Complete Destiny 2’s 100K Hero Weekly Mission for an Epic Reward!

Complete the weekly mission in Destiny 2 to earn 100,000 hero points.

Destiny 2 Weekly Mission 100K Hero

Destiny 2’s Weekly Mission 100K Hero rewards experienced Guardians with powerful in-game rewards. Players will have to work their way up a grueling and hazardous ladder of challenges, crossing off checkpoints to bring them ever closer to the final goal. Play through story missions, patrol activities and crucible modes as you work your way up the ranks and reap the ample rewards along your journey. The 100K Hero nickname comes from the massive, in-game store of resources – including weapons, armor pieces, consumables, and materials – reaching a staggering 100 thousand at total amount. Do you think you have what it takes? Test your Guardian knowledge and courage now!

Destiny 2 Weekly Mission 100K Hero


Completing the Destiny 2 Weekly Mission and achieving the 100K Hero status will reward players with various benefits. Players will receive a variety of rewards, including exclusive gear, special engrams, and unique emblems. Exotic weapons, armor, and shaders can also be received as rewards for completing this mission. Additionally, players will be able to gain powerful advantages in-game such as increased damage output and more powerful abilities. Finally, players can use their hard-earned currency to purchase items from vendors, allowing them to customize their characters even more.

Essential Requirements

Players should have a decent understanding of all the mechanics in Destiny 2 before attempting this mission. Players should familiarize themselves with the different enemy types and how they behave in combat. Additionally, players should have a good idea of how to use their abilities effectively against enemies. Finally, players should make sure they have all of the necessary resources such as ammunition and health kits before attempting this mission.


Players should always keep an eye on their environment when engaging enemies in combat. It is important to be aware of enemy locations at all times so that you can predict where they will move next. Additionally, it is important for players to know when to retreat if an engagement turns out to be too difficult or overwhelming. Finally, it may be beneficial for players to use crowd control strategies such as stuns or crowd control grenades when engaging multiple enemies at once.

Crowd Control Strategies

Crowd control strategies are essential for completing the Destiny 2 Weekly Mission and achieving 100K Hero status with ease. Crowd control abilities allow players to keep multiple enemies under control while they focus on taking down one enemy at a time. Stun grenades are especially effective for stunning multiple targets at once allowing other team members to deal damage while enemies are incapacitated. Bubble shields are also effective for providing temporary cover while allies are healing or reviving downed team members during a fight

Pooling Resources

In order to complete the Destiny 2 Weekly Mission with ease it is important for teams to pool their resources together so that everyone has access to necessary items like ammunition packs or health kits during a fight. Additionally, teams should ensure that everyone has enough currency so that they can purchase gear from vendors if needed during an engagement. This allows teams to take advantage of their collective power by having access to powerful loadouts which can make them nearly unstoppable against any foe they encounter on their journey towards 100K Hero status in Destiny 2

Powerful Loadouts For Hero Challenge

To achieve success in the Destiny 2 Weekly Mission it is important for players to build powerful loadouts which give them an edge against any enemy they encounter on their journey towards 100K Hero status in Destiny 2 . Exotic weapons and armor pieces give players increased damage output which can quickly turn any fight back in your favor during an engagement with opponents who may outnumber you or prove more difficult than expected . Additionally , exotic shaders provide bonuses such as bonus damage resistance or extra health regeneration which can help keep players alive long enough for teammates too come help out in a tough situation .

Exotics For Unstoppable Damage

To achieve success in the Destiny 2 Weekly Mission it is important for players too equip themselves with exotic weapons which provide increased damage output against foes . Exotics such as shotguns , snipers , hand cannons , fusion rifles , grenade launchers etc provide increased damage output which can quickly turn any fight back into your favor during engagements with opponents who may outnumber you or prove more difficult than expected . Additionally , certain exotics come equipped with special abilities such as explosive rounds which do additional area damage or upgraded ammo capacity which allow players too quickly take down large groups of enemies without having too reload .

< h2 > Symths For Defense
In addition too equipping exotics weapons it is also important for players too equip themselves with symths which provide additional defense bonuses which help keep them alive against tougher foes . Symths such as mobility increases , cooldown reduction , extra health regeneration etc allow players too survive longer during engagements so that teammates can come help out when needed . Some symths also provide additional protection against certain types of damage such as fire , cold , lightning etc making them invaluable tools when fighting tougher foes who utilize these types of attacks .

Wisely Utilizing The Map of Districts

Destiny 2 Weekly Mission 100K Hero offers players the opportunity to challenge themselves in a range of environments. The map of districts provides an overview of all the different areas that can be explored and conquered. To get the most out of this experience, its important to use the map strategically. Plan your objectives and figure out which districts have the best rewards, then aim to complete objectives in those districts, as well as any bonus objectives for extra XP and rewards.

Objective selection is key here. Some objectives are more rewarding than others, so it pays to do a little research before committing to a mission. In addition, there are certain objectives that can only be completed in specific districts; figure out which ones these are and how they tie into your overall strategy.

Layout embellishment is also important when it comes to utilizing the map effectively. Look for ways to make your journey more efficient by finding shortcuts or alternate routes around obstacles, or by taking advantage of terrain features like hills or buildings for cover. Knowing the layout of each district will help you plan your course and get where you need to go faster.

Maximizing Rewards per Session

When playing Destiny 2 Weekly Mission 100K Hero, its important to maximize rewards per session by tackling daily objectives that offer extra XP and rewards for completing them quickly. Taking on multiple missions at once is also a great way to boost rewards; if you can manage multiple tasks at once then youll be able to turn in multiple objectives for maximum XP gain.

Daily objectives can also help players progress faster through the game, as completing these challenges will grant access to new levels and areas quicker than normal play would allow. The bonus XP from completing daily objectives can add up quickly; if you stay on top of these challenges then you should have no trouble reaching level 100 within a few weeks!

Upgrading Your Gear Over Time

When playing Destiny 2 Weekly Mission 100K Hero it pays off in the long run to upgrade your gear over time rather than relying solely on quantity rather than quality when it comes to weapons or armor upgrades. Investing in quality gear gradually over time will give you access to better weapons and armor with more powerful stats that will give you an edge during battles with enemies or other players alike. Quality upgrades may cost more initially but they will pay off in terms of increased damage output, improved survivability, and improved stats across all categories that will give you an overall edge during any mission type or situation encountered throughout the game world.
Results may take time but with enough patience and dedication players can eventually assemble an impressive arsenal of weapons and armor that will make them unstoppable when tackling missions or engaging other players in battle!

Taking Advantage Of Big Events

In addition to daily missions, there are also big events held periodically throughout Destiny 2 Weekly Mission 100K Hero which offer unique challenges with special prizes at stake if successful completion is achieved. These challenge events usually involve fighting a powerful boss monster or engaging other players in PvP battles; success brings with it rare loot drops such as exotic weapons or armor pieces unavailable elsewhere throughout the game world. Pay attention during these events; they often come with unique modifiers that require different tactics compared with regular play using these strategies wisely can often bring about great rewards!

Mission challenges also change frequently over time so keep up-to-date on whats happening success here yields even greater rewards such as exclusive skins or character customization options not available anywhere else! Keep an eye out for special challenges related directly back-story material as well; successful completion here often yields some truly amazing prizes!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is 100K Hero in Destiny 2?
A: 100K Hero is a weekly mission in Destiny 2 that rewards players with powerful engrams and loot. Players must complete a set number of objectives within a certain time frame to earn the rewards.

Q: What are the essential requirements for Destiny 2 Weekly Mission Collection?
A: The essential requirements for Destiny 2 Weekly Mission Collection are the completion of specific objectives such as killing enemies, collecting items, and completing missions within a given time limit. Additionally, players must have an adequate level of Power to access the mission.

Q: What strategies should be used for crowd control when attempting to achieve 100K Hero?
A: When attempting to achieve 100K Hero, players should utilize crowd control strategies such as using area-of-effect abilities, utilizing cover and defensive tactics, and employing crowd-control weapons like grenades or rockets. Additionally, pooling resources with other players can help make completing objectives easier.

Q: What powerful loadouts should be used for Hero Challenge?
A: When attempting to complete the Hero Challenge, players should use powerful loadouts that include Exotics for unstoppable damage output and weapons with Symmetry perks for increased defense. Additionally, high-level gear will help increase the player’s survivability in challenging battles.

Q: How can players maximize their rewards per session?
A: Players can maximize their rewards per session by completing daily objectives to fast-track XP gain, taking advantage of big events where Mission Challenges change and special rewards await, upgrading their gear over time with quality over quantity results, and wisely utilizing the map of districts by using objectives strategically while also taking into consideration layout embellishments.

The weekly mission in Destiny 2 for 100K Hero is a great way to earn rewards and progress through the game. It requires players to complete activities such as completing bounties, defeating enemies, and completing objectives. The rewards are worth the effort, as they provide a variety of powerful weapons and gear to help with progression in the game. Overall, it is an exciting and challenging mission that can be completed in a short amount of time.

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