How to Successfully Destroy Alarm Towers in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn has been successfully destroyed.

Horizon Zero Dawn Destroy Alarm

Horizon Zero Dawn: Destroy Alarm is an engaging and action-packed game where players take control of the formidable Aloy. As the protagonist, Aloy must explore the dangerous and captivating world of Horizon Zero Dawn to discover her past while overcoming obstacles. In this exciting journey, players are charged with the daunting challenge of locating and destroying alarm beacons scattered throughout the map. As they fight through hordes of enemies, puzzles, and traps, progress to dismantle each beacon will reward players with valuable materials. By completing this mission, players will gain critical resources to upgrade weapons and equipment as well as ultimately power up Aloy’s abilities in order to defeat enemies with ease!

Destroying Alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn

One of the most important aspects of Horizon Zero Dawn is being able to take out the alarm system that protects the machines from being attacked. By disabling the alarms, players can more easily take down machines and complete missions. To do so, there are a few tips and tricks that can make this process easier.

Locate the Alarm Source

The first step in disabling an alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn is to locate its source. This can be done by looking around for protected areas or exploring abandoned ruins. If the area is guarded by machines, then its likely that an alarm system is active. Once this has been identified, players can then move on to taking out the machine defenders and disabling the alarm system itself.

Outsmart the Machines

Once players have located the source of an alarm system, they can then use a variety of tactics to take out its machine defenders. Ranged attacks and stealth strategies are often effective for taking out machine defenders without alerting them to your presence and activating their alarms. Additionally, exploiting weaknesses of machines such as their armor or weak spots can also be used to quickly deal with enemies without having to fight them directly.

Override Old Machines for Access

Another way to disable an alarm system in Horizon Zero Dawn is by overriding old machines for access. This requires some knowledge of how machines work and which systems they are vulnerable to hacking into, but its a great way to gain access without alerting any guards or activating any alarms. By doing this, players can move through areas more easily and quickly without having to worry about being detected or engaging in combat with machine defenders.

Weakness-Based Attacking Strategies

Finally, players should also consider using weakness-based attacking strategies when dealing with machine defenders and disabling alarms in Horizon Zero Dawn. By exploiting weaknesses such as armor vulnerabilities or weak spots on machines, players can quickly take them down without alerting other enemies or activating any alarms. This allows players to move through areas more quickly and safely while completing missions more efficiently overall.

Overall, disabling an alarm system in Horizon Zero Dawn requires patience and creativity but can be done relatively easy if players know what theyre doing and plan ahead carefully before engaging enemy forces or attempting to disable any alarms themselves. With these tips and tricks in mind, anyone should be able to take out an alarm system in no time at all!

Specialization & Outfitting for Alarm Elimination

Alarm elimination is a crucial part of the game in Horizon Zero Dawn. To ensure success, players need to specialize and outfit their character in order to effectively eliminate alarms. Skills and weapons upgrades will give players an edge against the mechanical enemies they face in the game, as well as allow them to better traverse the world. Supercharging weapons and armor will give players an even greater advantage when taking on alarms.

How Using Wrecks is Beneficial to Disable Alarms?

Using wrecks can be a great way to disable alarms in Horizon Zero Dawn. Exploring Tinker locations can lead to finding interesting ways to play with scraps, repurposing mechanical parts for deactivation, and uncovering secrets that can help with alarm elimination. Completing side missions can also provide clues that aid in alarm elimination, so players should always keep an eye out for them. Investigating Cauldrons and Hunting Grounds also pays off during alarm removal missions, as these areas often contain rare rewards that cannot be obtained anywhere else. Taking down Tallnecks is another great way to get rewards for use during alarm removal missions.


Alarm elimination is a key component of Horizon Zero Dawn, and players need to equip themselves properly in order to succeed at it. Specializing and outfitting their character with upgrades will give them an edge against enemies they face while exploring the world. Using wrecks can be beneficial when disabling alarms, as they can lead to uncovering secrets or provide rewards that make it easier for players to take on challenges involving alarm removal. Exploring Tinker locations, completing side missions, investigating Cauldrons and Hunting Grounds, and taking down Tallnecks are all great ways for players to get rewards or uncover secrets that aid them in alarm removal missions.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I destroy the alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn?
A: To destroy an alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn, you’ll need to locate the source of the alarm, outsmart the machines defending it, and use ranged attacks and stealth strategies to take out the machine defenders easily. You can also exploit weaknesses of machines or override old machines for access. Specialization and outfitting with upgraded weapons and armor can make it easier to get rid of the alarm.

Q: What are the benefits of destroying an alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn?
A: Destroying an alarm in Horizon Zero Dawn will give you access to locked areas, open up new missions, and allow you to collect unique rewards. It can also lead you to uncover secrets that are hidden throughout the world.

Q: How can I find an alarm source in Horizon Zero Dawn?
A: Alarm sources can usually be found by looking around protected areas or exploring abandoned ruins. You should also consider checking side missions for clues and seeking out points of interest.

Q: What are some unique approaches to neutralizing an alarm system?
A: Unique approaches for neutralizing an alarm system include using wrecks to disable alarms, exploring tinker locations for interesting ways to play with scraps, repurposing mechanical parts for deactivation, investigating cauldrons and hunting grounds for rare rewards, and overriding old machines for access.

Q: What skills and weapons should I upgrade for alarm elimination?
A: To make it easier to eliminate alarms in Horizon Zero Dawn, you should consider upgrading your skills such as ranged attacks, stealth strategies, exploiting weaknesses of machines, specializations, outfitting with upgraded weapons and armor, and supercharging your weapons and armor.

The conclusion to the question of Horizon Zero Dawn’s ability to destroy alarms is that it is indeed possible. By using certain weapons and abilities, players can destroy alarms, and this opens up more options for exploration and strategy. However, alarms can be difficult to take out due to their high health pools and resistance to certain weapons. Additionally, players should be aware that destroying an alarm may attract unwanted attention from nearby enemies.

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