The Dual Assist Feature in Fire Emblem: Three Houses Enhances Your Engagement

Dual Assist is a feature in Fire Emblem: Three Houses that allows two characters to attack a single enemy at once.

Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage

Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage is a strategic mobile role-playing game set in the universe of Fire Emblem. Players take control of a small army of heroic warriors and must build a strong kingdom and engage in heated battles against fierce enemies. In this game, the focus is on team strategy using the unique Dual Assist systema progressive party arrangement system that allows one to switch between two teams on demand. This system encourages players to carefully consider each individual characters strengths and weaknesses in order to create an optimal team composition for battles. By utilizing diverse weapon types, upgrading equipment, and enlisting powerful allies, players must prepare their troops to face difficult challenges and fearsome foes in order to win spectacularly engaging battles!

Introduction – What is Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage?

Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It is the eighth installment in the Fire Emblem series and was released on April 20, 2012 in Japan. The game follows the same basic gameplay mechanics of the previous games, but introduces a number of new features such as dual-weapon attacks and an expanded class system. Players take control of a party of characters, each with their own unique abilities, and battle their way through various maps to progress through the story.


The characters in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage are divided into three main categories: playable characters, non-playable characters (NPCs) and bosses. The game features a wide variety of playable characters, each with their own unique base stats and abilities. Players can customize their character’s stats and abilities to suit their playing style. Additionally, characters can be recruited from other countries to join the player’s army. NPCs serve as guides throughout the game as well as providing side quests for players to complete. Lastly, bosses are powerful enemies that must be defeated in order to progress through the story.

Combat System

Combat in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage revolves around grid-based movement and turn-based battles. Players move their units on a grid map and use weapon attacks or magic spells to defeat enemy units. Each unit has a certain amount of health points (HP) which is depleted when they are attacked by an enemy unit or when they use one of their special abilities. The goal of combat is to defeat all enemy units before they can defeat all your units or before you run out of time allotted for each battle.

Types of combat engaged in

In Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage there are two main types of combat: skirmishes and boss battles. Skirmishes involve fighting against regular enemy units while boss battles involve fighting against powerful enemies with unique attacks and abilities that must be defeated in order to progress through the story. Additionally, players can engage in duels with other players armies which allows them to test their skills against others online or locally via wireless connection.

Information on the Maps Used

The maps used for combat vary depending on which type of combat youre engaging in: skirmishes or boss battles. Skirmish maps have various obstacles such as walls or rivers that can be used strategically during battle to your advantage while boss maps have unique layouts that must be navigated carefully as certain paths may lead you straight into danger! Additionally, some maps will feature special events such as traps that will cause damage if triggered or hidden items that can give your party an advantage during battle if found first!

Storyline and Development

The storyline for Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage follows protagonist Chrom who inherits leadership over Ylisse from his father after his death at sea during a conflict with neighboring nation Plegia several years earlier. Chrom soon discovers his kingdom is threatened by mysterious forces known as Risen who seek to take control away from him while Ylisses allies rush to aid him in this time of crisis! As Chrom struggles against these forces he meets key allies who help him protect Ylisse from destruction while also uncovering secrets about his past!

Major Twists, Subplots and Important Events

Throughout Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage there are several major twists which add depth to both Chroms journey and Ylisses overall story arc including revelations about Chroms heritage which ties into larger plots involving allying nations Valm and Ferox; Marth returning from legend; Lucina being revealed as Chroms daughter; Grima awakening; Aversa being revealed as an agent for Gangrel; Walhart conquering Ferox; Emmeryn sacrificing herself for peace between Ylisse & Plegia; Robin being discovered as a descendant from Naga; Lon’qu & Cordelia having a child together; Say’ri dying protecting her home nation Valm & much more! All these twists combined create an incredibly engaging narrative which keeps players hooked until its conclusion!

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics featured within Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage revolve around its grid system which requires players to move each individual unit around a map depending on how many spaces they have left each turn before attacking nearby enemy units accordingly using either weapons or magic spells depending on what type they specialize in (e.g archers using bows). Damage rating computations also play an important role within this game wherein depending on whether its ranged attack or not different formulas are used when calculating damage done between attackers & defenders making it important for players to consider what type of unit they should use when attacking any given enemy target!


FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage?
A: Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It is the 15th installment in the Fire Emblem series, and the first one to be released for Nintendo Switch. The game features turn-based strategy battles and an epic story that follows the journey of a group of adventurers as they attempt to save their kingdom from destruction.

Q: What are the characters in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage?
A: The characters in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage include a variety of heroes, villains, and supporting characters such as Lucina, Chrom, Robin, Frederick, Lissa, Nowi, Tharja, Cordelia, Gaius, Henry and many more. Each character has their own unique set of skills and abilities which can be upgraded throughout the game.

Q: What type of combat is featured in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage?
A: Combat in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage takes place on a grid-based map. Players take turns moving their characters around the map to attack enemies or use special abilities. Damage ratings are calculated based on character stats and weapon type used.

Q: What are support bonuses in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage?
A: Support bonuses are special bonuses that can be acquired by forming relationships between two characters. Bonuses can range from stat increases to additional effects when attacking or defending with certain characters. Bonuses increase as relationships between characters strengthen over time through conversations or battle experience gained together.

Q: How does recruitment work in Dual Assist Fire Emblem Engage?
A: Recruitment works by talking to potential party members during battles or conversations with other NPCs around the kingdom. In order to recruit a character they must have positive feelings towards you and be willing to join your party’s cause. When recruiting new members dialogues will appear allowing you to get to know them better before making your decision whether or not they should join your adventure!

The dual assist feature in Fire Emblem Engage is an innovative way to provide players with an extra layer of strategy and complexity in the game. This feature allows players to have two units working together, enabling them to make their own decisions and optimize their strategies. The dual assist system also provides a unique approach to combat, as it allows for more unpredictable outcomes and greater player control. In conclusion, Fire Emblem Engage’s dual assist feature is an exciting and engaging way to enhance the tactical experience of the game.

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