Audioengine HD3 vs. Edifier R2000DB: How to Choose the Best Powered Speaker for Your Needs

The Audioengine Hd3 delivers a slightly brighter sound profile than the Edifier R2000Db.

Audioengine Hd3 Vs Edifier R2000Db

When it comes to audio systems, Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000DB offer a great comparison of options. Both systems offer an immersive sound experience for music lovers. However, they differ in several aspects.

The Audioengine HD3 is a two-way active speaker featuring a 5″ Kevlar woofer and 1″ silk dome tweeter. It has built-in amplifiers to maximize the performance of your favorite digital music tracks, while the wood cabinets eliminate resonance and minimize diffractions for natural sound reproduction. Additionally, its analog inputs provide simple and reliable connections for turntables, CD players, or any other non-Bluetooth device.

The Edifier R2000DB features a traditionally designed cabinet with a 19mm silk dome tweeter, 6.5″ wobble bass driver unit, and 4″ bass unit to deliver powerful sound with extreme clarity. This powerful system also delivers Bluetooth aptX connectivity for higher streaming quality from your device as well as optical input for TV or gaming console use. In addition, you can customize your settings using the included remote control or through the advanced DSP controls on the side panel.

Ultimately, when comparing Audioengine HD3 Vs Edifier R2000Db users can make an informed decision considering which system is most suitable depending on their needs whether they favor wireless streaming technology or simpler wired connections; analog or digital; powerful bass performance or open soundstage; adjustability through remote control or through side panel control etc to obtain maximum sound quality in their home audio setup.

Audioengine HD3

The Audioengine HD3 is a powered speaker system that offers superior sound quality and performance. It features an integrated amplifier, dual custom Kevlar woofers, and silk tweeters for a balanced sound. The HD3 also includes Bluetooth aptX-HD connectivity and an adjustable bass control. The integrated amplifier is capable of delivering up to 60 watts per channel, giving you plenty of power to fill your room with sound.


The Audioengine HD3 comes with several features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for an exceptional audio experience. It has dual custom Kevlar woofers and silk dome tweeters for balanced sound reproduction, as well as an adjustable bass control to customize the sound to your preference. The built-in amplifier is capable of providing up to 60 watts per channel, giving you plenty of power for both music and movies. Additionally, it has Bluetooth aptX-HD connectivity with NFC pairing so you can easily stream audio from compatible devices directly to the speakers. Furthermore, the HD3 includes dual analog inputs so you can connect multiple devices at once.


The Audioengine HD3 is designed to be easy to use and set up. It features a simple plug-and-play design, allowing you to quickly connect the speakers and start enjoying your favorite music or movies right away. Additionally, the included remote control allows you to adjust volume levels and other settings from across the room without having to get up from your seat. Furthermore, the speakers come with pre-calibrated EQ settings which allow them to automatically adjust their sound output based on your listening environment for optimal performance.

Build Quality

The Audioengine HD3 is built with quality components that ensure durability and long-term performance. The cabinet is constructed out of solid MDF wood panels which are designed to reduce any vibrations or resonance that can affect the overall sound quality of the speakers. Additionally, each driver utilizes neodymium magnets which provide superior power handling capabilities while still maintaining low distortion levels even at high volumes.

Audioengine HD3 vs Edifier R2000Db

When comparing the two speaker systems side by side, there are some key differences between them that should be taken into consideration when making a purchasing decision. One of the main differences is in terms of their treble performance; while both speakers offer excellent treble response, the Edifier R2000DB does have better extension than its counterpart due its larger tweeter size and higher frequency range (up to 40kHz). Additionally, when it comes to bass performance both speaker systems offer excellent performance; however, due its larger cabinet size and powerful built-in subwoofer amp (200 watts), the Edifier R2000DB has more punch than its competitor in terms of low end response.

Design Difference

When it comes to design difference between these two speaker systems there are some notable distinctions between them as well; one difference between them being their front panel appearance; while both feature a contemporary design aesthetic with rounded edges and attractive finishes (matte black on the Audioengine HD3 & wood veneer on Edifier R2000DB), they do have different faceplate designs with different types of grilles covering them cloth grille on EDIFIER & metal grille on AUDIOENGINE giving each model its own distinct look & feel respectively which may fit certain styles better than others depending on user preferences & room decor requirements . Another difference worth noting is in terms of cabinet construction; while both feature solid MDF cabinets designed reduce any vibration & resonance affecting sound quality , EDIFIER utilizes thicker panels (12mm) compared AUDIOENGINEs thinner ones (8mm) providing extra rigidity & strength which may lead better sonic results over time due improved airtightness inside cabinet .

Connectivity Options

The Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000Db are both great options when it comes to connectivity options. Both devices come with WiFi and Bluetooth facility, as well as ports and additional controls. The Audioengine HD3 has a 3.5mm headphone output, USB port for connecting the device to your computer, dual audio inputs, remote control, and a subwoofer output. The Edifier R2000Db has a 3.5mm headphone output, dual audio inputs, RCA outputs for connecting to an amplifier or subwoofer, and a subwoofer output.

Customer Reviews

The Audioengine HD3 has been praised for its balanced sound experience and its impact on listening skills. It is also praised for its ease of use and compact design. On the other hand, the Edifier R2000Db is praised for its powerful sound experience with deep bass response and clear high frequencies. It is also praised for its wide range of features that make it suitable for a range of listening preferences.

Sound Experience

Both the Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000Db provide excellent sound experiences that are sure to please many different types of listeners. The Audioengine HD3 has a balanced sound signature with crisp highs and tight bass response that creates an enjoyable listening experience. The Edifier R2000Db has a powerful sound signature with deep bass response and clear high frequencies that can fill up any room easily.

Price Difference

The price difference between the Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000Db is significant but not too drastic. The Audioengine HD3 retails at around $349 while the Edifier R2000Db retails at around $499. Both devices offer great value for money considering their features, design, and sound quality so it really comes down to personal preference when making your decision on which one to purchase.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the features of Audioengine HD3?
A: Audioengine HD3 features include an integrated amplifier, built-in power supply, USB and optical inputs, Bluetooth aptX, subwoofer output, and headphone output. It also features a remote control with multiple source selection and volume control.

Q: What are the features of Edifier R2000Db?
A: Edifier R2000Db features include two satellite speakers with two 6.5 bass drivers and one tweeter each for a total of four drivers per pair. It also has an 8 down-firing subwoofer with a maximum power output of 80W RMS and 160W peak power. The system is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible for wireless audio streaming and it also includes wired connections such as optical inputs, AUX input, RCA input and headphone jack.

Q: What is the build quality difference between Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000Db?
A: The Audioengine HD3 has an all-wood cabinet construction with MDF panels on the front panel for added strength and rigidity to minimize resonance while the Edifier R2000Db has a plastic cabinet construction with metal grills on the front panel for added durability.

Q: How do Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000Db compare in terms of performance?
A: Both speakers offer excellent sound quality though they have different sound signatures due to their frequency response range. The Audioengine HD3 offers more extended treble performance while the Edifier R2000Db offers more powerful bass performance.

Q: What is the price difference between Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000Db?
A: The Audioengine HD3 is priced at around $350 while the Edifier R2000Db is priced at around $250 which makes it more affordable than its competitor.

The Audioengine HD3 and Edifier R2000DB both offer excellent sound quality and features, but the Edifier R2000DB has more connectivity options and better bass performance. The Audioengine HD3 is a great option for those who are looking for a good sounding powered speaker system on a budget. The Edifier R2000DB is more expensive but offers more connectivity options and superior bass performance, making it the better choice for those looking for an immersive listening experience.

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