Where to Find Desert Berries in Conan Exiles: A Complete Guide

Desert Berries can be found in the small oasis’ located in the southeastern part of the Exiled Lands.

Conan Exiles Desert Berries Location

Conan Exiles Desert Berries Locations are a great source for early-game harvesting of resources. This guide will discuss where to find desert berries and how to utilize them. By harvesting desert berries, players can create restorative potions or provide healing materials like bandages and food. Desert berries can be found in the scorching heat of the Exiled Lands, in mostly flat regions near riverbeds and mountainsides. Players need to be aware that enemies may loiter around these areas, thus caution is advised while harvesting.

Conan Exiles Desert Berries Location

Finding desert berries in Conan Exiles can be tricky, as the wilds of the Exiled Lands are not always kind to those seeking out their bounty. Fortunately, there are several ways to track down these elusive fruits. Rare spawns of desert berries can be found growing in a variety of areas, and players can also grow plantations of their own. Heres where to find deserty berries, how to grow them, and how to harvest them.

Where to Look for Desert Berries

The most common places to look for desert berries are in cave systems and around large trees near rivers or ponds. Players should also keep an eye out for patches of sand or rock formations as these may contain rarer spawn locations. Additionally, there is a chance that some NPCs may have some stocks for sale. Its always worth asking around any nearby settlements if they have any supplies available.

Rare Spawns of Desert Berries

Rare spawns of desert berries can be found growing in certain areas throughout the Exiled Lands. These areas tend to have higher concentrations of plant life and are scattered throughout the map. The most common places include river valleys and bodies of water near hills or mountainsides. Players should also keep an eye out for clusters of shrubs as these may contain rare spawn locations as well.

Growing and Gathering Desert Berries

Players who wish to grow their own desert berry plantations can do so by finding the right seeds and then planting them in suitable soil types such as sand or gravel beds near rivers or ponds. Once planted, these plants require plenty of sunlight and water in order to thrive, so its important that players keep a constant supply available during the growing process.

Finding Desert Berry Seeds

Players looking for seeds to start their own plantations will need to search hard-to-reach places like caves or other dark areas with plenty of natural light sources such as pools or streams nearby. Rarely, they may even stumble upon some seeds while exploring randomly generated dungeons within the game world.

Planting and Care for Desert Berry Plantations

Once players have acquired some desert berry seeds, they should plant them in sandy soil near a body of water such as a river or pond where they will receive plenty of sunlight and moisture during the day and night cycles respectively. Once planted, its important that players regularly water their plantations with either fresh water from nearby sources or recycled rainwater collected from storms using large barrels placed strategically around their campsite area. Additionally, fertilizers may also be used on occasion depending on the type of soil being used and how much natural nutrients it contains on its own already.

Harvesting Desert Berries in Conan Exiles

Harvesting desert berries is quite simple once they have been planted properly – all one needs is an appropriately sized harvesting tool such as a sickle or scythe since most plants bear fruits which can easily be reaped by hand due to their small size relative to other crops grown within the game world itself. Alternatively, if players are looking for larger quantities then specialized tools like threshers can be used instead with great results over time when taking into account all necessary factors mentioned previously when planting these crops initially like regular watering intervals etcetera

Reaping The Plantation Rewards

Once harvested successfully from ones plantation area – either manually by hand using a sickle/ scythe tool combination (for smaller yields) or through automated means via larger harvesting machines (for larger yields) – players will find themselves rewarded mostly with bundles containing both ripe desert berries along with some leftover stems/ leaves/ twigs which can then be discarded without needing further processing since they cannot typically be used elsewhere within the game world itself anyway

Recommended Gathering Tools For Harvesting

When harvesting desert berries from ones own plantations whether manually by hand using simple tools like sickles/ scythes (for smaller yields) or through automated means via larger harvesting machines (for larger yields), it is recommended that players use specialized gathering tools which were specifically designed with this purpose in mind such as harvesters/ threshers etcetera These tools usually come equipped with special attachments which help make quick work out of collecting multiple bunches at once while simultaneously preserving their quality/ freshness until later usage when needed

Trading, Selling And Buying Of Desert Berries

Unlocking The Benefits Of Eating Desert Berries

The desert berries of Conan Exiles present numerous benefits to players. First and foremost they provide healing benefits, with some species of berry replenishing health when eaten. Additionally, some desert berries can be used to enhance the flavor of meals cooked in the game. For example, using certain types of desert berry can make food taste more savory or even sweet.

Putting Some Context into the Use Of Desert Berries

In order to gain a better understanding of how to use desert berries in Conan Exiles, it is important to look at the lore behind them. NPCs have a lot to say about using herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes. For example, some NPCs explain that certain herbs have powerful healing properties which can be used to cure certain ailments or strengthen the body against disease. Furthermore, many NPCs use metaphors involving food and herbs to communicate their knowledge and beliefs about how they should be used.

Utilizing Different Forms Of Desert Berries

Players must also consider different forms of desert berries they will encounter in Conan Exiles. Players should locate different kinds of dry foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables which can be harvested from plants found in various areas throughout the game world. Additionally, players should determine the effects of different edible dry fruits such as cactus fruit or prickly pear cactus which can provide various benefits when consumed.

Dealing With Threats To Desert Berry Crops

When looking for ways to preserve desert berries in Conan Exiles it is important for players to consider threats that could prevent them from being able to harvest successfully. Pests are one potential problem that could attack and consume seeds or leaves from plants which would prevent them from growing successfully and producing fruit for harvest later on down the line. Galerian moths are another threat which could devour leaves from plants preventing them from photosynthesizing and producing fruit later on down the line. By considering these threats players can better prepare themselves for potential problems when trying to harvest desert berries from plants found throughout Conan Exiles’ world.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Where can I find Desert Berries in Conan Exiles?
A: You can find Desert Berries in many areas of the game. They are found in the desert areas of the map, such as near sandstone and salt flats, but they also spawn in other areas such as the volcano and jungle. Rarely, they may also spawn in caves or other hidden locations.

Q: How do I grow and gather Desert Berries?
A: To grow Desert Berries, you need to first find some seeds. These can be found by harvesting existing plants or by killing certain creatures in the game world. Once you have some seeds, you can plant them and care for them to produce a plantation of Desert Berries. To harvest them, you can use either your bare hands or a gathering tool such as a pickaxe or a shovel.

Q: Can I trade, sell or buy Desert Berries?
A: Yes, it is possible to trade, sell or buy Desert Berries in Conan Exiles. Different NPCs offer different prices for the berries depending on their location and availability. Some merchants may also offer to buy the berries from you for a higher price than what you would get from selling them to an NPC merchant.

Q: What recipes involve using Desert Berries?
A: There are many food recipes that involve using Desert Berries as an ingredient including pies, cakes, pastas and more. There are also craftable items that involve using Desert Berry ingredients such as dyes and potions.

Q: What are the benefits of eating Desert Berries?
A: Eating desert berries provides several benefits including healing effects such as restoring health points and increasing stamina regeneration rate. Additionally, consuming desert berries provides flavor enhancing properties which can make food more enjoyable when eaten with them.

The location of Desert Berries in Conan Exiles can vary depending on which server and map type you are playing on. In general, the Desert Berries can be found in and around the desert regions of Conan Exiles. These regions tend to have high concentrations of rocks, sand, and other obstacles that can make harvesting them a bit of a challenge. Be sure to bring along a pickaxe or other appropriate tool if you plan on mining for Desert Berries!

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