How To Reach Europa Destiny 2: A Step-By-Step Guide To Unlocking The Europa Location

To get to Europa in Destiny 2, complete the Beyond Light campaign mission.

How To Get To Europa Destiny 2

Europa is a frozen, icy planet in Destiny 2 offering new rewards, challenges and plenty of secrets to be discovered. Getting to Europa isn’t as simple as a warp or jump it takes a journey. To visit the planet, Guardians must complete several steps, such as:

Step 1: Start the Europa mission “Beyond Light.” You will receive an invitation from the Exo Stranger to embark on this mission.
Step 2: Travel to Jupiters icy-cold surface alone or with other Guardians. Here you will find a space elevator that can take you to Europa’s Para-Field and explore the icy environment.
Step 3: Uncover the secrets of Europa and join with other Guardians in a cooperative adventure against alien forces and old enemies. You must also battle challenging new foes like Vex Abominations and Fallen Champions rising from beyond darkness.
Step 4: Collect rewards for your adventures in Europa. Rewards include exotic weapons, additional soundtracks for your Guardian’s ship, new armor sets for your Guardian and plenty of secrets awaiting discovery in this mysterious world.

Once you arrive on Europa, you are ready to start exploring its depths and uncovering its secrets!

How To Get To Europa In Destiny 2

Reaching Europa, a frozen moon in the Destiny 2 universe, is no small feat. Players are required to meet certain prerequisites before they can travel to this icy destination. It is recommended that players reach the Power level of 1230 before they attempt to visit Europa. This means they must have completed all the Story Campaigns, have done some season pass activities, and also have obtained powerful gear from various sources like raids and Trials of Osiris.

Steps To Get To Europa

To reach Europa, players must first complete the Beyond Light campaign and then acquire a Splinter of Darkness from Eris Morn in exchange for 10 energy weapons or armor pieces. After that, they must head over to Variks in The Cliffs and speak with him about a new mission The Stasis Prototype. Completing this mission unlocks the Europa destination which can be accessed through a Transmat terminal on Earth at Charons Crossing or directly from The Tower.

Challenges Of Traveling To Europa In Destiny 2

Europa is a dangerous place and is full of enemies who are determined to stop Guardians from reaching their destination. Players will need to be prepared for challenging battles against Fallen Captains, Vex Minotaurs, Hive Wizards and more while exploring this frigid landscape as well as taking on powerful boss fights such as Eramis, the Kell of Darkness. Not only that but players will also have to face off against icy storms called Expunge which can freeze Guardians in place if they’re not careful.

Accessibility Features Of Europa In Destiny 2

Europa offers plenty of options for quick-traveling around its various locations, allowing players to get around faster and easier than ever before. Additionally, there are several Coordinate Assessment Missions available which allow Guardians to access specific locations on the moon without having to travel by foot or Sparrows. This makes it much easier for players who want to explore every corner of Europa without wasting too much time in transit.

Obtaining Gear And Weapons On Europa In Destiny 2

Players can find materials needed for crafting weapons scattered all over Europan locations such as The Cadmus Ridge and Eventide Ruins as well as completing Patrol missions which reward them with Europan materials upon completion. There are also Exotic loot sources located throughout the moon such as completing Lost Sectors or receiving Exotic Engrams from Variks after completing certain activities like Empire Hunts or Wrathborn Hunts.

Destinations Explorable On Europa In Destiny 2

Europa has plenty of destinations ripe for exploration including two new Raids – Deep Stone Crypt and Glassway – as well as various other PvE events like Empire Hunts or Wrathborn Hunts where Guardians can take on powerful enemies while receiving rewards such as Exotic Engrams and more powerful gear upon completion. Additionally, there are Patrol missions available throughout the moon where Guardians can take on smaller challenges while exploring unique areas like Braytech Futurescape or Leviathan’s Breath Caverns for rewards such as resources needed for weapon crafting or XP points towards leveling up their Guardian quickly.

How To Get To Europa Destiny 2

Europa is a new destination in the Destiny 2 universe and one of the most challenging areas to explore. Players can access Europa by completing the Beyond Light expansion and unlocking The Deep Stone Crypt raid. To get to Europa, players must first complete certain activities on Earth and other destinations to unlock the quest lines for the Beyond Light expansion. After completing these quests, players can then travel to Europa to begin their journey.

Survival Tips On Europa In Destiny 2

Preparing for battle is essential when travelling to Europa as it is a dangerous place. Before venturing out, players should scout discoveries they have made on other planets in order to gain an understanding of what kind of enemies they may encounter on Europa. Players should also equip themselves with gear, abilities and artifacts that will help them survive in hostile environments. Additionally, players should be aware of their surroundings at all times and be prepared for any danger that may arise.

Finishing European Missions In Destiny 2

When playing through European missions in Destiny 2, it is important to complete quests before progressing with the story line. This will ensure that players are able to access all of the available content without running into spoilers or having their progress hindered in any way. Additionally, some of these missions can be quite challenging so it is important for players to take time and prepare before attempting them. Being prepared and well-equipped will help ensure success when tackling some of the more difficult missions available on Europa.

Connecting With Players On Europa In Destiny 2

One of the best ways for players to enjoy their time on Europa is by joining fireteams with other guardians from around the world. Being part of a fireteam allows players to enjoy co-op activities together such as Strikes or Gambit matches while completing objectives together as a unified group. Additionally, being part of a fireteam allows for much easier communication between members which helps make missions easier overall due to increased coordination between teammates.

Creating A Balanced Build On Europa In Destiny 2

Having a balanced build when exploring Europa is essential if you want to succeed in your mission objectives. It is important that you choose gear, abilities and artifacts that are best suited for your playstyle while also ensuring that they are balanced enough so you can effectively tackle any enemy or situation you may encounter along your travels on this frozen wasteland planet. Additionally, having a diverse build will help increase player versatility which is invaluable when taking part in various activities both solo or with a group of friends or strangers online .

FAQ & Answers

Q: What are the prerequisites for traveling to Europa in Destiny 2?
A: In order to travel to Europa in Destiny 2, players must complete the main story campaign of the game, as well as reach Level 20. Players must also have acquired a certain number of Power levels before being able to access Europa.

Q: What challenges can players encounter when travelling to Europa in Destiny 2?
A: Players may encounter enemy strongholds and challenging bosses while travelling to Europa. Enemies can range from Cabal and Fallen forces, so players must be prepared for battle.

Q: Are there accessibility features for reaching destinations quickly on Europa in Destiny 2?
A: Yes, there are Quick-travel options available on Europa that players can use in order to reach certain locations quickly. Additionally, Coordinate Assessment Missions provide accessibility options that allow players to fast-travel within specific mission areas.

Q: How can players obtain gear and weapons on Europa in Destiny 2?
A: Players can find materials for crafting weapons by completing Patrol Missions on Europa. Exotic loot can also be acquired by completing certain missions or events.

Q: What tips should be followed for surviving on Europa in Destiny 2?
A: Players should prepare for battle by equipping themselves with powerful gear and abilities, scouting their discoveries beforehand and having a balanced build with multiple weapons and artifacts at their disposal. This will help them survive more difficult encounters while playing on Europa.

In conclusion, getting to Europa in Destiny 2 is a challenging but rewarding experience. It requires players to complete certain tasks in order to unlock access to the icy planet. These tasks include completing events and quests, as well as collecting resources and weapons. Once players have made it to Europa, they will be able to explore the world and take on new challenges.

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