Does USCIS Work on Saturdays? An Overview of USCIS Hours

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Q: Does Uscis Work On Saturday?
A: Yes, Uscis works on Saturdays. However, it has reduced services and working hours.

Q: What Are The Working Hours Of Uscis On Saturday?
A: The working hours of Uscis on Saturday are usually from 9 am to 4 pm.

Q: What Services Are Available At Uscis On Saturday?
A: On Saturdays, services such as online applications, walk-in appointments, and telephone customer service are available at USCIS.

Q: What Types Of USCIS Paperwork Can I Do On Saturday?
A: You can file forms such as renewing green cards, applying for citizenship, and filing naturalization forms on Saturdays.

Q: Is There An Extra Fee Applicable For USCIS Services On Weekend?
A: No extra fees are applicable for USCIS services on weekends.

In conclusion, while Uscis does not technically work on Saturdays, it is possible to access some services online on the weekends. Furthermore, many USCIS offices are open on select Saturdays for pre-scheduled appointments or interviews. Ultimately, it is important to check with your local office for more information about Saturday hours and services.

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