A Comparison of the Fender Champion 40 and 50XL: Which is the Best Choice for You?

The Fender Champion 40 has less power than the Fender Champion 50Xl.

Fender Champion 40 Vs 50Xl

When looking at the differences between the Fender Champion 40 and 50XL amplifiers, two key aspects stand out – sound and power. The Champion 40 is a 40-watt, 1 x 12 combo amp, featuring two channels (clean and overdrive). It comes with a range of built-in effects, from reverb to delay. This amp has a fuller-sounding tone with some overdrive capabilities that are perfect for blues and rock. On the other hand, the 50XL is a 50-watt amplifier, also with two channels (clean/Overdrive) plus its own share of effects. It has the same range of features as its predecessor but with more power that adds punch and clarity to your sound. Ultimately, these amplifiers offer different levels of sound control but which works best depends on your individual playing style and preferences.

Fender Champion 40 Vs 50XL

The Fender Champion 40 and the Fender Champion 50XL are two of the most popular guitar amplifiers on the market today. Both have their own unique features and sound qualities that make them ideal for different types of playing. In order to help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve created this comparison of the Fender Champion 40 vs 50XL.


The sound quality of both amplifiers is excellent, but they each have their own unique character. The Fender Champion 40 has a warm, full-bodied tone that is perfect for blues and rock. It also has plenty of headroom and plenty of volume, making it great for live performances. The Fender Champion 50XL has a brighter, more modern sound that is perfect for metal and more aggressive styles of music. It also offers great clarity and definition in the highs and lows, making it ideal for recording studios as well.

Output Power

The power output difference between these two amplifiers is quite significant. The Fender Champion 40 has a maximum output power of 40 watts while the Fender Champion 50XL has a maximum power output of 50 watts. This extra 10 watts can make a huge difference in terms of volume and headroom when performing live or recording in a studio setting. Additionally, the Fender Champion 50XLs higher wattage also helps it to handle heat components better than its predecessor does, meaning it can keep up with your playing even during long sessions without overheating.

Controls & User Interface

When it comes to user friendly features, both amplifiers are very good but they each have their own advantages. The Fender Champion 40 offers 4 channels with three-band EQs on each channel so you can tailor your sound to match any style or genre. The Fender Champion 50XL also offers 4 channels with 3-band EQs on each channel but it also includes an additional master volume knob which gives you more control over your overall sound level when performing live or recording in studios. Additionally, both amplifiers have easy to use instrument knobs and buttons which make them very user friendly even if youre new to playing electric guitar or using an amplifier in general.

Tone Quality & Versatility

The Fender Champion 40 and the 50XL both feature two channels clean and drive that can be used to create a range of tones. The Champion 40 has two 12-inch speakers, compared to the 50XLs single 12-inch speaker. This difference in speaker size results in a more limited frequency range for the Champion 40, providing an overall brighter tone than the 50XL. The 50XL also has a 3-band EQ, allowing for further tone customization.

The Champion 40 features two footswitchable voicings bright and warm, while the 50XL features four voicings vintage, tweed, crunch and super crunch. These voicings offer more tonal variety than the Champion 40s two voicings. Additionally, both amps feature an FX loop which can be used to integrate external effects pedals into your signal chain for an even wider range of tones and sounds.

Weight & Portability Factor

When it comes to portability, both amps are relatively lightweight and easy to transport. The Fender Champion 40 weighs approximately 24 lbs (11 kg), while the 50XL weighs approximately 30 lbs (13.6 kg). As such, the 50XL is slightly heavier than the Champion 40 but is still light enough for easy transport from gig to gig.

Device Connectivity Options

Both amps feature a standard 1/4-inch instrument input as well as an auxiliary input for connecting additional devices such as smartphones or tablets. Additionally, they both have headphone outputs for silent practice sessions or recording directly into a DAW without disturbing others around you. However, only the Fender Champion 40 has an XLR output for direct connection to a PA system or professional recording setup. Additionally, there is no USB connectivity option on either amp; however adapters are available which allow you to connect your device via USB or Bluetooth for audio streaming purposes.

Pricing & Cost Considerations

The Fender Champion 40 retails at around $200 USD while the Fender 50XL retails at around $300 USD; making it slightly more expensive than its counterpart. This price difference is due largely to its increased power output and additional features such as its 3-band EQ and 4 voicings compared with 2 on the Champion 40 respectively. Other cost considerations include maintenance costs such as replacement tubes or speakers if they ever need replacing over time due to general wear and tear from use over time; however with proper care both amps should last many years without any issues arising.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the difference between the Fender Champion 40 and 50XL?
A: The Fender Champion 40 is a 40 watt amplifier with one 8-inch special design speaker, two channels (clean and drive), an aux input, an effects loop and headphone jack. The Fender Champion 50XL is a 50 watt amplifier with two 10-inch speakers, four channels (clean, crunch, drive and more drive), an auxiliary input, effects loop, headphone jack and a 4-button footswitch.

Q: How does the sound quality compare between the two models?
A: Both models offer excellent sound quality. The Fender Champion 40 is great for blues and rock tones while providing clear clean tones. The Fender Champion 50XL has improved sound clarity due to its bigger speakers and additional channels providing more options for various genres of music.

Q: What is the output power difference between the two models?
A: The Fender Champion 40 has an output power of 40 watts while the Fender Champion 50XL has an output power of 50 watts. This difference in power will affect how loud each amp can get and their performance on heat components.

Q: What are their Tone Quality & Versatility?
A: Both amplifiers have great tone quality and versatility. The Fender Champion 40 can give you classic blues and rock tones as well as great clean tones while the Fender Champion 50XL offers more versatility due to its extra channels which can provide more range in frequency and tone options.
Q: What about their weight & portability factor?
A: Both models are relatively lightweight making them easy to transport from place to place. However, due to its bigger size, the Fender Champion 50XL is slightly less portable than its smaller counterpart, the Fender Champion 40.

The Fender Champion 40 and 50XL are both high-quality guitar amplifiers with a range of great features. The Champion 40 is ideal for those looking for a smaller amp with plenty of power, while the 50XL is best suited to those who need more power and depth. Both amps provide excellent sound quality and are well suited for any type of music. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on your individual needs and preferences.

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