A Comprehensive Borderlands 2 Classes Tier List: Find the Best Class for You

The Borderlands 2 classes tier list generally puts the Commando class at the top, followed closely by the Gunzerker class.

Borderlands 2 Classes Tier List

Borderlands 2 classes tier list provides players with insight on the strongest and weakest playable classes in the game. There are four main classes in Borderlands 2 that range from brawlers to hunters. Each class is ranked based on its abilities, playstyles and usefulness in various activities. For instance, while the Mechromancer may have lower damage output potential than other classes, its Gravity Slam special ability can offer a certain level of control over the battlefield. On the other hand, Gaiges Anarchy allows for massive burst damage output. From members of ‘The Crimson Raiders’ to vigilante-style law enforcers – Borderlands 2’s character customization lets you stand out from the pack and make your mark on Pandora. So find your favorite class and make sure you’re ready to face any challenge that comes your way!

Borderlands 2 Classes Tier List

Borderlands 2 is a critically acclaimed game that has captivated players for years. It features four playable classes, each with their own unique skill trees, strengths, and weaknesses. In this article, we will take a look at the tier list of Borderlands 2 classes and make some recommendations for ranged and melee players.

Class Characteristics

Each class in Borderlands 2 has its own set of skills and abilities to choose from. Players can customize their character by selecting from a variety of skill trees that allow them to specialize in one area or become a jack-of-all-trades. Every class also has its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses which can be used to tailor their character to fit the player’s playstyle.

Tier 1 Classes

The Tier 1 classes of Borderlands 2 are Assassin and Gunzerker. The Assassin is a stealthy class that specializes in taking out enemies quickly with critical hits from up close or far away. It also has access to special movement abilities such as double jumps or wall runs that allow it to maneuver around the battlefield with ease. The Gunzerker is an all-out brawler who can dual wield any two weapons, allowing it to dish out huge amounts of damage while being able to take large amounts of damage as well.

Tier 2 Classes

The Tier 2 classes of Borderlands 2 are Commando and Siren. The Commando is a powerful ranged class that focuses on precision shooting and using turrets to control the battlefield. Its special abilities allow it to move quickly around the battlefield while dealing large amounts of damage from afar. The Siren is an elemental caster who uses her powers over the elements to manipulate her enemies while buffing her allies for greater effectiveness in battle.

Tier 3 Classes

The Tier 3 classes of Borderlands 2 are Mechromancer and Psycho. The Mechromancer is a robotic class that specializes in using robots to do its bidding such as deploying turrets or healing allies. It also has access to several special abilities such as summoning shock bots or using its deathtrap ability which allows it to revive itself upon death once per encounter. Finally, the Psycho is an insane melee class that focuses on causing chaos on the battlefield by dealing massive amounts of melee damage while also having access to powerful movement abilities such as diving off walls or sprinting away from danger quickly.

Class Recommendations

For Ranged Players – The Commando is an excellent choice due its ability to lay down suppressive fire while staying mobile around the battlefield, making it ideal for those who prefer a playstyle that requires keeping enemies at bay with precision shots from afar rather than close quarters combat;

For Melee Players – Both the Psycho and Gunzerker are good choices due their ability to tear through enemies at close range with powerful melee attacks coupled with their movement abilities allowing them greater mobility when engaging foes up close making them perfect for those who prefer fast paced, high risk/high reward combat scenarios where getting up close and personal with your enemies is necessary for success

Gameplay Strategies For Different Classes

Borderlands 2 classes are unique in their own way. Each class has its own special abilities, weapons, and playstyles. To build an effective team and get the most out of the game, players will need to find the best strategies that suit each class. Here is a tier list of Borderlands 2 classes and their associated gameplay strategies.

Melee Aggression Strategies

The melee classes are all about close-quarters combat and aggression. In Borderlands 2, this includes Zer0, Krieg, Maya, Axton, Salvador, and Gaige. These classes excel at rushing in to take down enemies quickly with their high damage output. Players should focus on using these classes to quickly take down the toughest enemies while the other classes take care of weaker enemies or provide support with buffs or healing abilities. Additionally, these characters all have different special abilities that can be used to great effect depending on the situation; for example Zer0s Decepti0n ability can help him stay hidden when fighting multiple enemies at once.

Ranged Survival Tactics

The ranged characters in Borderlands 2 are all about staying back from the fight while still dealing damage or providing support for their allies. This includes Claptrap, Brick, Mordecai, Lilith and Athena who can all deal long range damage with their weapons or special skills while staying out of harms way. These characters should be used to help keep allies safe by attacking from a distance or providing them with buffs or healing abilities when necessary. Additionally, Claptrap has several special skills that allow him to get up close and personal when needed; such as his Vaulthunter ability which allows him to summon an ally from a Vaulthunter trap if he is in danger of being overwhelmed by multiple enemies.

Gear Requirements for Each Class

Each class in Borderlands 2 requires different gear for optimal performance in battle. Weapons and ammo capacity differ depending on class so players will need to find the right balance between firepower and ammo conservation for each character they use. Shields are also important as they protect against incoming damage; some classes such as Brick have higher shield capacities than others so players should focus on equipping them accordingly when selecting gear for their characters. Additionally, relics are important for augmenting special abilities so players may want to consider equipping these items if they wish to maximize a characters potential in battle.

Special Skills and Bonuses for Each Class

Each class in Borderlands 2 has its own unique set of special skills and bonuses that can be used to great effect during battle; some are more useful than others depending on how they are used in combat situations so players will need to find which ones suit each character best before heading into battle. Here is a list of some of the best special skills and bonuses available for each class:

Best Special Skills For Borderlands 2

Zer0 Decepti0n & Execute; Krieg Bloodlust & Buzz Axe Rampage; Maya Phaselock & Suspension; Axton Turret & Gunpowder; Salvador Gunzerking & Money Shot; Gaige Deathtrap & Anarchy; Claptrap Vaulthunter & Hyperion Protocol; Brick Berserk & Rampage; Mordecai Bloodwing & Sniper Rifle Mastery; Lilith Phasewalk & Shockwave Nova; Athena Aspis Shield & Kinetic Aspis Throw.

Weapon Bonuses For Each Class

Zer0 – Sniper Rifle Accuracy / Melee Damage Bonus / Critical Hit Damage Bonus ; Krieg – Shotgun Damage Bonus / Health Regeneration Bonus / Elemental Effect Chance ; Maya – SMG Damage Bonus / Elemental Effect Chance / Reload Speed Bonus ; Axton – Assault Rifle Damage Bonus / Reload Speed Bonus / Health Regeneration Bonus ; Salvador – Shotgun Damage Bonus / Critical Hit Damage Bonus / Melee Damage Bonus ; Gaige – SMG Damage Bonus / Magazine Size Increase / Shield Capacity Increase ; Claptrap – Grenade Damage Increase / Shield Capacity Increase / Magazine Size Increase ; Brick – Assault Rifle DamageBonus/ Melee Critical Hit Chance Increase/ Grenade Radius Increase ; Mordecai – Sniper Rifle Accuracy/ Critical Hit Chance Increase/ Reload SpeedBonus ; Lilith – SMGDamageBonus/ Fire RateIncrease/ Health RegenerationBonus ; Athena-AssaultRifleDamageBonus/ShieldCapacityIncrease/MagazineSizeIncrease .

Tips & Tricks for Leveling Up

Leveling up quickly is essential for success in Borderlands 2 as it unlocks new weapons and gear as well as increases your character’s stats so they can survive longer during battles with larger groups of enemies. Here are some tips and tricks that can help you level up quickly:

Quick Level Grinding

One wayto level up quickly is by grinding out missions or side quests repeatedly until you reach your desired level cap or until you have enough moneyto purchase better gear from vendors or merchants throughout Pandora’s wastelands.. Additionally, certain missions offer bonus XP rewards which can be claimed after completing them successfully making it easier to level up faster without havingto grind out too many missions consecutively..

Combat Techniques & Tactics

Another wayto level up quickly is by mastering combat techniquesand tactics which will help you survive longer during battles against powerful foes such as bossesor hordesof enemies.. Knowing whereto position yourselfin relationtoyour opponentsandusing cover effectivelycan make allthe differencein surviving tough battles.. Its also importanttoknow when totake coverandwhen totake risksdependingon the situationatthe time.. Finally mastering weaponandshieldcombinationswill alsoprovidethe edgeyouneedtowin bossfightsor difficultencountersduring yourcampaignthroughPandora..

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the classes in Borderlands 2?
A: The classes available in Borderlands 2 are Assassin, Gunzerker, Commando, Siren, Mechromancer, and Psycho.

Q: What is the highest tier class in Borderlands 2?
A: The highest tier class in Borderlands 2 is the Assassin. This class has powerful offensive and defensive abilities which make it a great choice for both ranged and melee players.

Q: What weapon bonuses do each class have?
A: Each class has its own set of weapon bonuses. For example, the Gunzerker class has a bonus to reload speed while the Commando has a bonus to accuracy. Additionally, some classes have special skills that can grant bonuses to their weapons such as increased damage or faster fire rate.

Q: What gear requirements do I need for each class?
A: The gear requirements for each class vary depending on their playstyle. Generally speaking, each class needs weapons with good ammo capacity as well as shields and relics that can provide defensive bonuses against enemy attacks. Additionally, some classes have special gear requirements such as the Mechromancers need for shock-resistant armor or the Psychos need for corrosive-resistant armor.

Q: Are there any tips or tricks to help level up my character quicker?
A: Yes! One of the best ways to level up quickly is to focus on quests that give large experience rewards such as story missions or side quests with multiple objectives. You can also use techniques like combat grinding or fast travel to maximize your experience gain per hour of playtime. Additionally, using team-based tactics can help you level up even quicker when playing with friends.

In conclusion, the Borderlands 2 classes tier list offers an insight into what classes are the most effective at completing certain tasks in the game. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, but overall, Siren is considered to be the best class in terms of power and versatility. However, it is important to note that each playstyle is different and there is no single correct answer when it comes to choosing the right class, as each can be equal in effectiveness depending on how they are used.

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