Unlock the Mysteries of the Cloak Of Trepidation in Destiny 2

The Cloak of Trepidation is a legendary Hunter cloak found in Destiny 2.

Cloak Of Trepidation Destiny 2

Cloak of Trepidation is a legendary Hunter cloak featured in the Destiny 2 universe. Created by the Trials of Osiris victorious, this uncommon armor piece grants its wearer a variety of defensive and offensive capabilities. The Cloak reduces incoming damage from enemy powers while also providing the energetic burst of Solar energy, enabling Hunters to quickly eliminate enemies and safely traverse hazardous zones. Not only that, its unique aspect increases evasion chance, granting additional survivability and flexibility in intense firefights. With a wide array of advantages to offer, Cloak of Trepidation is sure to give users an edge in defending the Last City from dark forces.

Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2


The Cloak of Trepidation is an exotic armor piece from the game Destiny 2. It is a Warlock cloak that was released as part of the Curse of Osiris expansion in December 2017. The cloak provides multiple benefits to the wearer, including increased resilience and recovery stats, a chance to generate an orb of light when taking damage, increased melee damage and improved weapon reload speed. It also includes a unique perk that grants bonus experience when defeating enemies with Void-based attacks.


When equipped, the Cloak of Trepidation will provide several stat bonuses to a Warlock character. These include:

  • Increased Resilience and Recovery stats.
  • A chance to generate an Orb of Light when taking damage.
  • Increased melee damage.
  • Improved weapon reload speed.

The Cloak also provides a unique perk called Voidstrike which grants additional experience points when defeating enemies with Void-based attacks. This bonus is especially useful for players who are looking to level up their characters quickly.


The primary advantages of using the Cloak of Trepidation are its stat bonuses and unique perk. The increased resilience and recovery stats allow Warlocks to survive longer in battle and recover faster after taking damage, while the chance to generate an Orb of Light when taking damage can provide additional support in team-based activities. The increased melee damage can also help Warlocks take down enemies more quickly in close quarters combat, while the improved weapon reload speed can help them stay on target during intense firefights. Finally, the Voidstrike perk can help players level up their characters faster by granting bonus experience points for killing enemies with Void-based attacks.


Unfortunately, there are also some potential disadvantages associated with using this item. The most obvious is that it requires an exotic slot which limits its usefulness for players who don’t have enough exotic slots available on their character’s equipment loadout. Additionally, some players may find that they don’t make use of the item’s bonus stats or unique perk often enough to justify equipping it over other pieces of gear that may be more useful for their playstyle or activities they are engaged in at any given moment.

In-Game Purchases

The Cloak of Trepidation can be acquired from various sources within Destiny 2 itself including Xur (an NPC merchant) or from various events such as Iron Banner or Faction Rallies which occur periodically throughout each season in Destiny 2’s game cycle. Additionally, players may also be able purchase this item from other players who have already acquired it through these sources by trading with them or via third party services such as DIM (Destiny Item Manager).

Links To Third Party Vendors

Players looking to purchase this item from third party vendors can find links on websites such as Reddits r/DestinyTheGame subreddit where users post links to third party vendors offering various items for sale within Destiny 2 itself including exotics like the Cloak of Trepidation. Additionally, certain websites such as destinytrackerlistings offer listings for third party vendors who offer this item for sale on console versions of Destiny 2 as well PC platforms such as Steam or BattleNet depending on the platform you are playing on at any given time.

< h2 >Pros And Cons Analysis
Overall, using the Cloak Of Trepidation has both advantages and disadvantages depending on how it fits into your overall loadout and playstyle within Destiny 2 itself . On one hand , it provides several stat bonuses and a unique perk which grant increased survivability , orb generation , increased melee damage , improved reload speed , and bonus experience points . On the other hand , equipping this item will limit your ability to equip other exotics since it takes up one exotic slot . Ultimately , whether or not you choose use this item should ultimately depend on what type activities you are engaging in most often within Destiny 2 .

< h2 >Helpfulness Compared To Similar Items In Game
When comparing this item to similar pieces available in game , it does provide some interesting advantages over other exotics . For example , its bonus experience point gain makes it particularly useful for players looking level up quickly since they can get more bang out their kills than they would otherwise with standard weapons . Additionally , its resilience and recovery stats may make more attractive option than other pieces armor available due its ability grant greater survivability during combat situations . Ultimately though , whether not you should equip this piece gear should depend largely what activities you plan engaging in game most often since these benefits won’t be helpful if your focused mainly PVP engagements where survivability isnt necessarily top priority .

< h2 >How To Wear The Cloak Of Trepidation When equipping this item onto your character’s equipment loadout simply open up your character menu select equip items then drag drop icon onto appropriate slot your character model . This piece armor appears as hooded cloak that covers Warlock’s head shoulders regardless what type armor they’re wearing underneath so make sure check out appearance before committing changes your equipment loadout .

Wearing Tips for the Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2

When it comes to Destiny 2, wearing the right gear is key. The Cloak of Trepidation is no exception. To get the most out of your gear and increase your armor stats, it is important to understand how to best combine pieces. Wearing the wrong pieces together can have serious consequences, so it is important to know what works best together.

Powerful Combos With The Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2

When looking for powerful combos with the Cloak of Trepidation, there are certain armor sets that provide maximum impact. For example, pairing a Warlock bond with a chest piece and helmet from the Iron Banner set can provide significant protection against incoming fire and explosives. Additionally, using grenade types such as fusion grenades and arc bolts can increase your efficiency in taking down enemies quickly and efficiently.

Exploring PvP While Wearing The Cloak Of Trepidation Destiny 2

Exploring PvP while wearing the Cloak of Trepidation can be an intimidating prospect. However, with proper preparation and knowledge of opposing builds, you can successfully take on challenging opponents in Crucible matches. Adapting your build to counter enemy strategies will give you an edge in combat and help you tackle even the most difficult raids.

Mods Suitable With The Cloak Of Trepidation Destiny 2

When selecting mods for use with the Cloak of Trepidation, it is important to consider which exotic pieces will best compliment them. Exotic weapons are especially powerful when paired with certain mod loadouts in Crucible matches, so make sure to research which combinations are most effective for taking on powerful opponents. Additionally, researching which weapon mods will provide you with the highest efficiency in Crucible matches will ensure that you have a strong build that can stand up to tough challenges.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2?
A: Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2 is an exotic armor piece in the game that provides a variety of defensive and offensive benefits to players. It is an extremely powerful piece of gear with high stats and helpful perks.

Q: What are the uses of Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2?
A: The Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2 has a number of uses, such as increased protection against incoming damage, increased defensive stats, improved weapon handling, improved grenade efficiency, and increased mobility. It also helps with PvP encounters by providing additional defense against opposing builds.

Q: Where to get Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2?
A: The Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2 can be purchased from the in-game store or from various third-party vendors online. It can also be acquired randomly from certain activities or rewards.

Q: How helpful is the Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2?
A: The Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2 is extremely helpful when it comes to providing an edge in various activities such as PvP encounters and challenging raids. Its stats and bonuses are among some of the best in the game, making it a must-have for any serious player.

Q: How to wear the Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2?
A: Wearing the Cloak of Trepidation Destiny 2 is easy – simply equip it from your inventory once you have acquired it. It will appear on your character model as a cape and will provide its bonuses immediately upon equipping it.

The Cloak of Trepidation is a unique exotic armor piece in Destiny 2 that provides the wearer with a strong defensive bonus. It is a powerful tool for players looking to increase their survivability in the game, and is one of the most sought-after items in the game. It can be obtained through an Exotic Engram drop, or by completing certain activities in-game. With its potent defensive bonuses, the Cloak of Trepidation can help any Guardian survive longer and thrive in Destiny 2.

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