How to Monitor Your Pattern Progress in Destiny 2: A Step-by-Step Guide

To check your pattern progress in Destiny 2, navigate to your character profile and click the Triumphs tab.

How To Check Pattern Progress Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is an online role-playing action game developed by Bungie and released in 2019. It allows players to explore different titles, explore the game’s universe, and customize their avatars. One way to track your progress in Destiny 2 is to check your pattern progress. Checking your pattern progress gives you an idea of how far along you are in the game. It also helps you gain rewards, upgrades, and achievements. This guide will help you understand how to check and maintain your pattern progress as you journey through the world of Destiny 2. Through understanding how to check your progress in the game, you can create a better play experience for yourself while enjoying the different challenges that Destiny 2 has to offer.


Destiny 2 has a unique feature called Pattern Progress that allows players to track their progress through various activities and challenges. This feature can be used to monitor how close you are to certain milestones, unlock exclusive rewards, and optimize the speed of progression. By understanding and utilizing this feature, Guardians can make the most out of their Destiny 2 experience.


In order to use the Pattern Progress feature in Destiny 2, players must have completed the Red War campaign and have access to The Tower. Certain activities may also require special items or resources in order to initiate them. Additionally, some activities may be locked behind certain levels or milestones that must be met before they can be initiated.

Keeping Track Of Pattern Progress

The first step to utilizing the Pattern Progress feature is understanding how it works. The buff bar at the top of the screen will show your current progress towards a certain activity or challenge. As you complete activities or objectives associated with that activity, your progress will increase and your buffs will fill up accordingly. Additionally, rewards may become available for reaching certain milestones within an activity or challenge.

Understanding The Buffs

The buffs that appear onscreen when viewing Pattern Progress represent different aspects of an activity or challenge. These buffs may vary depending on the type of activity being completed but generally represent progress towards completion, time remaining in an event, or rewards available for completing it. By understanding these buffs and what they represent, players can better track their progress and plan accordingly for future objectives or challenges.

Altering The Activity

Depending on the type of activity being completed via Pattern Progress, players may have some control over how quickly they can complete it. Some activities may allow for adjustments such as increasing difficulty levels or changing specific parameters associated with an event in order to speed up progression during gameplay sessions. It is important to note that altering an activity in this way may also increase the amount of time required to complete it so caution should be taken when making any changes.

Optimizing Pattern Progression

In order to maximize progression speed while using Pattern Progression in Destiny 2, there are some recommended activities that players should focus on completing first. Activities such as Strikes and Adventures generally provide more rewards than other types of playlists and should be prioritized when attempting to quickly fill up buff bars associated with specific challenges or events. Additionally, completing Public Events can grant additional rewards such as Bright Dust which can then be used to purchase exclusive items from vendors located throughout The Tower.

Recommended Activities

When attempting to quickly fill up buff bars associated with specific challenges or events in Destiny 2, Strikes and Adventures should be prioritized over other types of playlists due to their higher reward output per session completion rate compared to other game modes such as Crucible matches or Gambit matches.. Additionally, Public Events are highly recommended due tot he additional Bright Dust reward that is granted upon completion which can then be used towards purchasing exclusive items from vendors located throughout The Tower..

Specific Strategies

When attempting various activities via Pattern Progression in Destiny 2 there are certain strategies that can help with optimizing progression speed depending on which type of event is being played such as focusing fire on bosses during Strikes rather than smaller enemies which will reduce time spent fighting them significantly.. Alternatively when playing Crucible matches aiming for objective based game modes such as Control rather than deathmatch variants like Clash will allow for quicker completion times due tot he higher point values associated with capturing points..

Enhancing Pattern Progression Speed

In addition to completing various activities within Patterns Progression there are multiple tips and tricks for enhancing progression speed even further when playing Destiny 2.. Important tips include equipping gear that grants bonuses related specifically towards progress within a particular challenge such as increased XP gain from kills while playing Crucible matches.. Additionally upgrading weapons and armor pieces that grant bonus XP upon kills during gameplay sessions is also a great way to maximize progression speed..

Reaching Pattern Milestone Rewards

As players reach certain milestones within particular Patterns Progression challenges they will begin unlocking various exclusive rewards such as cosmetic items from vendors located throughout The Tower.. To reach these milestone rewards it is important for Guardians not only complete objectives but also keep track of their progress regularly via the buff bar at the top of their screen so they know exactly how close they are at reaching any given milestone..

Unlocking All Milestones

Reaching all milestones associated with a particular challenge within Patterns Progression requires dedication from Guardians who want access all available rewards before its expiration date.. In order optimize progression speed it is important for Guardians understand what tasks give them more bang for their buck by providing high quality rewards per session completion rate while taking into consideration any bonuses granted by equipped gear pieces.. Once all milestones have been reached then Guardians will gain access all exclusive rewards associated with that challenge before its expiration date arrives..

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Moving On After Completing Patterns

Destiny 2 is a popular online shooter game that has many players around the world. It’s a great way to spend time with friends and family, as well as challenge yourself in an ever-changing environment. However, as you progress through the game’s various levels and missions, you’ll eventually reach a point where you need to complete patterns. Patterns are made up of several objectives that must be completed in order for you to move on in the game. Once these patterns have been completed, it’s important to understand how to check your progress and make sure that you’ve achieved the maximum power level and skill points possible.

Achieving Maximum Power Level

The power level in Destiny 2 is determined by your gear loadout. As you progress through the game, your power level will increase as you acquire better equipment and weapons. You can check your current power level by opening up your character menu and selecting Gear. This will bring up a window displaying all of your current gear pieces along with their associated power levels. To ensure that your power level is at its maximum potential, look for gear pieces that have higher numbers than what is currently equipped on your character. Make sure to equip these pieces on your character before continuing on with the game.

Reaching Maximum Skill Points

Skill points are another important aspect of Destiny 2 and are earned by completing tasks such as patrols, Nightfalls, Crucible matches, public events, and Raids. The more skill points you have acquired, the higher your rank in the game will be. To check how many skill points you currently have, open up the character menu again and select Skills from the list of options. This will bring up a window displaying all of your current skill points along with their associated levels. To ensure that your rank is at its maximum potential, look for skills that have higher numbers than what is currently available on your character. Make sure to equip these skills before continuing on with the game in order to maximize their effectiveness .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is pattern progression in Destiny 2?
A: Pattern progression is a system in Destiny 2 that allows players to earn rewards, enhance their gear and increase their power level by completing specific activities. Players can track their progress through a series of milestones, which reward exclusive items and bonuses.

Q: What are the requirements for tracking pattern progress?
A: Players must have a minimum power level of 950 to begin tracking their pattern progress. Additionally, they must have completed the campaign mission The Red War to unlock the milestones associated with each activity.

Q: How can I keep track of my pattern progress?
A: Players can track their progress by accessing the Milestones tab from the Director menu. Here they will find a list of all current activities, as well as which milestones theyve completed and what rewards theyve received for doing so.

Q: How can I optimize my pattern progression speed?
A: There are several strategies players can use to optimize their pattern progression speed. These include focusing on specific activities, using beneficial gear upgrades, and taking advantage of certain buffs that increase experience gain rate.

Q: What rewards can I get for reaching pattern milestones?
A: Reaching each milestone rewards players with exclusive items and bonuses such as shaders, weapons, armor pieces and enhancement cores. Additionally, reaching all milestones in an activity will unlock powerful rewards such as legendary gear pieces that will help players reach maximum power level more quickly.

The best way to check the progress of a pattern in Destiny 2 is to check your inventory screen. This will give you an indication of how many pieces of the pattern you have collected, as well as your progress towards completing it. Additionally, you can also check out your profile page on the Bungie website, which will provide detailed information about all your patterns and their progress.

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