How Often Does Star Citizen Wipe? A Guide to Server Resets and Wipes

Star Citizen wipes on an approximate two months cycle.

How Often Does Star Citizen Wipe

Star Citizen is an expansive space simulation game developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games. A popular feature of the game is its server wipes which help to reset the universe and start the players fresh with new locations, ships, items, events, and more. Wiping a server helps ensure that players have a fresh and exciting experience each time they sign on. But one must ask — how often does Star Citizen wipe its servers?

The answer is that it depends on the games location in its development cycle. Usually, Star Citizen wipes its servers every three months during early access development in order to test new environments, conflicts, weapons, or events among other features. After this period runs out each major update comes with a full reset of progress as well as bug fixes and improvements. The frequency of these updates will vary depending on the phase of development that Star Citizen is currently in.

How Often Does Star Citizen Wipe?

Star Citizen is an ever-evolving video game with a wide array of content and features that are regularly updated and refreshed. As a result, the game’s servers often need to be reset or wiped in order to accommodate new content and updates. This article will discuss the various factors that affect how often Star Citizen wipes, the different types of resets, and how your individual progress may be affected.

Patch Cycles & Map Resets

In general, the frequency of Star Citizen wipes is dependent on patch cycles and map resets. Patch cycles are updates that are released by developer Cloud Imperium Games (CIG) on a regular basis. These updates can range from minor bug fixes to major additions or changes to the game’s core mechanics. Map resets are also released by CIG, usually at least once per year, which include significant changes to the in-game universe such as new planets, star systems, and other content.

Duration of Wipes

The duration of a wipe can vary depending on what type of update is being released. Major patches or map resets can take up to 24 hours or more in some cases due to the amount of data that needs to be reset and re-uploaded onto the servers. However, minor patches usually only require a few minutes for all players to be reconnected and back in-game following the update.

Factors Affecting the Wipe Frequency

Aside from patch cycles and map resets, there are several other factors that can affect how often Star Citizen wipes its servers. Content drops such as weapons, ships, cosmetics, quests or missions are released sporadically throughout the year which may also require some form of server resetting depending on their size and scope. Additionally, seasonal events like festivals or holidays may also cause a server wipe if they contain large amounts of exclusive content which needs to be uploaded onto the servers before players can access it in-game.

Understanding the Different Types of Resets

There are two main types of resets when it comes to Star Citizen: those that reset repair & refuel locations and those that clear all data stored on a server instance. Resetting repair & refuel locations simply means that all ships within a certain region will have their repair & refuel stats reset so as not to give any players an unfair advantage over others who have yet to reach them within the game world. Data clearing types of wipes involve completely wiping all data stored on a server instance such as player stats or progress records so as not to give any players an unfair advantage over others who may not have had time to grind for levels or resources since their last save point before a wipe occurred.

Will Your Progress be Reset During a Wipe?

In most cases your individual progress will not be affected by a wipe unless you specifically choose for it too be erased through certain commands within your game client (such as forgetting your save game). In general however most wipes only effect certain areas within Star Citizen such as repair & refuel locations or data clearing wipes where all stored information is wiped clean from each server instance but no specific player progress is targeted for deletion unless commanded otherwise by its owner/player. Its important to note however that if you play on public servers then any progress made will likely be wiped after each session ends due to their individual server status being reset after each session ends regardless if you were logged off before it occurred or not.

What is Cross Save Feature in Star Citizen?

The Cross Save feature in Star Citizen allows players to store their data securely and share it across multiple platforms. This feature helps players keep their progress from one platform to another, as well as enabling them to play on any of the platforms they own with the same account. It also allows them to access their loadouts, ship customizations, and more. The Cross Save feature is a great way for players to stay connected and up-to-date with all the new features that are released with each major update.

How to Backup Your Progress Pre & Post a Wipe?

Backing up your progress pre and post a wipe is an important step to take if you dont want to lose your progress due to a major patch or content update. To backup your progress pre and post a wipe, you can save your game data locally or online using an external storage device. Additionally, there are some options available for backing up your game data such as location saves, cloud saves, or local save files. It is also important that you make sure that all of your game settings are properly configured before starting any type of backup process.

What Happens During A Major Content Patch?

When a major content patch is released for Star Citizen, it includes new maps, bug fixes, and new features which can completely change the player experience depending on the type of patch that is applied. Generally speaking, these patches are meant to improve the overall gaming experience by introducing new content or fixing existing issues with gameplay mechanics or multiplayer modes. Additionally, some major patches may also include changes to existing maps which could drastically affect how players interact with them in-game.

Final Thoughts On Star Citizen Wipe Process

The wipe process in Star Citizen can be seen as both beneficial and detrimental depending on how often it happens and what kind of content updates are being released at any given time. On one hand, updates provide the opportunity for new content which can improve the overall gaming experience for players while also offering bug fixes or other necessary maintenance changes which help keep the game running smoothly; however on the other hand wipes can be seen as hindrances because they require players to start from scratch each time they occur which can be very frustrating if they have already invested a lot of time into their current character or ship customization options. Ultimately though it is up to each individual player whether or not they feel like wipes are worth it in order for them to enjoy all of the newest features that come with each major content drop.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How often does Star Citizen wipe?
A: The frequency of wipes in Star Citizen can vary depending on certain factors such as content drops and seasonal events. Generally, map resets and patch cycles occur every few months.

Q: What are the different types of resets in Star Citizen?
A: There are generally two types of resets in Star Citizen; resetting repair and refuel locations, and data clearing types of resets. Resetting repair and refuel locations tend to happen more frequently than data clearing types of resets.

Q: Will my progress be reset during a wipe?
A: Your progress may be reset during a wipe depending on the type of reset that is occurring. If it is a data clearing type of reset, then your individual or server level status could be cleared. However, if it is a map reset or patch cycle then your progress may remain intact.

Q: What is the Cross Save feature in Star Citizen?
A: The Cross Save feature in Star Citizen allows players to authorize their characters to play across multiple platforms by storing their data in encrypted files that can be shared between platforms. This allows players to access their characters progress even after switching platforms or wiping their game data.

Q: What happens during a major content patch?
A: During a major content patch there are usually updates to the map as well as bug fixes that affect the player experience within the game. Depending on the patch type, players may experience changes to areas such as new missions, weapons, ships, and more.

In conclusion, Star Citizen wipes vary in frequency and are often dependent on the current state of the game. The majority of wipes occur during major updates or when major changes occur. Developers also occasionally run a wipe to reset the game, but these are typically announced in advance. For the most up-to-date information on upcoming wipes, it is best to check official Star Citizen channels such as their website or social media accounts.

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