Eric Hites’ Inspiring ‘My 600 Pound Life’ Journey – A Story of Transformation

Eric Hites is a reality television personality and motivational speaker known best for his appearances on the television series ‘My 600-Pound Life.’

Eric Hites My 600 Pound Life

Eric Hites’ story as seen on the popular reality television show, My 600 Pound Life, is an incredible in-depth look into his journey to lose weight. With a starting weight of 600 pounds, Eric hoped to shed enough pounds to become healthier and live a more fulfilling life. However, losing the extraordinarily large amount of weight was no easy feat for Eric and took a long time of self-motivation and physical effort. In this gripping series, viewers get an inside look at Eric’s extreme dedication in tackling his daunting goal.

The riveting account of Eric’s journey begins with his struggle to perform daily activities due to ostracizing health problems that come with being morbidly obese. His episodes also show startling images of how much food he ate in order to sustain himself at such a high weight. Daily routines like cooking meals from scratch and physical activities such as walking become challenging obstacles for him to overcome in order to make progress with his weight loss plan. As comical interactions with friends also appear throughout the series, the gravity of his plight quickly becomes clear and provides both tragedy and hope for viewers.

As this raw and honest documentary continues, it details not only the physical aspect of losing so much weight; it also explores these arduous emotional trials that accompany it. Eric’s past demons are slowly revealed along with intense feelings about himself that made conquering them all the more difficult at times. After five long years of steady work, tremendous effort, and guidance from Dr. Nowzaradan – notorious bariatric surgeon -Eric managed to reach a ground-breaking 420 pounds by altering his lifestyle habits forever! Ultimately the heart wrenching success story provides insight into how discipline, perseverance, and ability to work through distress are main factors of transformation during difficult journeys like Erics!

Early Life

Eric Hites was born in 1979 and grew up in Indiana. He had always been overweight, but it wasn’t until his late twenties that he started to gain a significant amount of weight. By the time he was 36, Eric had reached an alarming 600 pounds. His weight gain had caused him to become bedridden and severely isolated from his friends and family. He was unable to work or do any of the activities that he used to enjoy.

Career & Struggles

Eric had struggled with his weight for years and tried many different diets and exercise programs, but none of them were successful in helping him lose the weight he needed. By 2014, Eric was desperate for a solution and that’s when he discovered the show My 600 Pound Life on the Discovery Channel. He watched as other people managed to turn their lives around by undergoing extensive weight loss treatments, and decided that this could be his chance to get his life back on track too.

Weight Loss Journey on My 600 Pound Life

Eric applied to be on the show and was accepted after showing a great deal of determination and commitment to losing weight despite all of the challenges he faced. Once accepted onto My 600 Pound Life, Eric embarked on an intense journey which included regular check-ins with Dr. Nowzaraden, who monitored his progress throughout the entire process. Before even starting on the show, Eric had already developed a detailed daily diet tracking plan which helped him stay on track with his goal of shedding the excess pounds.

Difficulties Faced by Eric Hites

Despite having a plan in place, it wasn’t easy for Eric to stick to it due to difficulties such as being bedridden for years or extreme social isolation caused by his condition. But with Dr Nowzaraden’s help and support as well as sheer determination from Eric himself, he managed to overcome these obstacles one step at a time until eventually reaching his goal weight in late 2017 – an impressive 400 pounds!

Weight Loss Treatment Program Undertaken by Eric

During this journey, Eric followed a strict food/exercise regime while also receiving psychological support from Dr Nowzaraden which helped motivate him when things got tough or discouraging. This program involved eliminating unhealthy foods from his diet such as fast food, sugary drinks/sweets/desserts etc., while replacing them with healthier alternatives like fruits/vegetables/lean proteins etc., as well as increasing physical activity through light exercises like walking or swimming.

Health Benefits Experienced by Eric Hites after Weight Loss

The hard work paid off for Eric in more ways than one – not only did he manage to get rid of most of the excess fat but also experienced great health benefits such as improved blood pressure levels, cholesterol levels and overall heart health after shedding those extra pounds! On top of that, he also finally regained mobility & independence; something he hadn’t experienced in years due to being bedridden for so long before starting this life-changing journey!

Positive Development in Relationships & Social Life after Weight Loss

Weight loss can often lead to improved relationships and social life. After losing weight, many people report feeling more confident, energetic, and willing to take part in activities with their family and friends. They can also enjoy the simple pleasures of life such as camping, painting, or other outdoor activities that they may not have been able to do before.

For Eric Hites, his weight loss journey was much more than just physical transformation. After losing over 600 pounds, he was able to open up to the world and be part of a community once again. He was able to spend quality time with his family and they even went on vacation together for the first time in years. This experience gave him a newfound appreciation for life and the importance of spending time with loved ones.

Eric Hites’ Message for Obese People through His Story & Success Story

Eric Hites story is an inspiration for anyone who is struggling with their weight or facing any kind of challenge in life. His message is simple yet powerful: never give up despite difficulties appearing on the way. Eric went through a long journey of physical transformation but he never gave up despite all the obstacles he faced along the way. He is proof that anything can be achieved if you set your mind to it and have dedication towards your goals during tough times.

His story also emphasizes the importance of taking care of your mental health when it comes to weight loss journey which often gets neglected in our society. He struggled with depression and anxiety issues but with proper support from his family and friends, he was able to come out on top and achieve his goals. By sharing his story publicly, Eric has been able to reach out to those who are struggling just like him and offer them hope that anything is possible if you put your mind into it.

Eric’s Update after My 600 Pound Life Episode

Since appearing on My 600 Pound Life show, Eric Hites has experienced great success in his life which includes reaching a healthy weight (~300 pounds) and joining a firehouse as a volunteer firefighter! He has since gone on several TV appearances making sure that everyone knows about his inspiring story so he can help those who are struggling like him find hope in difficult times. His message is clear – anything is possible if you put your effort into it!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Eric Hites’ background?
A: Eric Hites is a former obese individual who weighed 605 pounds at his peak. He was born in the United States and had a difficult childhood due to his parents’ divorce and his father’s subsequent death. Throughout his life, he struggled with weight issues, social isolation, and depression.

Q: What inspired Eric Hites to lose weight?
A: After years of being bedridden and isolated, Eric discovered the hit television show My 600 Pound Life on the Discovery Channel. This show inspired him to take control of his health and to begin his weight loss journey. He decided to seek help from the show’s doctor, Dr. Nowzaradan, in order to develop a diet plan and exercise routine that would help him shed the excess pounds.

Q: What hardships did Eric experience during his weight loss journey?
A: Despite making progress with Dr. Nowzaradan’s program, Eric faced numerous obstacles along the way. These included extreme physical pain due to carrying around an extra 300 pounds of body-weight; frequent social isolation due to being bedridden; and extreme emotional strain from having to adjust to a whole new lifestyle in order to get healthy again.

Q: What health benefits has Eric experienced since losing weight?
A: Thanks to his hard work and dedication, Eric has seen numerous health benefits since shedding most of his excess weight. These include improved blood pressure levels, lower cholesterol levels, improved heart health, increased mobility and independence, as well as feeling more energetic and confident in himself.

Q: What message does Eric hope other obese individuals can take away from his story?
A: Through sharing his story on national television, Eric hopes that others in similar situations will find encouragement and strength in their own journeys towards leading healthier lives. He emphasizes the importance of dedication even when times get tough; never giving up despite difficulties along the way; and focusing on the simple pleasures of life that can be enjoyed when one is healthy enough to do so.

Eric Hites’ story is an inspiring one that serves as a reminder that no matter what your circumstances are, there is always hope. Eric was able to make tremendous strides towards achieving his goal of losing 600 pounds through dedication, hard work, and the help of a supportive doctor. His story shows that with a positive attitude and the right resources, it is possible to make incredible changes in your life.

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