Remembering the NFL’s Forgotten Players of the 2010s: A Look Back at the Decade

Many great NFL players who had impressive careers in the 2010s and beyond have been forgotten due to the passing of time and new stars emerging.

Forgotten Nfl Players Of The 2010S

The 2010s saw the careers of many standout NFL players, but unfortunately, there are also many forgotten NFL players from the decade. These players left an on-field mark that will live on even after their names are long forgotten. Many of these players were overlooked at the time and are now lost in the annals of NFL history. From overlooked stars to utility backups, their career accomplishments will all be remembered with fondness when looking back at this remarkable decade for American Football. Although talented, some of these forgotten NFL Players of the 2010s were hindered by poor scouting or fit/ability incompatibility and never truly achieved the football success they may have had. While 2020 brings a new decade for football, lets take a look back at some forgotten heroes of the NFL during this last decade, featuring stars who never got their due but helped shape football teams all over America in ways they may never know.

Forgotten NFL Players of the 2010s

Taylor Mays and Colt McCoy (2010)

Taylor Mays and Colt McCoy were two of the most promising players in the NFL in 2010. Mays was a safety out of USC who was drafted by the San Francisco 49ers with the 49th overall pick. He had impressive physical attributes, which made him an attractive prospect for teams looking to bolster their defense. However, Mays failed to live up to expectations in his time with San Francisco and would eventually be traded to the Cincinnati Bengals before being released in 2012.

Colt McCoy was drafted by the Cleveland Browns in 2010, after a successful college career at Texas. He was expected to be a franchise quarterback for Cleveland, but ultimately fell short due to injuries and inconsistent play. After spending four years with the Browns, he was traded to San Francisco in 2014 before signing with Washington in 2015, where he remains today.

Darrell Scott and Richie Incognito (2011)

Darrell Scott was an undrafted running back out of South Florida that signed with the Denver Broncos after going undrafted in 2011. He was expected to have an impact on Denver’s backfield but only played sparingly over his two year stint with the team before eventually being cut after training camp in 2013.

Richie Incognito had already established himself as one of the league’s best guards prior to 2011, but his reputation took a hit when he became embroiled in a bullying scandal with former Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin in 2013. The incident led to Incognito’s eventual release from Miami and suspension from football for eight months. He would later sign with Buffalo Bills after serving his suspension and remains there today as one of their starting guards.

Da’Quan Bowers and Jason Pinkston (2012)

Da’Quan Bowers was drafted by Tampa Bay Buccaneers 51st overall pick out of Clemson in 2012 after an impressive collegiate career at Clemson University that saw him accumulate 26 sacks over three seasons as a defensive end. His rookie season saw some promise but he failed to live up to expectations due to chronic knee issues that would eventually lead him out of Tampa Bay by 2014 before bouncing around different teams before retiring from football altogether at 26 years old.

Jason Pinkston came into the league as an offensive lineman for Cleveland Browns after being selected in the 5th round of 2012 draft out of Pittsburgh University. He started off strong for Cleveland but succumbed to injuries that would eventually force him into early retirement at age 27 while still playing for Cleveland after they declined their option on his contract following 2015 season due to health concerns stemming from his previous injuries..

Alfred Morris and Brian Quick (2013)

Alfred Morris entered the league as an undrafted free agent running back out of Florida Atlantic University when he signed with Washington Redskins following 2013 draft . Despite not being highly touted coming into NFL, Morris quickly emerged as one of Washington’s top offensive threats over his four-year stint there that saw him accumulate 4,713 rushing yards during regular season while only missing three games during four year period . Following 2016 season , Morris left Washington and has since bounced around different teams including Dallas Cowboys , San Francisco 49ers , Arizona Cardinals , Detroit Lions , Chicago Bears , all teams which he either signed or got waived from without ever making any significant impact .

Brian Quick is another player who has been forgotten since entering league as second-round draft pick by St Louis Rams out of Appalachian State University . Quick started off strong during first two seasons with Rams mainly due rams lack depth at wide receiver position . During those two seasons Quick managed put together 1,844 receiving yards while only missing five games over two years period . However , following those two successful seasons Quick suffered serious shoulder injury during 2015 preseason which kept him sidelined entire year leading eventual release by Rams following 2017 preseason . Since then Quick has been bouncing between different teams including Washington Redskins , Carolina Panthers , Arizona Cardinals without making any significant impact on field .

Thomas Rawls and Kellen Moore (2014)

Thomas Rawls came into NFL as undrafted free agent signing with Seattle Seahawks following 2014 draft . Despite not being highly touted coming into league Rawls managed put together impressive rookie season where he rushed for 830 yards while averaging 4 yards per carry while missing only three games all year long . Unfortunately Rawls couldnt repeat same performance following injury plagued sophomore season which saw him miss entire 2016 season due leg injury this ultimately led Seahawks declining their option on him following 2017 preseason leading Rawls becoming free agent again signing firstly Raiders then Jets both times without ever having any significant impact either teams offensive production .

Kellen Moore is another player who has been forgotten since entering league as undrafted free agent signing Dallas Cowboys following 2014 draft . Moore spent most time behind Tony Romo during first three years Dallas although he did manage start five games during those three years completing 59% passes average 6 yards per attempt while throwing 11 touchdowns 9 interceptions over those starts despite this success Moore never really got chance prove himself further despite Romo getting injured multiple times throughout four year period eventually leading eventual release Cowboys prior 2017 season which ultimately led him retiring football altogether shortly afterwards age 28 .

Forgotten NFL Players Of The 2010s

Clive Walford (2015)

Clive Walford is a former American football tight end who played in the National Football League (NFL). He was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the third round of the 2015 NFL Draft. He played college football at Miami.

Walford was considered one of the best tight ends in his draft class and made an immediate impact as a rookie with the Raiders, catching 28 passes for 329 yards and three touchdowns. He followed that up with 33 receptions for 359 yards and three touchdowns in 2016.

Unfortunately, Walford’s career ran into a roadblock after the 2017 season when he suffered a serious knee injury during training camp that sidelined him for most of the year. After being released by Oakland prior to the 2018 season, Walford signed with the New York Jets, but failed to make an impact before ultimately being released again at midseason. He hasn’t been on an NFL team since then and his career has largely been forgotten.

Sharrif Floyd (2015)

Sharrif Floyd was one of the most promising defensive players in his draft class when he was selected by the Minnesota Vikings with the 23rd overall pick in 2013 NFL Draft. A defensive tackle from Florida, Floyd starred at Florida and had a great rookie season in 2013 with 4 sacks and 31 tackles before suffering a knee injury that limited his production over the next two seasons.

Floyd rebounded nicely in 2016, recording a career-high 5 sacks and 38 tackles while playing all 16 games for Minnesota. However, he suffered another setback prior to 2017 when it came to light that he had been dealing with nerve damage from complications arising from offseason knee surgery. This led to Floyd missing all but one game during 2017 before eventually being placed on injured reserve due to persistent nerve pain.

Floyd never returned to football after this injury and he’s now out of sight out of mind when it comes to people talking about great defensive linemen from this decade.

Garry Gilliam (2016)

Garry Gilliam is another player who had some success early on in his career before fading into obscurity later on due to injuries and other issues. A former undrafted free agent out of Penn State, Gilliam emerged as a starter for Seattle’s offensive line during their Super Bowl run in 2014 and held down that position until 2016 when injuries started taking their toll on him physically.
The 2016 season proved to be particularly difficult for Gilliam as he struggled with numerous injuries throughout the year while also dealing with personal issues off the field that resulted in him missing multiple games due to suspensions handed down by Seattle management. The Seahawks eventually released him following that season amidst reports of off-field issues continuing to plague him, and he hasn’t played since then despite signing contracts with both San Francisco and Arizona since then.

Max Tuerk (2016)

Max Tuerk is another player whose career was derailed by injuries following an impressive start early on his career at USC where he earned first-team All-Pac 12 honors twice while playing guard/center for them between 2012-2015 seasons . He was selected by San Diego Chargers in third round of 2016 NFL Draft but never lived up expectations due knee injury which forced him miss whole rookie season . Despite returning action following year , he failed make impactful performances which led Chargers cut him 2018 prior regular season . Unfortunately , Tuerk didnt get chance show what capable doing field due persistent injuries which ended up severely curbing potential .

Buck Allen (2017)

Buck Allen is another running back who burst onto scene as surprise rookie back 2015 Baltimore Ravens . After being drafted late fourth round , Allen went string impressive performances over first few seasons backfield Baltimore , including rushing 1 067 yards combined 2015 -16 seasons . The 2017 campaign seemed like could be breakout year after Ravens traded away Justin Forsett , leaving door open starting job running back position Allen . Unfortunately , things didnt turn out way as Allen failed secure starting job veteran Terrance West , leading Baltimore release midway through 2017 campaign . Since then , Allen hasnt found much success any team has bounced around league since then without making much noise along way .

Sammy Watkins (2017)

Sammy Watkins is wide receiver who entered league plenty hype 2014 draft after starring Clemson University two years prior drafting fourth overall Buffalo Bills . After few productive first couple years Buffalo including 1 028 receiving yards sophomore campaign Watkins traded Los Angeles Rams 2017 expectation bigger better things under Sean McVay’s tutelage . While initially seemed like good move both parties involved , Watkins failed make much noise L A either thanks lingering foot injury hampered entire 2018 campaign there despite having decent statistical output overall throughout period time spent there . Although now member Kansas City Chiefs having signed 5 -year 80 million deal offseason Watkins still yet prove worth big contract earn recognition deserve amongst circles NFL community large given time missed recent years due injuries setbacks endured along way thus far professional career thus far .

Cameron Artis-Payne (2018)

Cameron Artis-Payne is running back who entered league high expectations after leading SEC conference rushing yards 2014 star studded Auburn Tigers squad alongside future Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry being drafted fifth round Carolina Panthers 2015 draft class . Despite decent performances limited action during first few years Panthers uniform including averaging 4 9 yards per carry during sophomore 2018 campaign ArtisPayne ultimately failed secure meaningful role Carolina backfield perennially deep talented group running backs which resulted Panthers releasing during final roster cuts ahead start 2019 regular season . Since leaving Carolina ArtisPayne hasnt been able latch onto any team longterm basis currently free agent looking find new home continue professional footballing journey elsewhere once again moving forward near future ahead us all here shortly soon come here short order stay tuned regarding what happens next moving forward near future come come shortly soon here stay tuned here near future near future come soon come shortly stay tuned here short order near future stay tuned what happens next moving forward near future ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned further develops develop transpire transpires further down line road ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned further develops develop transpires further down line road ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned what happens next moving forward near future ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned further developments transpire transpires further down line road ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned what happens next moving forward near future ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned what happens next moving forward near future ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned what happens next moving forward near future ahead us all here shortly soon come stay tuned further developments transpire transpires further down line road ahead us all here shortly soon comestaytunedwhat happensnextmovingforwardnearfutureaheadusallhereshortlysooncomestaytunedfurtherdevelopmentstranspiretranspiresfurtherdownlineroadaheadusallhereshortlysooncomestaytunedwhathappensnextmovingforwardnearfutureaheadusallhereshortlysooncome

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who were some of the forgotten NFL players of the 2010s?
A: Some of the forgotten NFL players from the 2010s include Taylor Mays (2010), Colt McCoy (2010), Darrell Scott (2011), Ritchie Incognito (2011), Da’Quan Bowers (2012), Jason Pinkston (2012), Alfred Morris (2013), Brian Quick (2013), Thomas Rawls (2014), Kellen Moore (2014), Clive Walford (2015), Sharrif Floyd (2015), Garry Gilliam (2016) Max Tuerk (2016) Buck Allen (2017) Sammy Watkins(2017) Cameron Artis-Payne(2018) and Marcus Martin(2018).

Q: Who were some of the NFL players from 2010?
A: The NFL players from 2010 include Taylor Mays and Colt McCoy.

Q: Who were some of the NFL players from 2011?
A: The NFL players from 2011 include Darrell Scott and Ritchie Incognito.

Q: Who were some of the NFL players from 2012?
A: The NFL players from 2012 include Da’Quan Bowers and Jason Pinkston.

Q: Who were some of the NFL players from 2013?
A: The NFL players from 2013 include Alfred Morris and Brian Quick.

In conclusion, the NFL in the 2010s was full of talented players who have since been forgotten. Many of these players were instrumental in helping their teams win championships and making significant contributions to their teams’ success. While some of these players may be remembered by die-hard fans, most are not as well-known as they once were. However, it is important to remember the legacy that these forgotten NFL players left on the game and the impact that they had on their respective teams and the league as a whole.

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