Fortigate 60D End Of Life: Upgrade Now to Ensure Maximum Security and Performance

Fortigate 60D has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by Fortinet.

Fortigate 60D End Of Life

The Fortigate 60D End of Life marks the end of an era for Fortinet, as its Network Security Appliance officially ceases production. As a result, all related services and components become unavailable. Businesses utilizing the Fortigate 60D should prepare to replace their network security appliance and transition to another device that provides the desired level of cybersecurity.

To ensure all related threats are addressed, organizations should consider an appropriate cybersecurity strategy to properly protect data inside and outside their workplace. As part of this larger strategy, organizations can look into upgrading existing hardware or investing in new technology to replace the no longer supported Fortigree 60D.

Regardless of their selection, businesses should also assess their existing network infrastructure and expand capacity if needed. In most cases, a best-in-class approach will minimize risk while providing the strongest protection from cyber-attacks and other malicious threats hovering online.

Lastly, businesses transitioning away from Fortigate 60D should consider subscribing to third-party support and/or service agreements which can provide advanced security measures without replicating existing models. Such an approach allows networks to be held safely up to date while preventing any future disruptions due to EOL events such as this one.

What Is Fortigate 60D End Of Life?

Fortigate 60D is an enterprise network security appliance manufactured by Fortinet. It was released in 2013 and is now reaching its end of life (EOL) status. This means that the manufacturer will no longer be providing security updates, bug fixes, technical support, or new features for the Fortigate 60D. It is important for businesses to understand the implications of EOL for their network security appliances, and consider alternative solutions.

When Is Fortigate 60D End Of Life?

The official date of discontinuance for the Fortigate 60D has been set at June 30th 2021. After this date, it will no longer receive any further updates from the manufacturer and will become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other malicious activities. Additionally, upcoming changes to networks may render the appliance incompatible with new technologies or unable to keep up with customer demands.

Reasons Behind Fortigate 60D End Of Life

The main reason behind the EOL of the Fortigate 60D is due to its age and lack of popularity compared to newer models released by Fortinet. The manufacturer has also identified numerous bugs in older versions that need to be addressed in order for customers to maintain optimal security on their networks. By discontinuing support for this model, they are ensuring that customers have access to the latest features and protection available from their products.

Impact Of Fortigate 60D End Of Life On Businesses

The most significant impact of the EOL of the Fortigate 60D will be on network security vulnerability for businesses using this model. As it will no longer be receiving any updates from its manufacturers, it may become vulnerable to cyber-attacks and other malicious activities which could lead to data loss or financial repercussions. Additionally, businesses may experience a loss in revenue or cost savings depending on how reliant they were on this particular model of firewall appliance.

Alternate Solutions To Fortigate 60D EOL

Businesses who are currently using the Fortigate 60D should consider upgrading to a newer model or switching to cloud services as alternate solutions in order to continue receiving optimal protection on their networks. There are numerous options available from different manufacturers which can provide additional features as well as increased performance levels over older models like the Fortigate 60D. Additionally, cloud services offer scalability and cost effectiveness which can help businesses maintain a secure environment without breaking their budget.

Fortigate 60D End Of Life

When a device reaches its end of life (EOL), it is important to consider the best replacement possible. The Fortigate 60D is a popular network security device that is now reaching the end of its lifecycle and needs to be replaced. This article will discuss the tips for selecting a new network security device, the benefits of upgrading after Fortigate 60D EOL, and the challenges of replacing the Fortigte 60D after EOL.

Tips For Selecting a New Network Security Device After Fortigate 60D EOL

When selecting a new network security device, its important to consider various factors such as compatibility features and cost savings. One way to ensure that you select the best new device is by comparing different models and their features. Its also important to research relevant support services offered by the manufacturer or vendor so you can get assistance if needed. Additionally, you should check to make sure that any devices you are considering are compatible with your existing hardware and software.

Benefits of an Upgrade After Fortigate 60D EOL

Upgrading after Fortigate 60D EOL can bring many benefits, such as advanced security features and cost savings. Advanced security features may include enhanced encryption capabilities, improved firewall protection, and expanded threat intelligence capabilities. Additionally, newer devices may be able to run more efficiently than older models, resulting in potential cost savings for your organization over time.

Challenges of Replacing the Fortigte 60D After EOL

Replacing an old model with a newer one can present some challenges as well. One challenge is finding an appropriate replacement for the Fortigate 60D after EOL that meets all your needs and fits within your budget. It’s important to compare models according to their features before making a decision so you can choose one that offers all the necessary features at an affordable price point. Additionally, many organizations may not have access to relevant support services needed when making such an upgrade so its important to research ahead of time what services are available before purchasing any new equipment.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Fortigate 60D End of Life?
A: Fortigate 60D End of Life (EOL) is a term used to describe the discontinuation of the Fortigate 60D model, a network security device manufactured by Fortinet. It is no longer available for purchase and has been replaced with newer models.

Q: When is Fortigate 60D End of Life?
A: The official date of discontinuance for the Fortigate 60D was May 1st, 2020. There are no upcoming changes associated with the end of life process.

Q: What are the reasons behind Fortigate 60D End of Life?
A: The primary reason behind the end of life process for the Fortigate 60D is that it has become outdated and replaced by newer models that offer more features and better performance. Additionally, there have been some bugs found in older versions which have necessitated their replacement with newer models.

Q: What is the impact of Fortigate 60D End Of Life on businesses?
A: The discontinuation of the Fortigate 60D can lead to increased network security vulnerability as well as potential losses in revenue and cost savings due to not having access to the latest features offered by newer models.

Q: What are some tips for selecting a new network security device after Fortigate 60D EOL?
A: When selecting a new network security device after EOL, its important to consider resolution with different models, compatibility features that may be necessary, as well as relevant support services offered by different vendors. Additionally, its important to compare different models according to their features before making a purchasing decision.

The Fortigate 60D has reached its end of life and is no longer supported by the manufacturer. It is recommended to upgrade to a newer model of Fortigate firewall in order to take advantage of the latest security features and fixes. Upgrading will provide greater protection and reduce the risk of security breaches.

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