Unlock the Power of Dual Assist in Fire Emblem Engage: Enhance Your Strategy!

Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is a free-to-play mobile tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo.

Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist

Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is a tactical role-playing game from developers Nintendo and Intelligent Systems. Playing as a tactician, you’ll lead a team of heroes on an epic quest across battlefields, forests, and dungeons. The team must defeat powerful enemies to protect Europe from the impending forces of darkness.

The unique dual-assist mechanic allows for strategic decision making during battle. You can choose two heroes to pair up at once and special fighting moves like Dual Strikes or Rescue combos can be triggered when one hero assists the other in battle. To make your team even stronger, you can upgrade powers with features like Movement SPD+, Skill Damage+, and Defense UP+. By balancing hero stats, you can find the perfect balance of damage output, defense, and mobility.

In Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist, careful strategy will be rewarded with victory in intense turn-based combat scenarios. With increasing complexity as battles progress, players are challenged to think through their strategies with skill and ingenuity – creating an engaging experience for gamers of all levels.


Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is an action RPG developed by Intelligent Systems and released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It is part of the long-running Fire Emblem series and features a combination of strategic turn-based combat, character customization, and a deep story. The game’s core mechanics revolve around using units composed of both humans and dragons to battle on various maps. Each unit has a unique set of abilities that can be used to gain an edge in battle. In-depth strategies are essential to victory, as each unit is able to equip weapons and items that can drastically change their playstyle.


The cast of characters in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist consists of both heroes and antagonists with distinct personalities and abilities. Players can recruit these characters to their side by completing certain objectives or by purchasing them from merchants. Heroes have varied personalities and motivations, ranging from brave warriors to cunning strategists, while antagonists serve as formidable opponents who must be defeated in order to progress the story. Each character also has access to powerful weapons, items, and abilities that can be used in battle to gain an advantage over enemies.


Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist tells the story of a kingdom called Grastaria that is threatened by an evil force known as the Order of Dragons. The main protagonist, a young swordsman named Lucina, sets out on a quest to save her kingdom from destruction. As Lucina travels across Grastaria she meets many allies who join her cause while uncovering the secrets behind the Order’s sinister plans. The game features an introduction that serves as an overview of the world and its inhabitants before leading into the main plot developments and plot twists which are spread out throughout the game’s lengthy storyline.

Battle System

The battle system in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is divided into two parts: Turn Based Combat and Action Based Combat. In Turn Based Combat, players are able to move their units around on various maps in order to gain advantageous positions against enemies before engaging in battle with them. Different terrain types such as forests, mountains, deserts or swamps will affect how battles play out depending on where they occur on the map. Meanwhile in Action Based Combat players use their units abilities against enemies in real time using timed button presses or quick reflexes for more advanced attacks like counterattacks or special moves which require precise timing for maximum effectiveness.


The music soundtrack for Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist features new compositions from popular video game composers like Yuka Tsujiyoko along with remixes of classic themes from previous games in the series such as Fire Emblem: Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest/Birthright.. The soundtrack includes opening & ending songs along with numerous other tracks which add atmosphere during battles or during cutscenes when advancing through key parts of the storymode campaign or when playing skirmishes against CPU opponents or friends online via Nintendo Switch Online Matchmaking services.


Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is a strategy game with a variety of achievements that players can unlock. These achievements range from scripted events that occur in the game to side quests and even difference runs. Scripted events are pre-determined set of events which occur as a player progresses through the game. These scripted events often include character interactions, boss fights, and other story elements which allow for the player to gain additional rewards for completing them. Side quests are optional activities in the game which can be completed for various rewards depending on their difficulty level. Difference runs are also optional activities in which players can complete specific tasks and objectives while playing on different difficulty levels to gain additional rewards.

Voice Acting

The voice acting in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is top notch, featuring some of Japan’s best Seiyuus list and performance analysis. The voice clips/expressions categories provide players with a wealth of audio content to experience as they play through the game’s many scenes. Players will get to hear the characters’ various expressions and emotions as their stories unfold. Additionally, some of the Seiyuus featured in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist have lent their voices to characters in other Fire Emblem titles, allowing fans to enjoy hearing their favorite characters again.

Development Team

The development team behind Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is comprised of some incredibly talented individuals who have worked hard to bring this masterpiece to life. The development process for this title was one that was highly collaborative and allowed for a great deal of creative freedom among its members. Through interviews with some of the developers, it is clear that this was an exciting project for them to be part of and each team member had something unique to bring to it that helped make it what it is today. Furthermore, promotion quotes from members of this team reveal how much passion each one had when working on this project.

Community Connectivity

Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist also offers players plenty of opportunities to stay connected with other fans through social platforms such as Twitter, YouTube and Twitch streams, Discord channels, and more. Players can join these communities for discussions about their favorite characters or strategies they use when playing through certain levels or missions. Additionally, motivation posts from developers often appear in these platforms where they offer advice or tips about how best to approach certain tasks in the game or share stories from behind-the-scenes during development cycles. This community connectivity allows fans from around the world to come together and share their love for Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist while helping each other out along the way!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What type of game is Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist?
A: Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist is a tactical role-playing game developed by Intelligent Systems and published by Nintendo. It features turn-based strategy and action-based combat mechanics in a 3D environment.

Q: What characters can I play as in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist?
A: Players can choose from a variety of heroes and antagonists with unique personalities and abilities. Each character has their own set of skills, weapons, and abilities that can be used to defeat enemies on the battlefield.

Q: How does the battle system work in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist?
A: The battle system in the game is based on a turn-based system where players must move their characters around battlefields with various terrain types such as forests, deserts, and mountains. Characters have access to a variety of weapons and abilities which can be used to defeat enemies.

Q: Does Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist feature voice acting?
A: Yes, the game features voice acting from Japanese seiyuus which can be heard during cutscenes or during battles when characters perform certain actions. Players can also listen to the soundtrack albums or opening/ending songs for the game.

Q: What achievements are available in Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist?
A: Players can unlock various achievements through scripted events, side quests, or different runs that are available throughout the game. There are also unlockables that players can find as they progress through the storyline. Additionally, there are social platforms such as Discord channels where players can interact with each other and share their experiences playing the game.

The Fire Emblem Engage Dual Assist feature is an incredibly useful tool for players of the Fire Emblem series. It allows players to use two characters to simultaneously attack or aid in battle, making it easier to defeat enemies or protect allies. With the Dual Assist feature, players can now customize their strategies and get the most out of their characters. This feature is a great addition to the Fire Emblem series and adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to the game.

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