Explore the Latest Gundam Collectibles at the Newest Gundam Store in NYC!

Gundam Store New York City is a mecca for gunpla model enthusiasts in the Big Apple.

Gundam Store New York City

Gundam Store New York City is the ultimate shopping destination for all Gundam and anime fans alike. This iconic store has everything from a wide selection of classic model kits to exclusive merchandise that are only available in New York. Shop the latest releases or take a trip down memory lane with vintage memorabilia. Immerse yourself in an interactive experience offering exclusive events and live streams that bring together passionate fans around the globe. Get ready to experience the full range of Gundam culture, right in the heart of Manhattan!

Welcome to Gundam Store New York City

Gundam Store New York City is a one stop shop for all your Gundam needs. Located in the heart of Manhattan, we are the premier destination for all things related to the iconic franchise. We offer a wide range of products such as model kits, accessories, and apparel. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced collector, our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find what you need. Our mission is to provide the best possible customer service and help you build your collection with ease.

Store Locations

Gundam Store New York City has two locations in Manhattan and one in Brooklyn. Our flagship store is located in Times Square and has the largest selection of model kits, accessories, and apparel available. We also have a store located in Union Square which offers some of our most popular items. Finally, our Brooklyn location offers convenient access to all your favorite model kits and accessories. All three stores offer online shopping options so that you can get what you need anytime from anywhere.

Types of Products Sold

At Gundam Store New York City, we offer a variety of products for all levels of collectors. Our selection includes model kits from various series such as Mobile Suit Gundam Wing and Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam as well as classic favorites like Chars Counterattack and Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team. We also carry a wide range of accessories such as action figures, display stands, dioramas, decals, stickers, posters, and much more! Lastly, we have an extensive selection of apparel so that you can show your love for the franchise wherever you go!

Gundam Stores History in NYC

Gundam Store New York City has been serving customers since 2005 when it opened its doors in Times Square as the first dedicated Gundam store in Manhattan. Since then it has grown exponentially both online and offline with multiple locations across the West Coast including Los Angeles and Seattle. As our presence expands more customers are able to take advantage of our extensive selection of products from both classic favorites and current releases alike!

Our Services and Offerings

At Gundam Store New York City we strive to provide an unparalleled shopping experience for both online shoppers and those who visit us at one of our stores! Our online shop offers easy navigation with detailed product descriptions so that customers can get exactly what they need with ease! For those who prefer visiting us at one of our stores we offer knowledgeable staff who are always ready to help answer any questions customers may have about any aspect related to collecting or building their models!

Professional Customer Care Team

Customer satisfaction is paramount at Gundam Store New York City which is why we have dedicated customer care team available 24/7 who are ready to answer any questions or resolve any issues customers may have in a timely manner! Our team speaks multiple languages including English, Spanish, French Japanese so that anyone can find help when they need it regardless where they come from! We also provide same-day shipping on orders placed before 4 pm EST so that customers can get their orders quickly without having to wait too long!

Gundam Store New York City

Gundam Store New York City is the premier destination for fans of the popular Japanese anime series. Whether you are looking for authentic collectibles, custom frames, or a unique gift item, Gundam Store New York City has it all. With a comprehensive selection of merchandise available and special discounts and promotions offered regularly, youre sure to find something that fits your needs and budget.

Promotions and Discounts Available

Gundam Store New York City is proud to offer our customers exclusive savings with online coupons and discounts on bulk purchases. Keep an eye out for special offers from time to time and make sure to take advantage of them when they appear. Additionally, we offer rewards programs for our loyal customers who shop with us often.

Comprehensive Range of Merchandise

Gundam Store New York City features the latest in authentic collectibles and surprises from all over the world. Whether you’re looking for figures, rare prints, or limited edition items, we have what you need to add to your collection or make it unique. We also keep our shelves stocked with new products as soon as they become available so that you’re never out of touch with the latest trends in the anime world.

Special Frame Selection for Models

If youre looking to display your favorite models with style, look no further than Gundam Store New York Citys selection of frames! Our frames are carefully crafted from the finest materials available so that they are both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting. We also offer customizable frames so that you can create your own unique look!

Shop For Gifts and Prizes Easily!

Whether youre searching for gifts or rewarding yourself, Gundam Store New York City has something perfect in store for everyone! We offer an array of gift vouchers that are sure to please no matter who is on your list. From rare collectibles to limited edition items, theres something here that will make any fan smile. Plus, our rewards programs ensure that those who shop with us regularly get even more out of their experience!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What types of products are sold at Gundam Store New York City?
A: Gundam Store New York City sells model kits, accessories, apparel, and authentic collectibles.

Q: How long has Gundam Store been around in NYC?
A: The original Gundam Store in NYC opened in 2000, and the store has since expanded to the West Coast.

Q: What services does Gundam Store offer?
A: Gundam Store offers an online shopping experience as well as an in-store shopping experience. Customers can also take advantage of their knowledgeable customer care team for assistance.

Q: Are there any special promotions or discounts available for customers?
A: Yes! Customers can enjoy online coupons and discounts as well as savings on bulk purchases. There are also rewards programs for loyal customers.

Q: Does Gundam Store offer frames for models?
A: Yes! Customers can choose from a selection of frames made with the finest materials and they can even customize their frames to their liking.

In conclusion, the Gundam Store in New York City is a great place to find all your Gundam needs. With a wide selection of merchandise, it’s the perfect destination for fans of the classic anime series. Whether you’re looking for collectibles, apparel, models or more, you can find it all at the Gundam Store in New York City.

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