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Ding Hong is located in Los Angeles, CA.

Ding Hong Los Angeles Ca

Ding Hong Los Angeles Ca is an impressive Asian restaurant located in the vibrant city of Los Angeles. Offering authentic regional Chinese cuisine, along with an array of exquisite dishes prepared by experienced chefs, Ding Hong Los Angeles Ca is sure to keep your palate entertained. Its menu features a wide variety of starters, mains, sides, and desserts from all across China and Southeast Asia. With a focus on freshness and flavor, it’s easy to see why this restaurant has become so popular among locals and tourists alike. So drop in today and indulge yourself in an unforgettable dining experience!


Ding Hong is a Chinese restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. Established in 1988, Ding Hong serves authentic Chinese dishes with fresh ingredients sourced from local markets. With a wide variety of dishes available, Ding Hong has something for everyone. From traditional favorites to new and exciting items, Ding Hong is sure to have something that will satisfy your craving for Chinese cuisine.

Locations of Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA

There are several locations of Ding Hong scattered throughout the Los Angeles area. Each location offers their own unique atmosphere and menu items, making it easy to find the perfect spot for any occasion. The most popular locations include Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd, Beverly Hills on Wilshire Blvd, and Hollywood on Sunset Blvd.

Local Outlets

In addition to the main locations, there are several local outlets that offer an even more convenient way to enjoy Ding Hong’s cuisine. These local outlets can be found at malls, grocery stores, and other retail establishments throughout the city of Los Angeles. These outlets are perfect for when you’re in a rush or simply don’t have time to make it out to one of the main locations.

Popularity Map

For those looking for an even more convenient way to experience Ding Hong’s cuisine, there is an interactive map available online that shows all the different locations across Los Angeles. This map makes it easy to find a nearby restaurant or outlet quickly and easily so you can get your hands on some delicious Chinese food right away!

Specialty Dishes at Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA

Ding Hong offers an extensive menu full of classic Chinese dishes as well as new and exciting items that will keep you coming back for more! Some of their popular specialty dishes include General Tso’s Chicken, Kung Pao Chicken, Beef with Broccoli, and Sweet & Sour Pork. For those looking for something even more unique, they also offer some vegetarian options such as Eggplant with Garlic Sauce and Ma Po Tofu.

New and Exciting Items

In addition to their classic dishes, Ding Hong also offers some new and exciting items that will tantalize your taste buds! These include their signature Crispy Beef dish which is lightly battered beef stir-fried with vegetables in a sweet & spicy sauce as well as their Sesame Chicken which consists of crispy fried chicken tossed in a sweet & tangy sesame sauce. There are also plenty of other delicious options like Spicy Orange Chicken or Szechuan Shrimp that are sure to please any palate!

Traditional Favorites

For those who prefer traditional Chinese flavors there is still plenty on offer at Ding Hong! From Peking Duck to Mapo Tofu they have all your favorites covered! If you’re feeling adventurous try their signature Hot Pot which is a combination of meats & vegetables cooked together in a flavorful broth it’s sure to please any crowd!

Prices at Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA

Ding Hong has something for everyone regardless of budget from low cost lunch specials starting at just $6 per person all the way up to banquet style meals for large groups starting at $20 per person there’s no shortage of options here! And if you’re looking for value then check out their daily happy hour specials where appetizers start at just $3 each!

Menu Options

Ding Hong has an extensive menu with something for everyone from traditional favorites like Mapo Tofu or Peking Duck to new & exciting dishes like Sesame Chicken or Crispy Beef there’s no shortage of delicious options here! And if you’re feeling adventurous then try one of their signature hot pot combos which combine meats & veggies cooked together in a flavorful broth – it’s sure to please any crowd!

Inexpensive Options

For those who are looking for inexpensive yet flavorful meals then look no further than ding hongs lunch specials starting at just $6 per person! Or take advantage of their daily happy hour specials where appetizers start at just $3 each – Its definitely worth checking out if youre looking for value without compromising on flavor!

Reviews of Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA

When it comes to reviews ding hong definitely gets high marks from its customers both online and offline passerby reviews consistently give ding hong high ratings citing excellent food quality and friendly service while online ratings also consistently give ding hong 4-5 stars across platforms such as Google Maps , Yelp , Tripadvisor , Zomato , etc . All this goes to show that ding hong really knows how to deliver quality chinese cuisine every time !

Online Ordering from Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA

Ordering food online from Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA is an easy and convenient way to get your favorite Chinese cuisine. With a few clicks of the mouse, you can have your food delivered right to your doorstep. There are a few different platforms available for ordering from Ding Hong, such as their website, mobile app, and third-party delivery services.

When it comes to customer experience, Ding Hong offers a great selection of dishes that are freshly prepared and delicious. The ordering process is simple and straightforward, and the delivery time is usually very fast. Plus, there are several payment options available including cash or card payments.

Advantages of Visiting Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA

One of the main advantages of visiting Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA is the lower prices compared to its competitors. This makes it an attractive option for those who want Chinese food without breaking the bank. Additionally, they offer timely delivery options so you can enjoy your meal quickly without having to wait too long for it to arrive.

Disadvantages of Visiting Ding Hong in Los Angeles Ca

Although there are many benefits to ordering from Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA, there are also some drawbacks. One issue is that their menu options can be quite limited compared to other restaurants in the area. Furthermore, they only have a few outlets located throughout the area so customers may have difficulty accessing their services depending on where they live.

Alternatives to Ding Hong in Los Angeles Ca

For those looking for alternatives to Ding Hong in Los Angeles CA, there are plenty of restaurants nearby that offer delicious Chinese cuisine as well as other take-away options such as food trucks or online ordering services. These alternatives provide more variety than what’s offered by Ding Hong and often at cheaper prices too!

FAQ & Answers

Q: Where is Ding Hong located in Los Angeles CA?
A: Ding Hong is a popular restaurant located in Los Angeles, CA. It has several locations throughout the city, including Chinatown, Koreatown, and Hollywood.

Q: What are some specialty dishes at Ding Hong?
A: Ding Hong offers a variety of traditional Chinese dishes such as dumplings and noodles, as well as some unique and exciting items like the spicy beef noodle soup and the sesame chicken.

Q: How much do items from Ding Hong cost?
A: Prices at Ding Hong range from inexpensive to moderate. The menu options vary depending on the specific location, but generally offer great value for money.

Q: Are there any reviews I can read about Ding Hong?
A: Passerby reviews of Ding Hong are mostly positive. Online ratings also tend to be favorable with customers praising the quality of food and friendly service.

Q: Is there an online ordering option for Ding Hong?
A: Yes, customers can order online from Ding Hong using various platforms such as Postmates or DoorDash. Delivery is usually fast and reliable according to customer experiences.

Ding Hong in Los Angeles, California is a popular Chinese restaurant that offers a wide variety of traditional Chinese dishes. The food is freshly prepared and made with quality ingredients. The restaurant also has a great atmosphere, making it an ideal place for a family outing or a romantic night out. Ding Hong is an excellent choice for those looking for authentic Chinese cuisine in the Los Angeles area.

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