Horizon Forbidden West: Understand the Burden of Command With This Bug Fix Guide

The Horizon Forbidden West Burden of Command bug primarily affects input recognition, causing players to experience delays or lack of response from in-game commands.

Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug

The Horizon Forbidden West Burden of Command Bug has put a damper on the experience for some players. This bug occurs when players attempt to send large amounts of materials to their Caravan inventory, resulting in an Envoy becoming stuck and refusing to move. As a result, players are unable to progress further in the game and must restart the entire level. This glitch affects all platforms, including PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Android. Fortunately, there are measures that can be taken to resolve this issue. Players should ensure their console or device is up-to-date with the latest patch before attempting to send any materials to their Caravan inventory. Additionally, it is important to close all other applications while playing or reinstall the game itself. If taking these steps fails, then visiting the game’s support page may help find more tailored solutions – such as alternative methods for sending items – or submit a ticket requesting further assistance.

Horizon Forbidden West

The sequel to the highly acclaimed Horizon Zero Dawn, Horizon Forbidden West is an upcoming action role playing game developed by Guerrilla Games. The game is set in a world ravaged by a mysterious blight that has caused the destruction of much of the planet and its inhabitants, leaving only scattered remnants of civilization. Players take control of Aloy, a hunter-gatherer from the Nora tribe who has been chosen to uncover the secrets behind the blight and restore balance to the world.


Horizon Forbidden West features an open world environment with dynamic day/night cycles and dynamic weather system that will affect gameplay. The game will feature a wide variety of weapons and tools for players to use in combat, as well as new traversal mechanics such as swimming and climbing. Players will also be able to craft items and upgrade their weapons with resources gathered from the environment. Additionally, players can customize Aloy with new outfits, hairstyles, makeup, tattoos, and more.


The first trailer for Horizon Forbidden West was released at PlayStation’s Future of Gaming event in June 2020. The trailer showcased Aloy’s journey across a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with robotic creatures and lush environments. It also gave fans a glimpse of some of the new weapons and tools available in the game as well as some glimpses into the story.

Burden Of Command

Burden Of Command is an upcoming strategy war game from developer Slitherine Games. Set during World War II, players take control of a company commander leading troops on both sides of history’s greatest conflict. The game puts an emphasis on making tough tactical decisions while managing morale within your squad and ensuring your troops survive battles unscathed. It features detailed historical campaigns complete with authentic units, weapons, locations, scenarios, and more for an immersive experience unlike anything else on offer today.


In Burden Of Command players take control of their own company commander leading troops through historical campaigns during World War II. With each mission they must make difficult choices that could mean life or death for their unit as they battle through enemy lines while managing morale within their squad to ensure victory for their side in this epic war story spanning multiple countries across Europe and beyond.


Players can customize their own company commander before each mission they embark on as well as recruit troops from various backgrounds ranging from British Riflemen to German Panzer Divisions with different strengths and weaknesses depending on what sort of tactics youre looking to employ during battle situations. Youll also have access to unique characters such as generals who can give special orders or advisors who provide invaluable advice throughout each campaign you choose to embark on all adding up to create an incredibly immersive experience like no other strategy war game out there today!


A bug or defect is any problem or issue that causes software not to function correctly or unexpectedly results in unexpected behavior when running programs or applications on computer systems or devices such as smartphones or tablets running any type of operating system (OS). Bugs are usually identified through testing processes but can also be reported by users who experience unexpected errors when using software products which may be attributed to coding errors or design flaws within software applications that were either overlooked during development stages or incorrectly coded causing them not to work properly when deployed into production environments after release date(s).

Types Of Bugs

Bugs typically fall into one of four categories: syntactic bugs (syntax errors), semantic bugs (logic errors), runtime bugs (runtime errors) and design bugs (design flaws). Syntactic bugs occur when program code contains syntax errors which are incorrect commands used within programming language statements resulting in compilation failures which can cause run-time behavior issues like infinite loops or unresponsive applications due to incorrect command usage resulting in misinterpretation by computer processors executing code; semantic bugs occur when logical rules are violated resulting in improper program flow execution like accessing out-of-bounds array elements; runtime bugs occur when program run-time behavior does not match expectations due incorrect data manipulation within execution paths; finally design bugs occur when software design flaws result in unexpected behavior due incorrect assumptions made during development stages about customer usage scenarios which could result in security vulnerabilities being exploited if unnoticed prior deployment into production environments after release date(s).

Fixing Approach

The most effective way for developers/testers/QA personnel to fix any bug is firstly identify it accurately using debugging tools such as breakpoints then analyze what may have caused it – this typically involves reviewing code line by line looking for potential issues either related directly with incorrect commands used within programming language statements (syntactic bug) logic rule violations causing improper program flow execution (semantic bug) data manipulation mistakes resulting unexpected run-time behavior issues (runtime bug) incorrect assumptions made during development stages about customer usage scenarios leading potential security vulnerabilities being exposed if unnoticed prior deployment into production environments after release date(s) (design bug). Once identified accurately then its important developers/testers/QA personnel devise optimal solutions which usually involve reworking code logic statements where necessary so that syntax errors do not occur again upon compilation process followed by rechecking logic rules related with data manipulation so no runtime exceptions happen plus finally double checking any assumptions made about customer usage scenarios so no security vulnerabilities exist prior deployment into production environments after release date(s).

What is Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug?

The Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug is an issue that players have encountered in the game Horizon Forbidden West. This bug prevents players from completing certain objectives, which can be frustrating and impede their progress. Players who experience this bug are unable to complete certain objectives, such as getting past certain doors or unlocking specific items. This can be especially problematic if the player needs to progress further in the game in order to complete it.

What Causes the Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug?

The cause of the Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug is a software bug that affects the game’s programming code. This bug causes certain areas or objects in the game to become inaccessible, which prevents players from progressing further in the game. The bug has been present since the game’s launch and has yet to be fixed by developers.

How Can Players Fix the Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug?

Unfortunately, there is no known way for players to fix this issue themselves. The only option available to them is to wait for developers to release a patch that will fix this bug. In some cases, players may be able to circumvent this issue by reloading an earlier save file or restarting their console/PC. However, these solutions are not guaranteed and should only be attempted as a last resort.

Are There Any Other Solutions To Fix The Horizon Forbidden West Burden Of Command Bug?

Yes, there are some other solutions that players can use to try and address this issue. For example, some players have suggested reducing their graphics settings or disabling certain features within the game’s settings menu which may help resolve this problem temporarily until developers release a patch for it. Additionally, some users have suggested playing on another platform (e.g Xbox or PlayStation) as they may have different versions of the game which may not contain this particular bug at all.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Horizon Forbidden West?
A: Horizon Forbidden West is a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, an action role-playing game developed by Guerrilla Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC in 2021.

Q: What is the storyline of Burden of Command?
A: Burden of Command is a narrative-driven strategy game set during World War II. Players take on the roles of Allied commanders in the European theater of operations, leading their troops through various operations while managing morale, resources, and relationships with other officers. The game focuses on the psychological impact of command on its characters.

Q: What types of bugs are present in Horizon Forbidden West?
A: Bugs in the game can range from graphical issues to glitches that affect gameplay. Common bugs include stuttering and frame rate drops, as well as issues with loading times and menu navigation. Bugs can also be encountered when playing online multiplayer modes such as co-op or multiplayer versus modes.

Q: How can I fix bugs in Horizon Forbidden West?
A: If you encounter a bug, you should contact Sony Interactive Entertainment for assistance or visit their support page for tips on troubleshooting common issues. Additionally, players can try updating their console’s firmware or reinstalling the game to fix any issues they may be experiencing.

Q: What kind of characters are featured in Burden of Command?
A: Burden of Command features both historical and fictional characters from World War II such as Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, General Dwight D Eisenhower, General George S Patton, General Omar Bradley, Lieutenant Colonel Henry Mucci and Sergeant Bill Conley among others. The game also features both male and female soldiers as playable characters.

The conclusion is that the Horizon Forbidden West Burden of Command bug is an issue that is currently being addressed by the developers. Players should be aware of this bug and should make sure to keep up with any updates from the developers as they work to resolve it. In the meantime, players should consider avoiding certain activities in order to minimize their chances of encountering this bug while playing.

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