A Comparison of Audio Quality: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro vs Apple AirPods Max

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro is great for the professional working environment, while Airpods Max offer a more casual and enclosed sound experience.

Dt 770 Pro Vs Airpods Max

The Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro and Apple Airpods Max both offer high-quality sound for music, gaming or podcast listeners. They both have dynamic drivers, so they create powerful full-range sound. But which one is better suited to your needs? To help you decide, here is a comparison of the DT 770 Pro vs the Airpods Max.

The DT 770 Pro has a closed-back, circumaural design with an adjustable headband and velour earpads for superior comfort. Its frequency response ranges from 5Hz to 35kHz and it has a solid Impedance of 80 ohms that can be driven by most modern quality audio sources. Also, its large closed earcups provide excellent noise isolation even in noisier environments.

The Apple AirPods Max, on the other hand, offer an open-back supraaural design for superior comfort and breathability. It uses an adaptive H1 chip to optimize music playback and supports up to 24-bit audio resolution for immersive sound reproduction. It also offers active noise cancellation technology that helps eliminate background noise, letting you concentrate on the music or podcast you are listening to.

Overall, for those who prefer a more natural soundscape with great soundstage separation and minimal background noise disturbances yet still desire portability and comfort, the Airpod Max is the better option out of these two. However, if you want excellent isolation for studio purposes with extra sturdy construction then the Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro will deliver what you need in those situations as well.

Design Comparison – Comfort Level

The DT 770 Pro has a circumaural design with an adjustable headband and deep, well-padded ear cups. This makes it comfortable to wear for long periods of time, even during extended listening sessions. The Airpods Max have an on-ear design with soft, padded ear cups and an adjustable headband. They are also comfortable to wear for extended listening sessions but may cause some fatigue after long periods of use due to their on-ear design.

When it comes to durability, both the DT 770 Pro and the Airpods Max are built with high-quality materials that make them both very durable. The DT 770 Pro is constructed with a robust plastic body and metal components that ensure it can withstand day-to-day use without sacrificing sound quality. The Airpods Max have an all-metal construction that is designed to be lightweight yet durable enough for everyday use.

In terms of weight, the DT 770 Pro is slightly heavier than the Airpods Max at 274g compared to 254g. This makes the Airpods Max more suitable for those who need a lightweight headset for on-the-go listening sessions or long gaming sessions.

Sound Quality

When it comes to sound quality, both the DT 770 Pro and the Airpods Max offer excellent audio performance. The DT 770 Pro has powerful bass response due to its large 50mm drivers which also provide clear treble and mids for detailed sound reproduction across all frequencies. The Airpods Max also offers great audio performance thanks to its 40mm drivers which provide punchy bass and clear mids and highs for detailed sound reproduction across all frequencies.

The noise cancellation on both headsets is excellent, providing a distraction-free listening experience even in noisy environments like public transport or busy offices. The active noise cancellation on the Airpods Max is slightly better than that of the DT 770 Pro due to its advanced ANC technology which helps block out more external noise than traditional ANC systems.


In terms of connectivity, both headsets offer Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity as well as a 3.5mm wired connection option for those who prefer wired listening experiences over wireless ones. The range of both headsets is good but the Bluetooth range on the Airpods Max is slightly better at up to 9m compared to 8m on the DT 770 Pro which makes them more suitable for those who need a headset with longer range capabilities such as gamers or video streamers who need stable connections over long distances between their devices and their headset while streaming content online or playing games online with friends from far away locations .

Battery Life

When it comes to battery life, both headsets offer good battery life with up to 30 hours on the DT 770 Pro when using Bluetooth 4.1 technology and 20 hours when using wired connection mode which allows you to continue enjoying your music even if your battery runs out while youre away from home or your desk without losing any precious listening time you could have enjoyed otherwise if you had chosen another headset with shorter battery life . On the other hand ,the AirPods max offer up t 20 hours of battery life when using either Bluetooth 4 . 1 or wired connection mode , making them suitable for those who want their headphones last longer throughout their day . Both headphones also come equipped with fast charging features that enable users to get up two hours worth of playback time after just five minutes of charging .


In terms of portability , both headsets are travel friendly due their foldable designs which allow users easily fit them into smaller bags without taking too much space . They are also lightweight so they won’t weigh down your bag if you plan on taking them along while travelling . Additionally , both headphones come with carrying cases that make them easy store when not in use . In terms of total weight impact ,the DT770 pro weighs 274g while the airpod max weighs 254g making them easy enough carry around without feeling too heavy in your pocket or bag during extended periods usage .

Brand Reliability – Trustworthiness of Brand

When it comes to brand reliability, the DT 770 Pro and Airpods Max headphones have two very different reputations. The DT 770 Pro is a well-known brand among audio enthusiasts, offering reliable and high-quality sound. Additionally, the company has been around for decades, with a reputation for quality craftsmanship and customer service. They also offer a long warranty period of up to three years, so you can rest assured that your purchase is backed by a reliable and trustworthy company.

On the other hand, Airpods Max are a relatively new product from Apple and have not yet had time to establish themselves as a reliable brand in the audio industry. While they do offer good sound quality, their customer service has yet to be fully tested over time, so its hard to say whether they are as reliable or trustworthy as other brands. Furthermore, their warranty period is much shorter than that of the DT 770 Pro at only one year.

Price Comparison Retail Price Details

When it comes to price comparison of the DT 770 Pro and Airpods Max headphones, there is quite a significant difference between them. The DT 770 Pro headphones typically retail for around $150 USD while the Airpods Max cost upwards of $550 USD. This is quite a large difference in price and can be attributed to the difference in features offered by each pair of headphones.

Additionally, depending on where you live or shop from discounts may be available on either model which could help bring down costs further. For example, if you are shopping from an online retailer like Amazon you may be able to take advantage of special deals or discounts which could help reduce your overall cost.

Accessories and Availability Variety of Accessories Available

In terms of accessories and availability both models have quite different offerings when it comes to accessories. The DT 770 Pro come with several extra accessories such as an additional pair of ear pads as well as replacement parts for repairs if needed. Additionally, these headphones are widely available from many online retailers as well as physical stores across the world making them easily accessible no matter where you live or shop from.

The Airpods Max however come with fewer accessories than the DT 770 Pro such as only one additional pair of ear pads which means they may not be suitable for very long term use or if you require frequent replacements parts due to wear and tear on your current pair. Furthermore, availability may also be an issue since these headphones are only sold through Apple stores or online retailers like Amazon making them harder to find in certain areas depending on where you live or shop from.

User Ease Of Buying

In terms of user ease when buying either model both pairs offer good user experience when shopping for them online or in store due to their wide availability across different retailers worldwide for both models making them easy to find no matter where you live or shop from however there may be differences depending on country specific laws regarding warranties and return policies so make sure you read through each retailers terms before committing to purchase either pair of headphones.

Local Service Availability

When it comes local service availability both models have good support services available in most countries with physical stores carrying both models offering support services such as repairs if needed but again make sure you read through each retailers return policy before committing any purchase so that you are aware of any potential restrictions that might apply depending on country specific laws regarding warranties and return policies .

Customization Options Color Options Available

The customization options available between both models differ significantly with the DT 770 PRO offering several color options ranging from black , bronze , white , red & grey while AirPods max only offer white & black giving users less choice when choosing how they would like their headphones look . Furthermore , their companies website designs also differ significantly with Apple offering sleek minimalistic design while Sennheiser offers more traditional website design that more closely resembles its retail packaging . Finally , Sennheiser offers logo customization options giving users greater control over how their product looks when purchased while Apple does not offer this service at this time .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the difference in sound quality between the DT 770 Pro and Airpods Max?
A: The DT 770 Pro has a more detailed sound with more bass. It is also better at noise cancellation, whereas the Airpods Max has a more balanced sound.

Q: How do they compare in terms of design and comfort?
A: The DT 770 Pro has comfortable ear cups, and adjustable headband for maximum comfort. The Airpods Max offers an over-ear design with soft ear pads. They are both lightweight and durable.

Q: What kind of connectivity options do they offer?
A: The DT 770 Pro offers both a wired connection as well as Bluetooth connectivity. The Airpods Max is wireless, but does not offer a wired option. Both have long ranges for their respective connections.

Q: What are the battery life expectations for each device?
A: The DT 770 Pro can last up to 25 hours on a single charge, while the Airpods Max can last up to 20 hours on a single charge. Both devices have fast charging features available.

Q: How much do these devices cost and what discounts are available?
A: The DT 770 Pro retails for around $200 USD, while the Airpods Max retails for around $550 USD. Discounts and deals vary depending on country but can be found online through retailers or manufacturer websites.

The Sennheiser DT 770 Pro and the Apple Airpods Max are both excellent choices for audio listeners seeking high-quality sound. The DT 770 Pro is best suited for professional audio work, providing clear and detailed sound with a comfortable design. The Airpods Max offers a more portable option with its wireless design and active noise canceling capabilities. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on what type of sound experience you’re looking for.

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