gravlev using Area 18 as a base of operations include pirates, smugglers and outlaws who use the citys resources for their own gain.

Q: What Different Viewing Modes are Available around Area 18 in Star Citizen Universe?

A: Different viewing modes available around Area 18 in Star Citizen universe include orthographic view vs First Person Mode; different magnification bases for viewing; more detailed satellite views for exploration; overviews and flythroughs; movies filmed in and around Lorville & Gravlev area; featured movies and series; and finding locations where your favorite movies were shot.

In conclusion, the Area 18 Map in Star Citizen is a detailed, immersive experience that allows players to explore the game’s universe and take part in a variety of activities. With its high-quality visuals and dynamic features, it provides an engaging experience for fans of the game and newcomers alike. As such, it is no surprise that Area 18 has become one of the most popular destinations in the game.

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