B Team Jiu Jitsu: Unbiased Reviews of the Best in Jiu Jitsu Gear

B Team Jiu Jitsu has received consistently positive reviews from its students, with many praising the quality of instruction and its friendly atmosphere.

B Team Jiu Jitsu Reviews

B Team Jiu Jitsu is a leading martial arts academy that offers comprehensive, top-tier training and classes in the art of jiu jitsu. Their experienced instructors and passionate student body have earned them numerous rave reviews and recognition from industry professionals. With a focus on self-defence and physical well-being, this elite academy is dedicated to providing the highest standards of quality instruction. From one-on-one lessons to group classes, B Team Jiu Jitsu ensures that each student receives personalized attention suited to their individual needs. With state-of-the art facilities and competitive pricing, its clear why students are satisfied with this academys offerings. Dedicated to helping each student reach their maximum potential, B Team Jiu Jitsu strives to provide a positive learning experience where everyone can grow in confidence and skill. The academy’s commitment to customer care has earned them many glowing testimonials from happy customers – ranging from beginners to black belts. Whether you are looking for private lessons or simply want to learn more about the sport, B Team Jiu Jitsu Reviews demonstrate why this illustrious academy should be your go-to choice.

B Team Jiu Jitsu Reviews

B Team Jiu Jitsu is a renowned Jiu Jitsu school that has been in the business since 2017. Led by Grandmaster Chris Vamos, B Team Jiu Jitsu is dedicated to providing the highest quality instruction and training to its students. With its reputation as a top-tier school, B Team Jiu Jitsu has been able to attract some of the best jiu jitsu practitioners in the world.

Reputation and Beliefs

At B Team Jiu Jitsu, their philosophy is simple they believe that through hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals in jiu jitsu. With this strong belief, they strive to instill in each of their students a passion for self-improvement and mastery of the martial art. They also emphasize respect for others and the importance of following proper techniques when practicing jiu jitsu.

Team Members

The students at B Team Jiu Jitsu come from all walks of life and have varied experience levels in martial arts. The instructors are highly experienced black belts who have decades of experience in both teaching and competing in various tournaments around the globe. The team also includes skilled blue-belts who are able to provide more personalized instruction based on individual needs.

Techniques Taught

At B Team Jiu Jitsu, they teach a variety of techniques ranging from basic self-defense moves to complex submission strategies. They focus on teaching practical techniques that can be used in any situation whether it be a tournament or a real-life confrontation. The instructors also teach students how to apply their knowledge effectively through drilling exercises and sparring sessions with other students at the gym.

Benefits to Students

By joining B Team Jiu Jitsu, students will gain access to some of the best instructors in the world as well as an environment that encourages learning and growth amongst its members. Students will also have access to various seminars throughout the year which offer more specialized training with various guest coaches from around the globe. Additionally, members will receive discounts at sponsored events such as tournaments or seminars offered by other academies or organizations associated with B Team Jiu Jitsu.

Pricing Structure

The pricing structure at B Team Jiu Jitsu is reasonable compared to other schools in the area but may be considered slightly expensive depending on your budget constraints. The school offers different packages depending on your individual needs such as monthly plans, yearly contracts, private classes or even group classes for friends or family members looking to train together.

Progression System

The progression system at B Team Jiu Jitsu is based on merit rather than belt color alone which means that each student must demonstrate proficiency before moving up through the ranks according to their instructors discretion. This system allows for better tracking of progress towards mastering certain techniques while ensuring that everyone receives proper instruction regardless of belt color or age group they may belong to.


The facilities at B Team JiuJItsu are clean and well maintained which allows for a comfortable environment during training sessions while also providing safety measures for all participants involved during sparring exercises or tournaments held at the gym.. The gym is open 24 hours a day seven days a week so there’s always an opportunity for those who wish practice outside regular class times when necessary .

Types of Classes Offered

At BTeamJiuJItsu there are several different types of classes offered such as beginner classes which focus on teaching fundamentals such as stance, movement drills , guard passing , etc., intermediate classes which expand upon basic knowledge while introducing advanced concepts such as submissions , guard retention , etc., advanced classes which further elaborate upon techniques learned from previous levels while adding more complicated counterattacks , sweeps , throws , etc., private lessons where one-on-one instruction with expert coaches can be attained , group sessions which allow multiple people (up to 6) train together under one coach , competition prep courses designed specifically for athletes competing in tournaments , and even childrens class where kids aged 5 11 can learn basic self defense moves while having fun .

Teaching Methods
The teaching methods employed by instructors at BTeamJiuJItsu vary depending on each students skill level but generally include both demonstration and theory learning . Demonstration methods involve instructors demonstrating techniques followed by drills where students can practice those same movements under guidance . Theory learning involves lectures about important concepts related to jiujtsu such as body mechanics , positional control , grips , etc., so that each student can understand why certain moves work better than others . Overall these methods combined allow for comprehensive understanding of all aspects necessary for mastering this beautiful martial art .

BTeam Jiu Jitsu Reviews

BTeam Jiu Jitsu offers an unparalleled training experience for martial arts enthusiasts. With experienced instructors and a variety of events and tournaments, students have the opportunity to hone their skills and build confidence. Below is a review of the various elements that make BTeam Jiu Jitsu stand out from other martial arts academies.

Safety and Training Guidelines

At BTeam Jiu Jitsu, safety is paramount. The instructors are trained in proper safety techniques and ensure that all students follow them during sparring sessions. Rules are established to ensure the safety of all participants, such as no striking below the waist, no grappling from behind, and no holding techniques for more than three seconds. Equipment safety standards are also emphasized, with students being instructed on how to properly care for their equipment before, during, and after a session.

Instructors at BTeam Jiu Jitsu

The instructors at BTeam Jiu Jitsu are highly qualified professionals with expertise in various martial arts disciplines such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, karate, muay thai, and taekwondo. They provide personalized training to each student based on their experience level and goals. The instructors also create a positive atmosphere in the classes by motivating students to push themselves further while emphasizing respect for one anothers abilities.

Motivation Provided by Instructors

The instructors at BTeam Jiu Jitsu provide personalized training based on each students individual needs. This includes breaking down complex techniques into smaller steps that can be mastered easily as well as providing feedback on technique execution and form corrections in real time during class sessions. In addition to this technical instruction, the instructors strive to create an atmosphere of camaraderie among the students which helps boost motivation levels during classes.

Events and Tournaments Organized by BTeam Jiu Jitsu

In addition to providing quality training programs for its members, BTeam Jiu Jitsu also holds regular local events as well as national level tournaments that allow students to test their skills against other martial artists from around the country. This provides an invaluable opportunity for students to not only practice their skills but also gain valuable insight from more experienced practitioners while competing in friendly matches or tournaments.

Overall, BTeam Jiu Jitsu offers an excellent environment for learning martial arts with experienced instructors who emphasize safety while providing personal motivation and guidance throughout the program. With regular events held locally as well as national tournaments held throughout the year, this academy provides a unique opportunity for anyone interested in taking up martial arts or honing their existing skillset even further.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is B Team Jiu Jitsu?
A: B Team Jiu Jitsu is a martial arts school that specializes in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is based in the United Kingdom and provides classes, events, and tournaments for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

Q: What techniques does B Team Jiu Jitsu teach?
A: B Team Jiu Jitsu teaches a variety of techniques, including self-defense, takedowns, ground fighting, submission holds, and escapes. The instructors also focus on developing good technique and conditioning.

Q: What are the benefits of joining B Team Jiu Jitsu?
A: Joining B Team Jiu Jitsu provides many benefits to students. They can learn new techniques and skills while improving their fitness level in a safe environment. Additionally, they can gain self-confidence through sparring with other members of the team.

Q: What type of classes does B Team Jiu Jitsu offer?
A: B Team Jiu Jitsu offers a variety of classes for all levels of experience. This includes beginner classes to help those just starting out with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as well as advanced classes for those looking to refine their skills. There are also open mat sessions available for team members who want to practice their techniques with others.

Q: Are there any safety guidelines at B Team Jiu Jitsu?
A: Yes, there are safety guidelines in place at B Team Jiu Jitsu. All participants must follow the rules and regulations set by the instructors during class or sparring sessions in order to ensure everyones safety. Additionally, all equipment must be inspected before use to make sure it is in good condition and free from any potential hazards.

In conclusion, B Team Jiu Jitsu is a great place to learn and practice jiu jitsu. It offers a wide range of classes, from beginner to advanced levels, and experienced instructors who are able to provide individual feedback and guidance. Students have consistently given positive reviews for their experiences at B Team Jiu Jitsu, citing the supportive atmosphere and knowledgeable instructors as two of the main reasons for recommending the school.

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