Comparing Enlisted and Hell Let Loose: A Guide to Choosing the Best War Simulation Game

Enlisted is a squad-based shooter game, while Hell Let Loose is a realistic World War II tactical first-person shooter.

Enlisted Vs Hell Let Loose

Enlisted Vs Hell Let Loose is an exciting World War II era shooter video game that offers two contrasting styles of play. Enlisted offers a realistic yet accessible gameplay experience, allowing players to jump into intense battles on familiar ground from the WW2-era such as Stalingrad, and Omaha Beach. Players will take control of their side’s overall strategy, commanding their fellow soldiers and deploying vehicles to achieve objectives and secure victory.

Hell Let Loose, on the other hand, emphasizes tactical teamplay and realism. With stunning visuals set against an authentic recreation of 1940s Europe, teams of up to fifty players will fight across vast battlefields encompassing villages, farms and towns all capable of being destroyed or occupied by either side throughout the match. Incorporating real-time physics simulation with resource management and combined arms tactics, battles are sure to be tense and increasingly destructive affairs.

Enlisted Vs Hell Let Loose

Enlisted and Hell Let Loose are two games that share a lot of similarities as they both are World War II themed first-person shooter games. But they differ in some important aspects that make each of them unique. In this article, we will compare and contrast the two games in terms of their maps, weapons, multiplayer modes, and graphics and audio quality.


Enlisted is a World War II themed first-person shooter developed by Gaijin Entertainment. It allows players to experience the intensity of large-scale battles in various countries during World War II. The game features realistic combat scenarios and boasts an expansive arsenal of authentic weapons used during the war. Players can choose to join either the Axis or Allied forces and battle it out on the battlefields in single-player or online multiplayer mode.

Hell Let Loose is another World War II themed first-person shooter developed by Black Matter Games. It is set in 1944 Europe and allows players to experience the intensity of large-scale battles with up to 100 players on a map at once. The game features historically accurate vehicles, weapons, and environments from World War II as well as a unique resource system that rewards teams for capturing objectives on the battlefield. Players can choose between four classes – Rifleman, Medic, Support Gunner, or Scout – each with their own unique abilities that can be used to support their teams success on the battlefield.


Enlisted offers two main modes of gameplay – Single Player Campaign Mode and Online Multiplayer Mode. In Single Player Campaign Mode, players will be able to take part in historic battles from World War II such as Operation Barbarossa or Operation Overlord while earning rewards for completing objectives on each map. Online Multiplayer Mode allows players to team up with friends or join public matches against other players from around the world. Players can also customize their loadouts with different weapons, skins, attachments, perks, etc., which will give them an advantage over their opponents on the battlefield.

Hell Let Loose also offers two main modes of gameplay – Skirmish Mode and Operations Mode. In Skirmish Mode, teams compete against one another in quick 10v10 matches where maps are much smaller than those found in Operations Mode but still offer plenty of tactical opportunities for success on the battlefield. Operations Mode is a persistent mode where teams compete over larger maps with up to 100 players at once with various objectives spread throughout such as capturing strategic points or defending key locations from enemy forces. Players must work together strategically if they want to succeed in this mode as it requires more coordination than Skirmish Mode does due to its larger scale battles and more complex objectives systems

Differences in Maps and Weapons between Enlisted and Hell Let Loose

When it comes to maps available for play within Enlisted versus those available within Hell Let Loose there are some clear differences between them both when it comes to size and variety offered within each title respectively:

Enlisted offers 11 maps based upon real locations from World War II which range from small rural towns all the way up to large cityscapes although these maps do not represent any specific location historically but instead create fictional versions based upon what would have possibly been encountered during certain campaigns throughout WW2 such as Stalingrad or Normandy Beach landings etc..

The number of maps available within Hell Let Loose however far exceeds its counterpart offering 23 different locations ranging from urban cities like Berlin all the way through rural French villages along with other iconic locations like The Ardennes Forest which was famously encountered during The Battle Of The Bulge etc

In terms of weapons available Enlisted again follows a similar pattern offering around 40 different types ranging from military issue rifles all way through machine guns & grenade launchers however again these are fictional versions not based upon any specific model rather created specifically for use within this title only whilst Hell Let Loose far surpasses its rival boasting over 80 authentic models closely replicating those used during WW2 providing much greater variety for those wanting more accurate representations when playing this game such as M1 Garands & Sten Guns etc.

Multiplayer Modes in Enlisted vs Hell Let Loose

Both titles offer multiple types of multiplayer options although again there are differences between them both:
Enlisted offers 8 different types including classics such as Deathmatch & Capture The Flag along with less common variants such as Tank Battle & Sniper Duel whilst Hell Lets loose offers 11 different types ranging from classic Deathmatch & Domination right through more objective focused variants like Last Man Standing & Frontline Assault where teams must advance across multiple sectors before capturing an enemy HQ etc

Graphic And Audio Quality Comparison For Enlisted Vs Hell Let Loose

When it comes down comparing graphical fidelity between both titles there is no clear winner here as both provide excellent visuals however there are still some subtle differences worth noting: Enlisteds visuals tend towards being slightly brighter than its counterpart creating an overall lighter atmosphere which works well when playing on rural levels whereas Hell Lets loose tends towards darker more gritty visuals much better suited when playing urban levels or engaging night missions etc

In terms of Audio quality again neither title stands out clearly above one another however there are still some notable differences worth mentioning: Enlisteds sound effects tend towards being slightly more exaggerated making gunfire sound louder than normal whilst simultaneously making explosions feel bigger than life whereas Hell Lets looses sound effects tend towards being more realistic making gunfire feel more natural whilst explosions feel far less intense overall

Character Customization Options for Enlisted and Hell Let Loose

When it comes to customizing the characters in both Enlisted and Hell Let Loose, players have a variety of options to choose from. In Enlisted, players can customize their characters with various accessories such as helmets, hats, glasses and more. Furthermore, players can change the appearance of their characters to make them look unique by changing hairstyles and facial features. This offers a great degree of replayability value as players can create different looks for their characters each time they start a new game.

In Hell Let Loose, there are even more customization options available. Players can choose from an array of clothing items such as uniforms and boots that will give their character a distinct look. Additionally, they can select from various weapons and equipment that will allow them to customize the combat load out of their character. This provides a great level of replayability value as players can try out different loadouts each time they start a new game.

Role of AI Character for Assistance in Both Games

In both Enlisted and Hell Let Loose, AI characters are available to provide assistance to the player in the form of combat support or objective-based tasks. In Enlisted, AI-controlled allies are available at various levels which range from basic infantrymen to advanced special forces operatives depending on the mission requirements. On the other hand, in Hell Let Loose AI-controlled squadmates are available throughout the game and provide assistance with both combat support and objective-based tasks such as capturing flags or destroying enemy structures.

The skillset requirements for AI-controlled allies differ between both games; in Enlisted they require very basic skills such as shooting accuracy while in Hell Let loose they require more advanced skills such as strategic thinking and tactical awareness. This means that AI-controlled allies are able to provide more effective assistance in Hell Let Loose compared to Enlisted due to their increased capabilities.

Replayability Value for Enlisted Vs. Hell Let Loose

When it comes to replayability value, both games offer different experiences depending on what type of player you are looking for. For instance, Enlisted offers a high degree of replayability due its ability to introduce new elements into each mission; this includes new objectives, weapons or enemy encounters which will keep players coming back for more every time they play through the game again. On the other hand, with Hell Let Loose being an online multiplayer shooter it offers an entirely different experience each time you play; with its ever changing maps and game modes there is always something new around every corner which increases its replayability value significantly compared to that of Enlisteds single player campaign mode.

Availability & Pricing Structure for Enlisted Vs. Hell Let Loose

Both games offer competitive pricing structures when it comes to purchasing them digitally; however there is some variation between them depending on which platform you purchase them on. For instance buying either game digitally on PC will cost around $30 USD while if you purchase either game digitally through console platforms such as Xbox One or PlayStation 4 then you may be able pay slightly less than that depending on any current promotions running at the time that you buy them. Furthermore physical copies of both games are also available although prices may vary depending on your location but generally these versions tend be slightly more expensive than digital copies on average by about $10 USD per copy .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Enlisted?
A: Enlisted is a World War II-themed game from Darkflow Software and Gaijin Entertainment. It is a massively multiplayer online tactical shooter game that allows players to take part in battles of the mid-20th century, from the Eastern Front of World War II to the Vietnam War.

Q: What kind of weapons are available in Enlisted?
A: Players can choose from a variety of weapons, ranging from rifles, machine guns, and grenade launchers to flamethrowers and anti-tank guns. Players can also customize their weapons with a variety of attachments, including optics and silencers.

Q: What is Hell Let Loose?
A: Hell Let Loose is a first-person shooter video game developed by Black Matter and published by Team17 Digital Ltd. It features realistic World War II combat across multiple maps and game modes. Players choose one of nine classes and join one of two sides in this intense battle for control of strategic points around the map.

Q: How many maps are available in Hell Let Loose?
A: Hell Let Loose currently features six maps based on real locations during World War II. These include Normandy Beach, Foy – Bastogne, Vaux – Carentan, Hill 400 – Hurtgen Forest, Hurtgen Forest – Operation Queen, and Remagen Bridgehead – Rhine Crossing.

Q: What kind of multiplayer modes are available in both games?
A: In Enlisted there are three main multiplayer modes; Squad vs Squad (PvP), PvE Co-op (player vs AI), and Operations (large scale battles). In Hell Let Loose there are four main multiplayer modes; Strategic Offensive (PvP), Strategic Defensive (PvP), Skirmish (PvE) and Grand Operations (large scale battles).

The main difference between Enlisted and Hell Let Loose is the level of realism. Enlisted offers more of an arcade-style experience with faster-paced, less realistic gameplay, while Hell Let Loose offers a more realistic, tactical approach to its World War II battles. Both games offer their own unique take on the war and provide an immersive gaming experience for players who are looking to relive some of the most significant battles of WWII. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference as to which game provides the best experience.

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