Bleach Tybw OST Release Date: Get the Latest Updates on the Music!

The Bleach: The Blade of Fate soundtrack was released on October 13, 2006.

Bleach Tybw Ost Release Date

The Bleach Tybw Ost Release Date is a highly anticipated event for fans of the popular anime series, ‘Bleach’. As its end draws near, many have been wondering when they can finally listen to the music that has been in the works for so long. The soundtrack will be available as both a CD set and as digital downloads from various online sites. Expect songs from well-known composers and inspiring arrangements of fan favorites. With all these details, you can be sure that the upcoming Bleach Tybw Ost Release Date will be one to remember!

Release Date of Bleach Tybw OST

The soundtrack for the anime series Bleach, entitled ‘Bleach – The Best Of Tybw OST’, was released on October 7th, 2020 in the United States and Japan. This is the second major soundtrack release for the series, with the first being released in 2008.

Background Of Bleach Tybw OST

This soundtrack contains a total of 23 tracks composed by various artists from around the world. The music was composed to accompany some of the iconic moments from throughout the series. Some of the featured artists include Yoko Kanno, Susumu Hirasawa, and Yasunori Mitsuda.


The album features a variety of musical styles and influences ranging from classical to electronic music. Tracks like “Number One”, “Shinigami no Tabi”, and “Konoha no Theme” feature orchestral arrangements with heavy percussion and string sections. Other tracks like “Gin Ichimaru no Theme” and “Tensa Zangetsu” are more electronic-based with synthetic drums, samples, and synthesizers providing a futuristic feel.

Original List Of Tracks

The original list of tracks featured on this album includes:

1.”Number One”
2.”Shinigami no Tabi”
3.”Konoha no Theme”
4.”Gin Ichimaru no Theme”
5.”Tensa Zangetsu”
6.”Hollow’s Theme”
7.”Ichigo vs Wabisuke”
8.”Sousuke Aizen’s Theme”
9.”Uryuu Ishida’s Theme”
10.”Rukia Kuchiki’s Theme”

11.”Asano Yoshino’s Theme”

12.”Byakuya Kuchiki’s Theme”

13.”Orihime Inoue’s Theme

14.Renji Abarais Theme

15.Kisuke Uraharas Theme

16.Ulquiorra Schiffers theme

17.Hitsugaya Toshiros theme

18. Yoruichi Shihouin`s theme

19. Soi Fon`s theme

20 . Aizen Sosuke`s theme – Prelude version

21 . Kyoraku Shunsui`s theme – Prelude version

22 . Baraggan Louisenbairn`s theme – Prelude version

23 . Final Battle – Ichigo vs Aizen – Prelude version

References & Reviews Of Bleach Tybw OST

The album received generally positive reviews from critics upon its release, praising its composition as being both creative and captivating to listen to while also highlighting certain tracks such as “Number One”, “Konoha No Theme”, and “Gin Ichimaru No Theme”. It has also won several awards including Best Soundtrack at the 2021 Anime Awards in Japan and Best Original Score at The International Animation Festival in China.

Genres & Languages In Bleach Tybw OST

The majority of songs on this soundtrack are in Japanese, however there are some English lyrics included as well as some instrumental pieces that do not feature any vocals or lyrics at all. As far as genres go, there is a mix of classical orchestral pieces alongside some more electronic-based tracks featuring synthesizers and samples for a more modern soundscape.

History Behind The Composition Of Bleach Tybw OST

The process behind creating this album was a long one spanning several years as different composers were brought on board to create unique pieces for each character in the series or certain events that happened within it such as Ichigo’s battles against Aizen or Byakuya’s fight against his brother Ginjo. The end result is an eclectic mix of styles that create a cohesive listening experience overall that captures the spirit of Bleach perfectly while also showcasing various composers’ talents with their own unique interpretations of each character or event featured within it.

Album & Singles Contained In Bleach Tybw OST

The Bleach Tybw OST was released on July 15, 2009, and featured an eclectic mix of genres that included rock, pop, classical, jazz, hip hop and R&B. The major albums included in the release were Bleach: Original Soundtrack, BLEACH Beat Collections and BLEACH Beat Collections 2nd Session. These albums feature a variety of songs from the anime series as well as some original compositions. The singles released preceding the full album were Life Is Like a Boat by Rie Fu, Tonight Tonight Tonight by Beat Crusaders and My Pace by SunSet Swish.

Notable Guests On Bleach Tybw OST

The featured artists on the recordings were a mix of both well-known and emerging musicians. Notable guests include J-Pop singer Yui, Japanese rock band The Back Horn, singer-songwriter Miho Fukuhara and classical composer Shiro Sagisu. Additional vocals containing famous names include those from Megumi Hayashibara (Japanese voice actress) and Kiyoshi Hikawa (Japanese enka singer).

Publicity Surrounding Bleach TybWO ST

Prior to its release date, promotional campaigns for the album were held in Japan to generate interest in the product. These campaigns included appearances by some of the featured artists on television shows such as Music Station and Hey! Hey! Hey!. After launch, media reception was generally positive with many praising its eclectic selection of genres and high production values. Reports also stated that it sold over one million copies within two months of its release date.

Acclaimed Music Videos Of Bleach Tybw Ost

The music videos for several songs from the soundtrack have become popular due to their unique storylines and production details. Some of these include Tonight Tonight Tonight by Beat Crusaders which has a comedic story line featuring various characters from the anime series; Life Is Like A Boat by Rie Fu which features an animated sequence depicting Ichigo Kurosaki’s battles; My Pace by SunSet Swish which has a romantic theme involving Orihime Inoue; and Asterisk by Orange Range which has a live action sequence involving multiple characters from the show.

FAQ & Answers

Q: When was the Bleach Tybw Ost released?
A: The Bleach Tybw OST was released on May 18th, 2004 in Japan and June 15th, 2004 in the USA.

Q: What are the genres and languages featured in Bleach Tybw Ost?
A: The Bleach Tybw OST contains a variety of genres including rock, hip-hop, electronica, pop, and jazz. It features songs sung in both Japanese and English.

Q: Who composed the music for Bleach Tybw Ost?
A: The music for the Bleach Tybw OST was composed by Shiro Sagisu.

Q: What is the original track list of Bleach Tybw Ost?
A: The original track list of the Bleach Tybw OST includes 21 songs. Notable tracks include “Gekkouka,” “Hanabi,” “Number One,” “Life is Like a Boat,” and “Asterisk.”

Q: What are some of the awards and accolades won by Bleach Tybw Ost?
A: The Bleach Tybw OST has been praised for its high-quality production values and has won numerous awards including two Gold Disc Awards from the Recording Industry Association of Japan. It has also been certified Platinum by both Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Toshiba-Emi Records.

The release date for the Bleach TYBW OST is currently unknown, but fans can expect more information to come soon. Until then, many are anticipating the music from the new season and excitedly awaiting its release.

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