Comparing Boss SY-200 Vs Meris Enzo: Which Multi-Effects Pedal is Best for Your Rig?

The Boss Sy-200 and the Meris Enzo are two different items, and it is impossible to compare them in a single sentence.

Boss Sy 200 Vs Meris Enzo

The Boss Sy-200 and Meris Enzo are two high-end guitar pedals that offer a wide range of sound manipulation capabilities. For guitarists seeking a versatile sound-shaping tool, both provide robust solutions that will integrate easily into any existing rig.

The Boss SY-200 is a powerful polyphonic synthesizer featuring 32 user memories, allowing for storage of up to 32 different presets. It also offers performance control with the built-in expression/volume pedaling and mutes feature. The SY-200 uses deep synthesis to create endless tones and sonic textures to suit any musical situation or style.

The Meris Enzo is an advanced multi-effects pedal, offering 12 unique effects in one pedal: reverb, delay, modulation, pitch shifting, AutoFilter/panning/ring modulator and distortion/overdrive. It also features three assignable foot switch modessingle effects movement (SW1), multi-effects rotation (SW2) and effects switching (SW3)offering ultimate control over which effect is being used at any given time. The Meris Enzo also supports MIDI expression via an external system controller, allowing for complex performance manipulation with minimal effort.

Both the Boss SY-200 and Meris Enzo have their own advantages; the SY-200 is ideal for anyone looking for vast sound sculpting capabilities while the Enzo provides creative live performance capabilities in a single unit. Whichever you choose you can be sure of a great quality tone!

Design and Features

The Boss SY 200 is a multi-effects processor pedal that packs a variety of effects and amp/cabinet simulations into a single unit. It features two channels, with each channel featuring its own dedicated effects loop and up to two simultaneous effects. The SY 200 also boasts a built-in expression pedal for real-time control of effects parameters. In addition, it has a USB port for easy integration with computers, allowing users to access additional software options.

The Meris Enzo is an analog multi-effects pedal that offers an extensive range of sonic possibilities in a compact format. It features three independent effect blocks, each with its own custom algorithms and controls for shaping your sound. The Enzo also boasts stereo inputs/outputs, MIDI I/O, USB connectivity, and the ability to save up to six presets. It also includes a built-in expression pedal for real-time control over effect parameters.


The Boss SY 200 features two onboard preamps one clean and one dirty which can be used to shape the tone of your guitar before it enters the effects processor section of the unit. The preamps on the SY 200 are designed to provide clarity and definition to your sound while also providing plenty of punch and power when needed. Additionally, the SY 200 has an onboard EQ section that can be used to further refine your tone before entering the signal chain.

The Meris Enzo includes two independent preamp circuits that can be used in tandem with its three onboard effect blocks for creating unique tones with unprecedented clarity and definition. The Enzos preamps are designed to provide plenty of headroom while still offering enough grit for when you need it. Additionally, the Enzo has an onboard EQ section which allows you to further refine your sound before it hits the signal chain.

Effects and Reverb

The Boss SY 200 comes loaded with 12 different types of effects ranging from delay and reverb to chorus and flanging for creating unique sounds quickly and easily. Additionally, there are 16 different amp/cabinet simulations built into the unit which can be used to add depth and dimensionality to your sound without having to use external gear or software plugins. Finally, the SY 200 includes a dedicated reverb section which allows you to add depth or texture as desired without having to purchase additional pedals or rack gear.

The Meris Enzo is equipped with three independent effect blocks Modulation, Delay & Reverb each featuring its own custom algorithms designed by Meris team of sound designers specifically for this unit. With each effect block comes up to eight different programmable parameters which allow you customize your sound in truly unique ways while still remaining intuitively simple enough for even beginners to understand how everything works together effectively as one cohesive unit. Additionally, there are nine different types of reverbs available on board the Enzo including Room Reverb, Hall Reverb & Plate Reverb all tailored specifically towards creating lush ambient atmospheres quickly & easily without having any prior knowledge about signal processing or engineering whatsoever!

Superiority of Sound Quality

The Boss SY 200 offers great sonic quality due in part due its dual preamp design as well as its 16 amp/cabinet simulations built into it both providing clarity & definition as well as punch & power when needed most! Additionally, its 12 on board effects offer plenty of flexibility & customization options when it comes time create something truly special out of what may have been just another ordinary guitar track at first glance! All these features contribute towards making this unit a great option for musicians who want professional quality sounds without breaking their wallet (or taking up too much space!).

The Meris Enzo also offers excellent sonic quality thanks in part due its two independent preamp circuits coupled with its three onboard effect blocks (each customizable via eight different programmable parameters) & nine different types reverbs built into it! All these features work together beautifully in order create truly unique tones that will take any guitar track from ordinary extraordinary! Furthermore, unlike some other multi-effect units out there which require either expensive plugins or external racks gear order achieve similar results; this pedal provides same level quality right out box!

Compatible Plugins and Applications

The Boss SY 200 is compatible with numerous plugins including Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro Suite as well as various other audio workstations such as Ableton Live 9 Suite & Logic Pro X Suite among others! This allows users access even more powerful tools they need order produce professional sounding tracks quickly efficiently without having spend extra money expensive software programs nor take up too much space their studio setup overall!

Similarly; The Meris Enzo is compatible numerous plugins such Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Pro Suite; Ableton Live 9 Suite; Logic Pro X Suite; Cubase 8 Pro; Cakewalk Sonar X3 Producer Edition; Studio One Professional 3; Reaper 5 among others! This means users can access even more powerful tools they need order produce professional sounding tracks quickly efficiently without having spend extra money expensive software programs nor take up too much space their studio setup overall!

User Interface and Functions

The Boss SY 200 is a powerful multi-effects processor with a range of features that make it great for live use or studio recording. The interface is intuitive and user-friendly, with an LCD display for easy navigation and control. It has 24 programmable effects including reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and phaser as well as a dedicated compressor and EQ section. It also includes a 32-bit floating point DSP for superior sound quality. The pedal also has two footswitches that allow you to switch between different effects or bypass them entirely for clean tone.

The Meris Enzo is also a multi-effects processor but with a slightly different approach to its user interface. Instead of an LCD display, it features eight rotary knobs which are used to control various parameters such as delay time, feedback and wet/dry mix. It has 16 programmable effects including reverbs, delays, modulation effects, EQs and more. The pedal also offers three independent tempo-synced delay lines with up to three seconds of total delay time available as well as a dedicated expression pedal input for real-time control of any parameter.

Connectivity Options

When it comes to connectivity options, the Boss SY 200 is quite versatile. It comes with MIDI I/O ports so you can use it as a MIDI controller or incorporate it into your existing MIDI setup. It also features stereo 1/4″ inputs and outputs as well USB connectivity so you can connect it directly to your computer for recording or tweaking your sounds via software editors like the Boss Tone Studio app.

The Meris Enzo also has great connectivity options with all the same connections as the SY 200 plus an additional headphone output so you can practice privately without disturbing anyone else in the room. It also has stereo 1/4″ outputs so you can send your signal directly into your PA or recording setup without having to use any additional cabling or adapters.

Durability and Maintenance

The Boss SY 200 is built to last with an all metal chassis that will withstand years of gigging and touring without showing any signs of wear and tear. The pedal is designed to be road-ready but there are still some precautions you should take when transporting or storing it such as making sure all the knobs are turned off before packing up and disconnecting the power source when not in use for long periods of time to avoid battery drain.

The Meris Enzo is just as durable thanks to its solid metal construction which makes it perfect for traveling giggers who need something reliable that wont break down on them during shows or rehearsals. As far as maintenance goes, there isnt much that needs to be done other than occasionally cleaning the exterior of the pedal with compressed air if dust accumulates over time which shouldnt be too frequent given its robust design.

Price and Value for Money Comparison

The Boss SY 200 retails at around $249 which makes it one of the most affordable multi-effects processors on the market today considering all its features and capabilities making it great value for money overall.

The Meris Enzo retails at around $399 making it slightly more expensive than its competitor but considering all its unique features such as multiple delay lines, expression pedal input and headphone output make this price tag more than justified in terms of value for money when compared against competitors in its price range..

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the design and features of Boss SY 200 and Meris Enzo?
A: The Boss SY 200 is a multi-effects processor that features amp modeling, effects, and looping capabilities. It has three independent stereo effects sections with up to four simultaneous effects. The Meris Enzo is a multi-effects processor that features reverb, delay, modulation, distortion, and compression in one unit. It has two independent stereo effect sections with up to four simultaneous effects.

Q: What are the preamps for the Boss SY 200 and Meris Enzo?
A: The Boss SY 200 has two independent preamps with switchable gain stages for guitar and bass applications. The Meris Enzo also has two independent preamps but with adjustable gain stages for more tone shaping options.

Q: What kind of effects and reverb are available on the Boss SY 200 and Meris Enzo?
A: Both the Boss SY 200 and Meris Enzo have many different types of effects and reverbs available including chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, vibrato, delay, reverb, distortion, compression, envelope filter, equalizer/tone control as well as other various modulation effects.

Q: How do the sound quality of both units compare?
A: Both units offer high-quality sound with very little noise or artifacts. However, the Boss SY 200 is generally considered to be superior in overall sound quality due to its more advanced signal processing capabilities.

Q: Are there any compatible plugins or applications for either unit?
A: Yes! Both the Boss SY 200 and Meris Enzo can be integrated with third-party software like Ableton Live or Logic Pro X as well as other compatible plugins like Softubes Console 1 or Presonuss Studio One 3 Professional.

The Meris Enzo and Boss SY-200 both offer a wealth of sound-sculpting possibilities, but they each have their own unique set of features and strengths. The Boss SY-200 offers more versatility with its built-in polyphonic synth engine, while the Meris Enzo has a more focused set of effects aimed at guitarists. Ultimately, the choice between these two pedals depends on your personal preferences and playing style.

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