How to Change Colors on an Ibuypower Keyboard: A Step-by-Step Guide

To change colors on an iBuyPower keyboard, press the F6 or F7 keys while concurrently pressing Fn.

How To Change Colors On Ibuypower Keyboard

Ibuypower offers users an easy way to customize their keyboards look. Heres how to change the colors on your Ibuypower Keyboard:

1. Start by downloading and installing Ibuypower Gaming Center software, if you don’t already have it.
2. Once installed, open the software to access your keyboard’s settings. You will see a Lightning Mode tab with multiple color options.
3. Click on a specific color from the list of options to see a live preview on your keyboard.
4. When you’re happy with the way your keyboard looks, hit “OK”. Your new color selection will now be saved and active on your keyboard.
5. Finally, you can further personalize your look by adjusting brightness and animation speed using the additional settings in the Lightning Mode tab.

How To Change Colors On Ibuypower Keyboard

Customizing the color of your Ibuypower keyboard can be a great way to personalize your gaming setup. There are several types of colored keyboards that Ibuypower offers, such as mechanical LED keyboards and standard color backlight keyboards, and each type has a variety of lighting modes and innovative features for you to choose from. In order to customize the colors on your Ibuypower keyboard, there are a few steps you will need to take.

What You Need

Before you can begin customizing the colors on your Ibuypower keyboard, you will need to download and install the driver or software from the manufacturer’s website. This will allow you to access all of the color customization features for your specific model.


Once you have downloaded and installed the driver or software from the manufacturer’s website, follow the instructions provided in order to customize your keyboard color settings. Many Ibuypower models come with onboard memory, allowing users to store their settings for future use. The software also provides users with access to macros and multimedia keys, which can be used for a variety of purposes such as controlling game audio or launching applications quickly.

Types Of Colored Keyboards Ibuypower Offers

Ibuypower offers several types of colored keyboards that can be customized with various lighting modes and features. Mechanical LED keyboards offer bright illumination with multiple static colors, while standard color backlight keyboards provide a more subtle illumination with several pre-programmed reactive lighting modes that respond to user input or game events.

Different Lighting Modes For Ibuypower Keyboards

When customizing your Ibuypower keyboards color settings, there are several different lighting modes available depending on which type of keyboard you have chosen. Static colors are best suited for mechanical LED keyboards as they provide consistent illumination in multiple colors throughout each keystroke; reactive lighting modes are more suitable for standard color backlight keyboards as they respond dynamically based on user input or game events such as kills, deaths, or other notifications.

Innovative Features On An Ibuypower Keyboard

In addition to its wide range of customizable colors and lighting modes, an Ibuypower keyboard also comes equipped with several innovative features that make it a great choice for gaming enthusiasts. Onboard memory allows users to store their personalized settings so they dont have to reconfigure them every time they switch computers; macros allow users to automate certain tasks such as launching applications quickly; and multimedia keys provide quick access to game audio controls without having to alt-tab out of their current application.

Download Software

Changing the colors on an Ibuypower keyboard is easy and simple. The first step is to download the software that comes with the keyboard. This software is usually called Ibuypower LED Lighting Software or something similar. Once downloaded, install it on your computer.

Connect Keyboard To Computer

The next step is to connect your Ibuypower keyboard to your computer. Most keyboards will come with a USB cable that allows you to plug it into your computers USB port. Make sure the cable is securely in place before you proceed.

Launch Software

Once the software has been installed and the keyboard connected, launch the software on your computer. This will open a window where you can adjust various settings related to the keyboard, including color settings.

Choose Color Scheme

In this window, you will be able to choose from several different color schemes for your Ibuypower keyboard. These can range from solid colors such as red or blue, to more complex patterns such as rainbow cycles or wave patterns. Once you have chosen a color scheme, click Apply and it will be applied immediately to your keyboard.

Save Settings

Once you have finished making changes to the color scheme of your Ibuypower keyboard, make sure to save these settings so they will remain in place even after you turn off your computer or unplug your keyboard. To do this, simply click on Save in the software window and it will save all of your changes permanently.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What do I need to change the colors on an Ibuypower Keyboard?
A: You will need to download and install the driver/software from the manufacturer’s website.

Q: What types of colored keyboards does Ibuypower offer?
A: Ibuypower offers Mechanical LED Keyboards and Standard Color Backlight Keyboards.

Q: What are some different lighting modes for Ibuypower Keyboards?
A: Some of the lighting modes include Static Colors Lighting Modes, Reactive Lighting Modes, etc.

Q: How do I customize the colors on my Ibuypower keyboard?
A: First, download and install the driver/software from the manufacturer’s website. After that, follow software instructions to customize your keyboard color settings.

Q: What are some innovative features on an Ibuypower Keyboard?
A: Some features include onboard memory for settings storage, macros & multimedia keys, etc.

The Ibuypower keyboard is a great tool for customizing your gaming experience. With just a few simple steps, you can easily change the colors of your keyboard to match your style and preferences. With the ability to customize your keyboard with various colors and effects, you can easily create an immersive gaming experience that fits you perfectly.

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