Discover the Best Anti Gank Hero For Honor 2022: Choose the Perfect One for You

For Honor 2022’s best anti-gank hero is Jorum, the Berserker.

Best Anti Gank Hero For Honor 2022

The Honor 2022 season is sure to be filled with exciting action and plenty of surprises. With this season comes a meta-game featuring different heroes and strategies that players will battle out to determine who are the best in the business. Among these strategies is the anti-gank hero, often used to counter enemy ganking attempts. In this article, we will look at some of the best anti gank heroes for Honor 2022 season, and discuss why they might be your go-to choice!

When considering an anti gank hero in Honor 2022, it is important to understand what characteristics make them beneficial for these roles. The most important factor is survivability, as well as crowd control capabilities. Heroes who have high health pools and powerful crowd control abilities will generally fare better than those without such capabilities. Some examples of such heroes are Arachna, Gemini, and Puppeteer.

Arachna has a prominent niche as an anti gank hero due to her high damage output potential from her webs and ultimate ability, which can be enough to turn the tide of any engagement. The massive damage she brings paired with her survivability make her a great pick in this meta game environment. Gemini has also seen an increase in popularity for its burst capability while also boasting strong defensive traits that allow it to survive against a lot of damage over time. Additionally, Geminis ultimate can instantly cause huge area denial or team wide crowd control depending on where it lands. Lastly, Puppeteer has been seen more and more in teams lately due to its amazing sustainability and heavy damage output that can shut down any enemy aggression attempts quickly.

Choosing the right hero for your team setup during the Honor 2022 season is essential and finding one strong enough to stand up against ganks is even more important if you want a victory. Utilizing one of these powerful heroes will surely give you an edge against your opponents when it comes time for those clutch moments!

Best Anti Gank Hero For Honor 2022

Honor 2022 is the newest installment of the popular Honor franchise. Players are looking to find the best anti-gank heroes for their team in order to gain an edge over their opponents. The anti-ganking heroes provide a unique set of abilities that can greatly help a team’s overall strategy. In this article, we will explore the benefits and challenges of using anti-ganking heroes, the most popular heroes by community reviews, and strategies to use them effectively.

Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022 – Benefits and Challenges

Using an anti-ganking hero can be beneficial for a team in many ways. The main benefit is that they can provide additional protection for your team when being ganked or harassed by enemy players. This can make it easier to survive difficult encounters and gives your team more time to establish control over an area or achieve an objective. Additionally, some anti-ganking heroes have crowd control abilities that can be used to disrupt enemy formations or even turn a fight in your favor.

However, there are also some challenges associated with using anti-ganking heroes as well. These heroes tend to have weaker damage output than other classes, meaning they may not be able to kill enemies quickly enough to stop them from achieving their goals. Additionally, some anti-ganking heroes require more micro management than others, which can be difficult for newer players or those who dont have much experience with the game.

Recommended Anti-Ganking Heroes for Honor 2022 – Melee Fighters and Spellcasters

When it comes to finding the best anti gank hero for your team in Honor 2022, there are two main types of champions you should consider: melee fighters and spellcasters. Melee fighters such as Talus and Redsteel specialize in getting up close and personal with enemies while simultaneously providing crowd control abilities that can disrupt their formations and buy your team time during fights. Spellcasters such as Miranda and Pyromancer focus on keeping enemies at bay with long range spells while also providing disruption effects that can neutralize their threats before they become too big of an issue.

Popular Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022 By Community Reviews – Positive and Negative Feedback

When it comes to finding the best anti gank hero for your team in Honor 2022, community feedback is often one of the best ways to gauge how effective a particular hero may be in certain situations. Players have generally been positive about Taluss crowd control capabilities as well as how his damage output allows him to still contribute meaningfully when focused on disruption rather than killing enemies outright. Similarly, Miranda has been praised for her excellent utility spells such as her crowd control ability which allows her team additional opportunities to reposition themselves during fights while also providing good wave clear capabilities with her long range spells like Lava Pool and Fire Rain.
On the other hand, Pyromancer has received some negative feedback due his lack of mobility options which makes it difficult for him to escape from sticky situations or even chase down fleeing opponents effectively. Additionally, he has also been criticized for his somewhat lackluster damage output compared to other mages such as Miranda or Redsteel who both have higher single target burst potentials than Pyromancer does despite being less reliable overall due their lack of crowd control options respectively.

In-depth Analysis of the Best Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022 Attributes and Abilities

When looking at each individual heros attributes and abilities its important to note how they synergize with each other in order maximize their effectiveness on a team composition as a whole unit rather than just individual picks from each class type available in honor 2022. Talus is one example where his high mobility combined with his powerful crowd control effects make him particularly effective against teams who rely heavily on flanking strategies or skirmish lineups as he is able to keep pressure on them while simultaneously disrupting their formations so that they cannot easily reposition themselves against your own teammates attacks without eating significant amounts of damage from Taluss kit itself first allowing you more time maneuver into better positions yourself before engaging fully into combat again if needed.. Other characters such as Miranda excel at zoning out enemies through her long range spells which are capable of dealing large amounts of single target damage while also providing disruption effects which allow Miranda herself relative safety when cast at far away targets making her an ideal pick against squishy mage compositions where she will often outdamage them due her spell range advantage alone even if she isnt able close enough distance gap quickly enough between herself and these targets without taking too much risk doing so herself without proper support from teammates around her first.. Lastly Pyromancer shines when playing against slower compositions such as tanky melee lineups thanks his strong area denial capabilities from both his fire wall spell which prevents enemies from advancing into certain areas safely if cast properly along with his Blaze ability which does high amounts damage over time within short periods allowing Pyromancer himself pick off isolated targets easily if done correctly.. All three mentioned characters excel at different tasks but all still provide excellent disruption effects making them great picks no matter what situation you find yourself facing off against during any given match up within honor itself..

Strategies To Use The Best Anti-Ganking Heroes For Honor 2022 Offense And Defense Tactics

Once youve chosen your lineup its important understand how each character works together offensively and defensively depending on what type enemy composition you may facing off against during any given match up within honor itself.. When playing offensively its important try focus down high priority targets quickly using Taluss immense crowd control potential while simultaneously disrupting enemy formations by casting Mirandas utility spells onto key points across map so that teammates arent exposed too long amount time giving away free kills opponents easily if done correctly.. Lastly Pyromancer should used defensively either zoning out potential threats through fire walls preventing them from advancing further into friendly territory while also casting blaze onto isolated targets quickly finish them off before reinforcements arrive if possible however doing this may require proper coordination between teammates work well otherwise risk exposing yourself open engagements needlessly something should avoided all costs most cases unless absolutely necessary course When playing defensively it important remember try stay away skirmishes altogether instead focusing staying safe behind lines whenever possible mitigating any incoming damage through proper usage taluss stun effect combined mirandas utility spells allowing yourself extra breathing room needed properly execute strategies without worrying about taking unnecessary risks due lack defensive options available champions mentioned earlier All three characters should used together offensively defensively depending situation arising ensure maximum effectiveness whenever possible however proper communication between teammates paramount success no matter what approach take game itself…

Essential Tips for Playing the Best Anti-Gank Heroes for Honor 2022 Successfully

Playing an anti-gank hero in Honor 2022 can be a difficult task, but with the right tips and strategies it can be done. Anti-ganking heroes are important to have in a team because they can provide much needed disruption and crowd control against ganking efforts. The following are some essential tips for playing the best anti-gank heroes for Honor 2022 successfully.

Precautionary Measures to Take

When playing an anti-ganking hero, it is important to take precautionary measures to ensure success. First and foremost, communication is key. Make sure your team knows what you are doing and when you plan on engaging enemy ganks. It’s also important to pay attention to your positioning, as being near your teammates will help you keep them safe from enemy ganks. You should also stay aware of team objectives so that you can focus on defending them when necessary. Finally, always keep an eye out for potential gankers and try to disrupt their plans whenever possible.

Pros and Cons of Using the Best Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022

Before committing to using a specific anti-ganking hero in Honor 2022, its important to consider both the pros and cons of doing so. On one hand, these heroes can provide valuable disruption and crowd control against enemy ganks which can often turn the tide of battle in your favor if used correctly. However, they may not always be the best choice due to their lack of damage output or utility compared to other heroes on the roster.


The biggest advantage of using an anti-gank hero is their ability to disrupt enemy ganks and provide crowd control during fights. This allows your team more time and space to engage or retreat from fights as needed, giving you an edge in most engagements if used properly. They also often have strong mobility skills which allow them to quickly get into position or escape danger when needed as well as reach objectives quickly when needed.


The main disadvantage of using an anti-ganking hero is their lack of damage output compared to other heroes on the roster which can make it difficult for them make a real impact during team fights without support from other carries or supports in your team composition. Additionally, some of these heroes may require more skill investment than others in order for them perform well during engagements making them potentially tricky for newer players who may not have mastered all aspects of their kit yet.

Alternatives To The Best Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022

When it comes down choosing an anti-ganking hero for Honor 2022 there are many alternatives that could potentially work depending on your teams composition and playstyle such as tanks with strong crowd control abilities like Jhin, bruisers with hard engage capabilities like Akali or even mages with high burst damage potential like Talon or Ahri who could all fill a similar role depending on your teams needs at any given moment during a match . Lastly, having multiple heroes who can fulfill this role within your lineup could also be beneficial due to the fact that each one could potentially bring something unique to any given fight that could give you an edge against opponents depending on how they choose react or position themselves during engagements .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the Benefits of using Anti-Gank Heroes for Honor 2022?
A: Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022 offer a number of benefits, such as increased survivability, mobility, and crowd control capabilities. These heroes are also capable of disrupting enemy formations and providing support to allies in team fights. Additionally, some anti-gank heroes can be used to counter specific enemy compositions or strategies.

Q: What are Recommended Anti-Ganking Heroes for Honor 2022?
A: Recommended anti-ganking heroes for Honor 2022 include both melee fighters and spell casters. Popular melee fighters include Gladiator, Peacekeeper, Lawbringer, and Warden. Popular spell casters include Shaman, Shugoki, Orochi, and Valkyrie.

Q: What are the Attributes and Abilities of the Best Anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022?
A: The best anti-gank heroes for honor 2022 have a variety of attributes and abilities that make them effective against ganks. These attributes and abilities include crowd control capabilities such as stuns or knockbacks; mobility skills such as sprinting or dodging; damage mitigation skills such as blocking or parrying; and self-healing capabilities such as regeneration or lifesteal.

Q: What Strategies Should be Used with the Best anti-Ganking Heroes For Honor 2022?
A: The best strategies to use with anti-ganking heroes for honor 2022 involve both offensive and defensive tactics. Offensive tactics involve using crowd control abilities to disrupt enemy formations while defensive tactics involve using mobility skills to evade ganks or block/parry incoming attacks. It is also important to use self-healing capabilities when necessary in order to stay alive during team fights.

Q: What are the Pros and Cons of Using the Best anti-Gank Heroes For Honor 2022?
A: The pros of using the best anti-gank heroes for honor 2022 include increased survivability, mobility, crowd control capabilities, disruption of enemy formations, and support for allies in team fights. However, there are some cons associated with using these heroes as well they can be difficult to play effectively due to their complexity and may require dedication in order to master them fully. Additionally, they may not be able to counter certain enemy compositions or strategies effectively.

In conclusion, the best anti-gank hero for Honor 2022 is still up for debate, as different players have different preferences and playstyles. However, heroes such as Bastion, Orisa, and Ashe are all viable options for their ability to provide extra protection and defensive capabilities in team fights. Ultimately, it’s important to consider your playstyle when deciding which hero is the best fit for you.

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