Creating a Rat Colony: How Many Rats Do You Need for Edh?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on the size and breed of the rats.

How Many Rat Colony Edh

Rat Colony Edh is a card game for two or more players. The game is set in a rat colony and players assume the role of rats who are trying to survive and thrive. The main objective is to build the strongest rat colony by collecting and exchanging pieces of food, building shelter, expanding the territory, and much more. Every move requires complex strategy, planning, and advanced thinking. As the game progresses, players also need to monitor their resources carefully as well as consider their tactics in relation to those of their opponents. Rat Colony Edh includes plenty of opportunities for social interaction between players, as well as the potential for intense rivalries that only increase the excitement.

How to Play Rat Colony EDH?

Rat Colony EDH is an exciting and unique way to play Magic: The Gathering. This format is a combination of Commander and Limited play, and offers a variety of strategies that can be employed by players. With its unique ruleset, it’s important to understand the game before playing. This guide will provide an overview of the rules and strategies for Rat Colony EDH, as well as some key components that are essential for success.


Playing Rat Colony EDH provides a variety of benefits for Magic players. For starters, it allows players to explore different strategies than they are used to in other formats. It also gives them the opportunity to experience Limited play without sacrificing Commander elements such as building decks around commanders and having access to creatures, enchantments, and planeswalkers. Additionally, Rat Colony EDH offers a more relaxed environment that encourages creativity and experimentation.

Rules of Rat Colony EDH

In order to participate in a game of Rat Colony EDH, players must adhere to certain deck construction rules. Firstly, each player must build their decks using only cards from two different sets or blocks (e.g., RavnicaGuilds of Ravnica). Secondly, each deck must contain exactly 40 cards with no duplicates or basic lands included (players may include basic lands if they choose). Lastly, no card may be included in more than one deck during the game.

Playing the Game

The main objective in Rat Colony EDH is to be the last player standing by reducing your opponents life total to zero or by eliminating all other players from the game through alternate win conditions (such as milling or decking out). Each player starts each game with 40 life points and draws seven cards at the start of their turn; once their turn ends they may draw one additional card from their library before passing the turn on to their opponent. During gameplay, players can use creatures, enchantments, planeswalkers and other spells in an attempt to defeat their opponents boards while protecting their own board state; they can also play land cards as mana sources allowing them access to more powerful spells over time. Once a player has reached zero life points or has been eliminated due to alternate win conditions (such as milling or decking out), they are eliminated from the game; this process continues until only one player remains who is declared the winner!

Strategy Of Rat Colony EDH

When playing Rat Colony EDH there are many different strategies that can be employed depending upon individual preferences and goals for winning games. Players can focus on either winning by reducing an opponents life total down to zero or by utilizing alternate win conditions such as milling or decking out their opponents; either strategy can be successful depending upon how it is employed during gameplay! Additionally, certain card types such as creatures, enchantments and planeswalkers often form key components in Rat Colony EDH strategies so understanding how best to use these types of cards when building your deck will help ensure victory!

By Win Type

When playing Rat Colony EDH there are two primary ways that games can be won: reducing an opponents life total down to zero or utilizing alternate win conditions such as milling or decking out your opponents. Depending upon personal preference you may choose either strategy when constructing your decks however there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both methods which should be taken into consideration when deciding which method will best suit your needs!

Reducing Opponent’s Life Total: When attempting this type of victory you will need powerful creature cards that have high attack power along with spells that allow you direct damage towards your opponents life totals (such as Lightning Bolt). Additionally it is important not only have strong creatures but also ways of protecting them through enchantment spells (such as Unbreakable Formation) which will help ensure victory against opposing board states!

Utilizing Alternate Win Conditions: This type of victory focuses on utilizing alternate win conditions such as milling (forcing an opponent draw too many cards from his/her library) or decking out (forcing an opponent run out of cards in his/her library). To achieve this type it is important not only understand how these types alternate win conditions work but also have powerful creature cards along with control spells like discard effects which can help disrupt opposing board states while allowing you time set up for eventual victory!

By Card Types

No matter what type of strategy you choose when playing Rat Colony EDH there are certain card types which form key components in any successful strategy: Creatures & Enchantments: Creature & Enchantment spells form some of most important aspects when constructing your decks because these types provide both offensive power against opposing boards while providing defensive protection for your own board state! Creatures should be chosen based upon both power level & survivability while enchantments should focus on providing defensive bonuses for creatures & other permanents on board while offering disruption effects against opposing boards! Planeswalkers & Spells: Planeswalker & spell cards offer powerful effects which can greatly aid any strategy however it is important not only understand what each type does but also know when best employ them during gameplay! Generally speaking planeswalker spells should focus on providing long term utility while spell cards should focus on providing immediate powerful effects with minimal cost attached!

Required Cards

When constructing decks for games of Rat Colony EDH there are certain required card types which must included in order ensure success against various strategies employed by opponents: Creatures At least 20 creature cards must included in any given deck; these should chosen based upon both power level & survivability since these factors often determine who wins games within this format Enchantments At least 10 enchantment spells should included in any given deck; these should focus providing defensive bonuses for creatures & other permanents on board while offering disruption effects against opposing boards Planeswalkers At least 5 planeswalker spells should included in any given deck; these should focus providing long term utility rather than immediate powerful effects since this often leads greater success within format Spell Cards At least 5 spell cards must included in any given deck; these could either instant speed removal/disruption effects like Counterspells or slower more powerful effects like Day’s Undoing depending upon personal preference

Necessary Creatures, Enchantments & Planeswalkers

In addition required card types listed above there certain creatures enchantments & planeswalkers which often seen essential success games within Rats Colonies Ed format: Necessary Creatures Creatures such Anafenza Kin-Tree Spirit Wilt-Leaf Liege Krenko Mob Boss Necessary Enchantment Enchantment Cards such Unbreakable Formation Martial Coup Gift Of Immortality Necessary Planeswalkers Planeswalker Spells such Elspeth Sun’s Champion Ajani Goldmane Chandra Flamecaller All three above mentioned card types great way protect board state while creating advantage over opponents via utility they provide throughout games played within this format however it always important remember context all decisions made so proper evaluation done prior anything being put into play during actual games themselves!

Advantages Of Playing Rats Colonies Ed Format

Synergies in Rat Colony EDH

Rat Colony EDH decks have a wide range of synergies to offer. One of the most powerful combinations is pairing up Goblins and Rat Swarm creatures. Both of these creature types have powerful abilities that can be used to create an overwhelming board presence. Goblin creatures can be used to swarm the board with tokens, while Rat Swarm creatures can be used to generate card advantage. This combination will allow you to quickly overwhelm your opponents with sheer numbers.

In addition, there are several card draw sources available in Rat Colony EDH that can help you replenish your hand and keep you drawing into more of your synergies. Cards like Lampad of Deaths Vigil and Stitch Together are great choices for adding card advantage to your deck, as they will allow you to draw multiple cards each turn.

Key Defensive Strategies Used in Rat Colony EDH

When playing Rat Colony EDH, it is important to have a good defensive strategy in place. The most effective defensive strategies include discard mechanics and counterspells or combat tricks. Discard mechanics such as Thoughtseize or Duress are great for keeping your opponent’s hand at bay, while counterspells like Counterspell or Negate can protect your board from opposing spells and effects. Combat tricks such as Unsummon or Last Breath are also very useful for disrupting your opponent’s combat phase and keeping them from attacking into your board.

Popular Commanders for a Rat Colony EDH Deck

When building a Rat Colony EDH deck, there are two popular commanders that you may want to consider: mono black and mono red commanders. Mono black commanders such as Glissa, the Traitor or Kiku, Nights Flower offer great ways to draw cards and generate tokens that will help you swarm the board quickly. Mono red commanders such as Purphoros, God of the Forge or Sarkhan the Mad also provide excellent token generation capabilities while also enabling direct damage strategies that can help close out games quickly.

How To Sideboard in Rat Colony EDH

Sideboarding is an essential part of any Magic: The Gathering format, including Rat Colony EDH decks. When sideboarding in this format, it is important to bring in removal spells that target opposing commanders specifically, as this will help keep them from dominating the game too much. It is also important to bring in sideboard techs like enchantment hate or artifact hate depending on what decks you expect to face off against at tournaments or other events you may attend. By having these cards ready for when they are needed, you will be able to adapt quickly and give yourself an edge over other players who may not be prepared for what lies ahead!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Rat Colony EDH?
A: Rat Colony EDH is a casual, Multiplayer Magic: The Gathering variant format that focuses on the use of rats and rat-like creatures to create an aggressive, swarm-style deck. It utilizes the Commander Rules and allows for decks built with any legal cards from any set in the game.

Q: What are the benefits of playing Rat Colony EDH?
A: Playing Rat Colony EDH provides a casual, yet highly interactive experience as it encourages players to take advantage of multiple strategies. The format also allows players to create decks with a variety of different card types, such as creatures, enchantments and planeswalkers, which adds variety in playstyles. Furthermore, Rat Colony EDH encourages players to utilize creature effects such as discard mechanics and card draw sources in order to gain advantages in their games.

Q: What are the deck construction rules for Rat Colony EDH?
A: Rat Colony EDH follows the same Commander rules as other multiplayer formats. Players must create a 100-card singleton deck featuring one legendary creature or planeswalker as their commander. Decks may include multiple copies of any card that is not banned or restricted in the format. Additionally, all cards used must be legal for use in Commander format tournaments.

Q: What are some popular commanders for a Rat Colony EDH deck?
A: Popular commanders for this format include mono black commanders such as Gisa and Geralf and mono red commanders such as Krenko, Mob Boss and Purphoros, God of the Forge. These commanders all provide effective tools for swarming opponents with hordes of rats while also providing additional support effects that can help further your game plan.

Q: How do I sideboard in Rat Colony EDH?
A: Sideboarding in this format should focus on countering your opponents strategies while also providing support for your own game plan. Removal spells are key for taking out opposing commanders while also ensuring that your own creatures can survive combat encounters unscathed. Additionally, its important to have sideboard cards that can provide additional card draw or other support effects so you can continue pushing forward with your strategy through all stages of the game.

In conclusion, the exact number of Rat Colony Edh is difficult to determine, as it depends on factors such as available resources, the size of the population, and the amount of space available. The best way to estimate the size of a rat colony is to observe its behavior and look for signs of increased activity. With careful observation and tracking over time, it is possible to get a more accurate understanding of the size and dynamics of a rat colony.

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