Destiny 2: Exotic Glaive Pattern Drop Rate – Unravel the Secret to Acquiring Exotic Weapons

The exact drop rate for Exotic Glaive Patterns in Destiny 2 is currently unknown.

Destiny 2 Exotic Glaive Pattern Drop Rate

Destiny 2’s Exotic Glaive Pattern Drop Rate is a challenging yet rewarding system. It allows players to earn powerful and unique weapons or armor pieces by randomly getting patterns from specific activities. Some activities guarantee a pattern drop while others almost guarantee them through a network of adaptive events. Unfortunately, the drop rates can be unpredictable and very low. Knowing which activities to participate in, as well as the various strategies for increasing pattern drops, will help players receive higher quality rewards more quickly.

Destiny 2 Exotic Glaive Pattern Drop Rate

Destiny 2 is a popular sci-fi shooter game developed by Bungie that allows players to explore the vast universe and collect exotic weapons. The Exotic Glaive Pattern is one of the most sought after items in the game, with many players spending countless hours farming for it. Unfortunately, the drop rate for this item can be quite low, making it difficult to acquire. To understand how to increase your chances of obtaining an Exotic Glaive Pattern, it’s important to first understand the factors that influence its drop rate and learn about some of the best locations to farm for it.


There are several different types of Exotic Glaives available in Destiny 2. These include the Sunshot, Sweet Business, Riskrunner, Graviton Lance, and Polaris Lance. Each type has its own unique properties and abilities and can be acquired through various activities within Destiny 2.

Factors Affecting Glaive Pattern Drop Rate

There are a few factors that can affect how often an Exotic Glaive Pattern will drop in Destiny 2. One factor is difficulty level; playing on higher difficulties increases your chances of obtaining an exotic glaive pattern since enemies drop more loot on higher difficulty levels. Boosting also increases your chances as boosting raises your rewards from activities and increases your chance at getting a glaive pattern as a reward.

Locations to Farm Glaives Patterns

While there are many places to farm for glaives patterns in Destiny 2, two of the best locations are the Trials of Osiris or Crucible playlists. Both locations offer high-level enemies who are more likely to drop rare loot such as glaives patterns. Additionally, Trials of Osiris offers unique rewards at specific milestones which can increase your chances of obtaining an exotic glaive pattern even further.

Tips for Increasing Drop Rate of Glaive Patterns

There are several tips you can use to increase your chances of acquiring an Exotic Glaive Pattern in Destiny 2. One tip is to level up fast; leveling up faster will give you access to more powerful weapons and gear which can help you defeat enemies quickly and increase your chance at obtaining a glaive pattern from them as a reward. Additionally, equipping rewards boost mods before activities can also increase your chance at getting more loot from enemies that you defeat during missions or activities within Destiny 2.

RNG in Glaive Patterns Drop Chance

Random Number Generation (RNG) plays an important role when it comes to determining what type of loot drops from defeated enemies or chests in Destiny 2. This means that even if you’re farming for an exotic glaive pattern in one location with one set-up, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually receive it from any given chest or enemy defeated during any given activity or mission within Destiny 2; however, following some tips mentioned above may help improve your odds slightly over time! Additionally, understanding the rarity scale of exotics as well as how chaos influences loot drops can also help when trying to obtain rare items like glaives patterns from various locations within Destiny 2.

Infusing Exotic Weapons for Better Gear Roll

Destiny 2 offers a variety of exotic weapons to choose from, each with its own unique set of perks and bonuses. Infusing these weapons can be a great way to get the most out of your equipment, allowing you to customize your gear rolls for better performance in various activities. To infuse an exotic weapon, you will need to first obtain the weapon from a drop or purchase it from an engram vendor. Once you have the weapon, you can then use various materials and resources to upgrade its stats and perks.

For example, if you have an exotic weapon with a higher Gear Score than your other weapons, but it has undesirable perks, you can infuse it with resources such as Etheric Light or Ascendant Shards to increase its Gear Score and roll new perks. This is especially useful if the weapon has an above-average power rating but is lacking in terms of bonuses or objectives features. By infusing it with the right resources, you can make sure that your gear roll is as optimal as possible for whatever activity you are undertaking. It is also important to note that before infusing any exotic weapons, it is best to dust off any Legendary items that may be attached to it so that they do not interfere with the infusion process and roll better perks when upgraded.

Rewards from Glaive Patterns and Engrams Farming

Engram farming is one of the most efficient ways of obtaining rare loot in Destiny 2. Engrams are special items that contain powerful loot when opened, which makes them extremely valuable for players looking to acquire high-tier gear quickly. Engram farming involves completing activities such as Strikes or Public Events in order to obtain more engrams than usual through random drops or rewards from vendors.

The rewards from engram farming vary depending on what type of activity was completed in order to obtain them. For example, completing a Strike may reward players with Prime Engrams which contain powerful loot and random rolls on legendary items such as armor pieces or weapons. On the other hand, completing Public Events may reward players with Bright Engrams which contain cosmetic items such as shaders and emblems which can be used to customize your Guardians look.

In addition to engram farming, players may also farm glaive patterns which are special patterns that drop randomly after completing specific activities such as Nightfalls or Raids. Glaive patterns are unique pieces of equipment that allow players access new objectives features when equipped on their characters armor pieces such as increased movement speed or damage reduction when taking certain types of damage while using particular abilities. Farming glaives patterns can be a great way for players looking for specific objectives features on their armor pieces without having to search through random rolls on legendary items obtained through engram farming methods and routes.

Challenges For Acquiring an Exotic Weapon With Desired Objective Features

Acquiring an exotic weapon with desired objectives features can be one of the most challenging aspects of Destiny 2 due to the fact that many exotics have randomized perk rolls which make it difficult to obtain exactly what youre looking for without spending countless hours grinding for them in various activities such as Raids or Nightfalls. However, there are some ways players can increase their chances at obtaining desirable objective features on their exotic weapons by taking advantage of certain strategies when tackling these activities:

– Beat All The Bosses Quickly In The Raids And Nightfalls For Better Loot Drops With Desired Objectives Features: Taking down all bosses quickly in raids or nightfalls increases your chances at receiving rarer loot drops since these activities have set loot tables at different stages so completing them quickly allows players access higher tiers of loot faster than normal;

– Know The Loot Tables At Different Stages Of Raid Or Nightfall To Farm For Equal Payoff Equipped With More Preferred Objectives Features Than Others: Knowing what type of equipment drops at each stage of a raid or nightfall will allow players pinpoint exactly what kind objective feature they want on their exotic weapon without having to hope for luck on random rolls;

– Dust Off Legendary Items Before Infusing Them For Better Perk Combination: Dusting off legendary items before infusing them will increase your chances at receiving better perk combinations on your weapons since legendary items already come pre-rolled with random bonus stats attached; this will give you more options when customizing your gear rolls for optimal performance in various activities without having waste resources unnecessarily trying aimlessly trying different combinations until something works out favorably for you.

In conclusion , acquiring an exotic weapon with desired objective features requires dedication and patience but following these strategies should help increase one’s chances significantly at obtaining their desired setup faster than normal grinding methods would allow .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the drop rate for Exotic Glaive Patterns?
A: The drop rate for Exotic Glaive Patterns is quite low. It is estimated to be around 0.6% to 1%.

Q: What types of Exotic Glaive Patterns are there?
A: There are three types of Exotic Glaive Patterns in Destiny 2 Kinetic, Energy and Power.

Q: What factors affect the drop rate of Exotic Glaive Patterns?
A: The difficulty level, boosting and RNG (Random Number Generator) are all factors that can influence the drop rate of Exotic Glaive Patterns in Destiny 2.

Q: What locations should I farm for Exotic Glaives Patterns?
A: You can farm for Exotic Glaives Patterns in Trials of Osiris and Crucible playlists.

Q: Are there any tips to increase the drop rate of Exotic Glaives patterns?
A: Yes, some tips to increase the drop rate of Exotic Glaives patterns include leveling up fast, equipping rewards boost mods and dusting off Legendary items before infusing them for better perk combinations.

The drop rate of Exotic Glaive Pattern in Destiny 2 is quite low, and it can be difficult to obtain. However, with some patience and perseverance, players can increase their chances of getting the Exotic Glaive Pattern by participating in activities that have a higher chance of dropping the pattern. Players may also want to try their luck in the Crucible or take part in Raids for a chance at obtaining the Exotic Glaive Pattern.

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