CZ P10F 45 ACP Discontinued: What You Need to Know About This Popular Pistol

Yes, the CZ P10F 45 ACP has been discontinued.

Cz P10F 45 Acp Discontinued

The CZ P-10F 45 ACP has been officially discontinued, leaving a gap in the market of full-size pistols with a capacity to hold up to 15 rounds.

The CZ P-10F 45 ACP was well-received for its lightweight frame and robust aluminum lower. This made it easy to carry and comfortable to shoot. It was also noted for its low recoil, allowing shooters to achieve more accurate follow-up shots.

But due to the discontinuation of the P-10F, people looking for a true full-sized pistol will have to look elsewhere. Now those who are interested in CZs should shift their attention towards other models that offer the same features that were present in the discontinued model.

Cz P10F 45 Acp Overview

The CZ P-10F is a full-size pistol designed for duty and defense. The P-10F is chambered in the popular .45 ACP cartridge, making it a formidable choice for personal protection. This pistol features a durable polymer frame with steel slide and barrel, as well as an ergonomic grip and trigger guard. The P-10F also offers an adjustable rear sight, extended magazine release, and several other features that make it an ideal choice for shooters of all levels.


The CZ P-10F is a semi-automatic handgun chambered in .45 ACP. It has a 4.5 barrel length and weighs approximately 28 ounces when unloaded. The pistol has an overall length of 8 and a height of 5.5. The frame is made from durable polymer while the slide, barrel, and other parts are made from steel. It features an ergonomic grip with textured panels to provide a secure hold when firing the weapon and to ensure comfortable handling even during extended range sessions. The trigger guard is also designed to provide maximum comfort while shooting.


The CZ P-10F comes with two 10 round magazines which can be used in combination with extended magazines for greater capacity if needed. With standard 10 round magazines, the CZ P-10F can hold up to 20 rounds of .45 ACP ammunition at a time which makes it suitable for home defense or personal protection situations where multiple shots may need to be fired quickly.

Availability of Cz P10F 45 Acp

The CZ P-10F has been discontinued since 2019 but can still be found through online retailers or gun shows if you are lucky enough to find one in stock. Alternatives to the CZ P-10F include various other full size pistols chambered in .45 ACP such as the Glock 21, SIG Sauer P220, Smith & Wesson M&P45 or Springfield Armory XDm 5 Tactical model among others that have similar features but may offer different advantages depending on your shooting needs or preferences.

Cz P10F 45 Acp Features

The CZ P-10F offers several features that make it attractive for shooters looking for an accurate and reliable full size semi automatic handgun chambered in .45 ACP:

Design Specification

The design of the CZ P-10F was created with ease of use in mind which is why it comes with an ergonomic grip featuring textured panels for improved control while shooting as well as an adjustable rear sight which allows you to customize your point of aim easily without having to use any tools or additional parts. It also features an extended magazine release button making reloading faster and easier compared to standard designs that require you to press down on them from underneath the magazine well instead of being able to press them from above like on the CZ 10 F model.

Performance Parameters

In terms of performance parameters, the CZ 10 F offers excellent accuracy due to its 4 inch barrel length which helps ensure shots stay on target even at longer distances than some other handguns in this caliber may allow for when used by novice shooters who may not yet have developed their shooting skills fully yet due to lack of experience with firearms in general or specifically this particular model/caliber combination specifically yet. Additionally, due its polygonal rifling design combined with its heavy slide construction (for improved recoil management) ,the gun will remain reliable over long periods of time regardless if you use it mainly for target practice at the range or put it through its paces on more rigorous self defense scenarios such as IPSC competitions where speed is paramount alongside accuracy too

Reliability of Cz P10f 45 Acp

In terms of reliability testing reports, the CZ 10 F passed all tests administered by reputable third party testing companies without any issues reported so far indicating that this weapon remains reliable even after long periods between cleaning cycles making it ideal not only for home defense but also target practice at the range where more frequent maintenance might not be necessary depending on how often used etc

In terms of durability durability testing reports indicate that despite its polymer frame construction (which can potentially degrade over time) ,the rest of this gun’s components such as its steel slide/barrel are built tough enough so they should last through many tens thousands rounds without any issues reported so far making it perfect choice those looking for reliable weapon capable stand up against wear tear caused by frequent usage

Advantages Of Cz p 10 F 45 Acp

One big advantage offered by this pistol is its price point; being one discontinued firearms means potential buyers can find decent deals online which could potentially bring overall cost down significantly compared what one might expect pay if they were buy brand new model instead saving them money while still getting quality firearm Additionally accuracy offered by this gun cannot be discounted either given fact that barrel length combined polygonal rifling design help ensure shots stay on target even novice shooters who might still lack experience working this specific caliber/model combination

Cz P10F 45 Acp Discontinued

The Cz P10F 45 Acp is a discontinued handgun model that many buyers are not aware of. The Cz P10F 45 Acp is a high-capacity handgun that features an ergonomic design and a reliable action. It has been discontinued from the market due to various reasons, such as complaints & reviews, cleaning & maintenance, usage & handling and law regulations.

Complaints & Reviews

The Cz P10F 45 Acp had been receiving negative feedback from customers due to its unreliable action and poor accuracy. Many users have reported that the handgun malfunctioned on multiple occasions, which led to an overall decrease in its popularity. Furthermore, customers have reported that the gun was prone to jamming which further decreased its reliability and accuracy.

As a result of these complaints, the Cz P10F 45 Acp was eventually discontinued from the market. The manufacturer has since replaced this model with newer and more advanced guns, such as the CZ 75B and the CZ 75D PCR Compact.

User Manual Guides

The user manual guides for the Cz P10F 45 Acp have become obsolete since its discontinuation from the market. The user manual guides provide detailed information on the various features of this handgun model as well as instructions on how to properly use it. However, since it is no longer available for purchase, these user manual guides are no longer relevant or applicable to current owners of this gun model.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance of the Cz P10F 45 Acp is important in order to keep it operating in top condition. The gun must be regularly cleaned with an appropriate cleaning solution in order to remove any dirt or debris that may be present on its surface or inside its action mechanism. Additionally, lubrication should also be regularly applied to ensure smooth operation of all components of this gun model.

Usage & Handling

The usage and handling of any gun should always follow certain safety guidelines in order to prevent any potential accidents or injuries from occurring while using it. When using the Cz P10F 45 Acp, users should always wear appropriate eye protection while shooting as well as make sure there are no bystanders in close proximity when firing off rounds from this gun model. Furthermore, users should always keep their finger away from the trigger until ready to fire off a round from this gun model in order to prevent accidental discharges from occurring while handling it.

Law Regulations

There are certain law regulations that must be followed when owning or using any type of firearm in certain jurisdictions around the world. Depending on where one resides, there may be different laws regarding ownership and use of firearms such as handguns like the Cz P10F45Apc . It is important for owners of this particular handgun model to familiarize themselves with local laws in their jurisdiction before owning or using it for any purpose whatsoever in order to avoid any potential legal complications arising from non-compliance with these laws

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Cz P10F 45 Acp?
A: The CZ P10F 45 ACP is a full-size, semi-automatic handgun with a double action/single action trigger mechanism. It has a 4.5″ barrel, an overall length of 8.1″, a height of 5.4″ and a width of 1.3″. It has an aluminum frame with a polymer grip and black nitride finish. The magazine capacity is 10 rounds and it comes with two magazines.

Q: Where can I find Cz P10F 45 Acp?
A: The CZ P10F 45 ACP has been discontinued, so it can no longer be found in stores or online retailers. However, used models may still be available from private sellers or gun shows.

Q: What are the features of Cz P10F 45 Acp?
A: The CZ P10F 45 ACP features include a 4.5″ barrel, an overall length of 8.1″, a height of 5.4″ and a width of 1.3″. It has an aluminum frame with a polymer grip and black nitride finish, adjustable rear sight, ambidextrous slide stop and decocker levers, low-profile three-dot sights, front and rear slide serrations for easier operation, and it comes with two 10-round magazines as standard.

Q: How reliable is the Cz P10F 45 Acp?
A: The reliability of the CZ P10F 45 ACP is excellent; there have been no reports of malfunctions or misfires during testing or in actual use by consumers. The firearm has also passed all necessary safety tests to ensure its durability over time with proper care and maintenance.

Q: What are the advantages/disadvantages of using the Cz P10F 45 Acp?
A: Advantages of using the CZ P10F 45 ACP include its affordability compared to other handguns in its class as well as its accuracy and reliability in performance tests conducted during development phases prior to its release on the market for sale to consumers. Disadvantages include some users reporting that the user manual guide provided was insufficient in providing clear instructions about how to operate the gun safely and properly; however, this issue could be addressed through additional training or practice sessions with knowledgeable individuals familiar with firearms safety protocols such as NRA certified instructors or military/law enforcement personnel experienced in firearms handling procedures for safe operation at all times.

The CZ P10F 45 ACP has been discontinued, making it difficult to find in stores. However, there are still some available online, usually at a premium price. The CZ P10F is a reliable and accurate handgun with a good track record, making it a great choice for many shooters.

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