Comparing Burton Custom and Custom X: Which Snowboard is Best for You?

The Burton Custom is an all-mountain snowboard line while the Custom X is a high performance freeride oriented snowboard.

Burton Custom Vs Custom X

The Burton Custom and Custom X snowboards are two of the most celebrated and sought-after boards for snowboarders of all experience levels. The Custom is known for its responsive, fast-riding design, while the Custom X pays homage to its twin brother with an upgraded performance profile. Both boards share the same efficient flex pattern, but you can expect improved float and edge hold from the mid-wide shape of the Custom X. With its camber/rocker/camber profile, you’ll enjoy a powerful ride with every turn and jump. Whether you’re looking for a board that handles like a dream or something that stands out from the crowd, these two Burton shapes will not disappoint. The next decision is whether you’ll take on park jumps with the explosive stability of the Custom or float through powder with the precise response of the Custom X – it’s up to you!


The Burton Custom and Burton Custom X snowboards have similar designs that prioritize control and flexibility. The shape of both boards is similar, featuring camber between the bindings for control, and a rocker on the tip and tail for extra float in powder. Both boards come in a range of flex patterns to suit the riding style of the owner.


The Burton Custom and Custom X feature different core technologies. The Burton Custom features a traditional core made with lightweight wood, which gives it a lively pop and rebound. The Burton Custom X features an improved core technology called Frostbite Edges. This technology allows for increased edge grip while reducing the overall weight of the board.


Both boards feature Burton’s Sintered WFO base technology, which provides superior wax absorption for improved glide on hardpack terrain. In addition, both boards feature Infinite Ride technology, which ensures that they maintain their flex and pop performance even after multiple days on the mountain.

Side Wall

The side walls on both boards are constructed from 10:45 sidewalls with Super Sap Epoxy to reduce overall weight without sacrificing strength and durability.

Running Lengths

The effective edge lengths on both boards vary depending on size, but they are designed to provide riders with maximum control while riding all types of terrain. The flex patterns also provide riders with plenty of pop when ollieing or jumping off natural features in the terrain park.


The Burton Custom and Custom X boards are both great options for those who wish to make a statement while they ride. With the Burton Custom you have the option of choosing from a range of doodle art inspired designs to suit your style, while the Burton Custom X offers the classic Burton branding.

Bindings Compatibility

Both the Burton Custom and Custom X boards are compatible with standard and EST slider discs and provide you with 4×4, 3D, and the channel binding system options. This will give you maximum control over how your board responds to your movements.

Weight and Construction Quality

Weight consideration is key when it comes to wide snowboards, so both the Burton Custom and Custom X have been constructed with heavy materials but still remain light enough for easy maneuverability. Furthermore, quality construction ensures that these boards remain durable even after repeated use in any weather condition.

Durability and Toughness

Burtons commitment to quality construction translates into a board that is built to last. The impact resistance of these boards is outstanding due to their tough construction, ensuring that you can ride with confidence knowing that your board will not succumb easily to wear and tear over time.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What design features do the Burton Custom and Custom X offer?
A: The Burton Custom and Custom X offer a variety of design features including shape, flex pattern, core, Frostbite Edges, Sintered WFO base, 10:45 sidewalls with Super Sap Epoxy, Effective Edge Length for flex and pop performance, Doodle Art Inspired Design with Burton Branding, 4×4, 3D and The Channel Binding System compatibility with Standard and EST Slider Discs.

Q: How much do the Burton Custom and Custom X weigh?
A: The weight of the Burton Custom and Custom X depends on the width of the board. Both boards are constructed with quality materials for durability.

Q: Which bindings are compatible with the Burton Custom and Custom X boards?
A: The Burton Custom and Custom X boards are compatible with 4×4, 3D and The Channel Binding System as well as Standard and EST Slider Discs.

Q: How durable is a Burton Custom or Custom X snowboard?
A: The Burton Custom and Custom X are constructed with quality materials for superior durability. They also feature impact resistance for added toughness.
Q: Does either the Burton Custom or the Customs X come in different sizes?
A: Yes! Both the Burton Customs and Customs X come in different sizes to accommodate different weight riders.

In conclusion, the Burton Custom and the Custom X are both great boards for intermediate to advanced riders. The Custom X is a great all-mountain board that excels in powder and carving, while the Burton Custom is a more versatile board that is great for park and freeride riding. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference and what type of riding you plan on doing.

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