Chris Fehn of Naughty By Nature: A Look at the Iconic Band’s Music and Legacy

Chris Fehn is a former metal percussionist who was featured on the Naughty By Nature track “Feel Me Flow”.

Chris Fehn Naughty By Nature

Chris Fehn, formerly of Naughty by Nature, is a renowned drummer and percussionist who has toured or performed with many other well-known artists. His distinct percussive style and virtuosity on the drums have helped to shape the sound of many bands he has been involved with. Naughty by Nature are an American hip hop trio from East Orange, New Jersey consisting of members Treach, Vin Rock, and DJ Kay Gee. Their creativity combines hard-hitting beats, witty lyrics, and rugged rhymes which have earned them countless awards over the past three decades. With Chris Fehn lending his talent to their soundscape as an official member, Naughty by Nature had hit singles such as “Feel Me Flow” and “Jamboree” which brought them success in the 90s. By bringing together his own mix of rhythm and percussive expression to their soundstage, Chris has enriched Naughty by Nature’s music for all to enjoy.

Chris Fehn and Naughty By Nature

Chris Fehn is an American musician who has collaborated extensively with the hip hop group, Naughty By Nature. The two have made a name for themselves as a unified force in the music industry.

Early Career of Chris Fehn

Chris Fehn began his musical career as a drummer, long before he ever worked with Naughty By Nature. While still in school, he regularly performed with various groups and bands. He was highly sought after by many producers and labels for his instrumental contributions to their music.

Formation of Naughty By Nature

Naughty By Nature began their journey back in 1989 when Treach, Vin Rock and DJ Kay Gee formed the group. Their style was unique in that they blended hip hop with elements of jazz and rock music; something that was not commonly heard at the time. They released their debut album Naughty by Nature in 1991 which enjoyed commercial success, selling more than one million copies worldwide and earning them two Grammy nominations.

Legacy within Hip Hop Genre

Naughty by Nature have since gone on to become one of the most influential groups within the hip hop genre, having collaborated with some of the biggest names in rap such as Notorious B.I.G., Queen Latifah, Jay-Z, Wyclef Jean and Will Smith. They are considered pioneers within hip hop since they were among the first groups to bring elements of jazz and rock into their sound which has since been embraced by many other hip hop artists.

Chris Fehn’s Instrumental Contributions

Chris Fehn was invited to join Naughty By Nature during their recording sessions for their second album 19 Naughty III which went on to become one of their most successful albums to date. His instrumental contributions were highly praised by fans and critics alike, adding an extra layer of complexity to their sound that had never been heard before. He has since joined them on stage multiple times for live performances as well as touring with them throughout Europe and North America over the years.

Naughty By Nature’s Chart Successes

The success of Naughty by Nature has been remarkable throughout their career; they have achieved multiple platinum albums including hits such as O.P.P which topped Billboard charts both domestically and internationally upon its release in 1991. Other popular singles include Hip Hop Hooray (1993), Feel Me Flow (1995) and Jamboree (1997).

Chris Fehn’s Touring Schedule

Chris Fehn has toured extensively with Naughty by Nature throughout his career, performing at festivals such as Rock The Bells (2014) Coachella (2016) and Lollapalooza (2017). He also joined them on European tours such as The Best Damn Tour Ever (2010) which covered several countries including Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands and Belgium among others; this tour sold out arenas across Europe due to its huge demand from fans eager to experience their unique live show which combined rap verses with classic rock riffs from Chris’ drums along with DJ Kay Gee’s scratching techniques which further enhanced the crowd’s enthusiasm during performances..

Naughty ByNature’s Performances

Since its formation in 1989, Naughty byNature have performed hundreds of shows across America including several festivals such as Summer Jam West Coast Festivals (2017)and Voodoo Music Experience(2015). They also headlined concerts at iconic venues such as Webster Hall New York City (2009), House Of Blues Las Vegas(2012)and The Roxy Hollywood(2013). In addition to this they also hosted a special concert for UNICEF called ‘Hip Hop 4 Africa’ wherethey raised funds for victims suffering from war-torn countries throughout Africa while delivering electrifying performances throughoutthe night..

Commonalities between Band Members

Due to their individual backgrounds each member brings something different but equally important when it comes to creating music together; Chris brings his vast instrumental knowledge while Treach delivers witty lyrics over banging beats courtesy of DJ Kay Gee who also adds scratching techniques into each track they create together resulting in a unique sound that cannot be replicated elsewhere..

Chris Fehn Naughty By Nature

Chris Fehn is a multi-instrumentalist and co-founder of the hip hop group Naughty by Nature. He was born in Long Island, New York in 1971 and started playing drums at the age of seven. Throughout his career, he has incorporated various musical styles including hard rock influences, hip hop elements, and reggae into his compositions.

Songwriting Collaborations

Chris Fehn has collaborated with Treach on a number of songs throughout his career. Their collaborations have been credited on albums such as Naughty by Nature’s 1991 self-titled debut album and their 1993 album 19 Naughty III. He has also worked with Vin Rock on several tracks from their 1996 album Poverty’s Paradise.

Musical Styles

Chris Fehn’s musical style incorporates hard rock influences, hip hop elements, and reggae beats. The incorporation of these genres into his music has helped to define the sound of Naughty by Nature over the years. He often uses heavy guitar riffs to add an aggressive edge to his songs while incorporating samples from classic reggae records to add an island vibe to his productions.

Record Labels

Naughty by Nature have released albums on two labels throughout their career: Tommy Boy Records and Check Your Head Records. Their debut album was released on Tommy Boy in 1991 while their third studio album was released on Check Your Head in 1996. Both labels were integral to the success of the group and helped them achieve worldwide recognition for their music.


Throughout his career with Naughty by Nature, Chris Fehn has been nominated for multiple awards including Grammys and MTV Europe Music Awards for Best Rap Performance. The group has been honored for their work multiple times over the years, including being inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2006.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who is Chris Fehn?
A: Chris Fehn is an American rock musician best known as a former percussionist for the band Slipknot. He joined the band in 1998 and was featured on four studio albums, until he departed in 2019. He is also well known for his collaborations with hip hop group Naughty By Nature, with whom he toured extensively.

Q: How did Naughty By Nature form?
A: Naughty By Nature were formed in East Orange, New Jersey in 1989 by members Treach (Anthony Criss), Vin Rock (Vincent Brown), and DJ Kay Gee (Keir Gist). They released their debut album ‘Naughty by Nature’ in 1991 which featured hit singles such as ‘O.P.P.’ and ‘Hip Hop Hooray’.

Q: What are some of the commonalities between the band members?
A: All three members of Naughty By Nature come from unique musical backgrounds and have integrated their individual styles together to create their signature sound. Treach is a masterful rapper, Vin Rock provides bass and scratching elements, while DJ Kay Gee produces and adds additional instrumentation to their songs.

Q: What is Chris Fehn’s instrumental contribution to Naughty By Nature?
A: Chris Fehn has made instrumental contributions to Naughty By Nature’s music through his live performances. On tour he provided additional percussion and drums to enhance their sound, as well as backing vocals on some songs.

Q: What awards have Naughty By Nature received?
A: Naughty By Nature have had numerous award nominations and wins throughout their career including two Grammy nominations for Best Rap Album for Poverty’s Paradise (1996) and Nineteen Ninety Now (1999). They have also won an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Hip Hop Act in 1996.

Chris Fehn of Naughty By Nature has been a devoted member of the group since its formation in 1989. He is best known for his signature percussion sound and his ability to seamlessly blend hip hop rhythms with rock, metal, funk and jazz. His unique style has helped the group become one of the most successful rap groups of all time. Chris’ passion for music and his dedication to Naughty By Nature have made him an integral part of the group’s success.

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