How to Unequip Tokens in League of Legends – An Easy Guide

To unequip a token in League of Legends, click on the “Manage” tab in the Store page and then select “Unequip” from the list.

How To Unequip Tokens League Of Legends

Unequipping tokens in League of Legends is a quick process that will give you greater flexibility with how you customize your champion. To unequip tokens, simply open the item shop, head to the “Tokens” tab, and choose the unequip option. You’ll have to confirm your choice before all equipped tokens are removed. After confirming, all token slot will be empty ready for a new set of tokens. With a few simple steps, you’ll make more room to customize your champion with the set of tokens that suits them or your playstyle best.

Unequipping Tokens in League of Legends

Unequipping tokens is an important part of optimizing your character in League of Legends. Tokens are special items that can be used to customize your champions stats and abilities. They come in two varieties, Mastery Tokens and Prestige Tokens, which offer different advantages depending on the level of your character. Before you can unequip a token, there are certain requirements you must meet and some preparations you must make to ensure the token removal process goes smoothly. This guide will explain how to find tokens, the requirements for unequipping them, and how to prepare for token removal.

How to Find Tokens in Game?

Finding tokens is easier than it seems! Mastery Tokens can be uncovered by completing special missions or challenges within the game while Prestige Tokens are only available through limited-time events or promotions. Once you have acquired a token, you can equip it to your character by opening up the Equipment tab from the main menu.

Requirements for Unequipping Tokens

Before you can unequip a token, there are certain requirements that must be met. For Mastery Tokens, your character must be at least Level 10 and have spent at least 5 points on mastery points. For Prestige Tokens, your character must be at least Level 30 and have spent at least 10 points on prestige points. Additionally, both types of tokens require that you have sufficient IP (Influence Points) or RP (Riot Points) in order to remove them from your characters stats.

Preparing the Champion for Token Removal

Before beginning the token removal process, its important to review your runes and masteries as well as make a notepad of your summoner spell selections. This will help ensure that no changes are made unintentionally during the process and that all of your stats and abilities remain exactly as they were before removing any tokens from them. Additionally, make sure that all of your equipment slots are filled with appropriate items as unequipping tokens may cause some items to become unavailable for use afterwards depending on their level requirements or rarity.

Activating Token Removal Mode

Once all of these preparations have been made, its time to activate Token Removal Mode! On PC this can be done by pressing the V key on your keyboard while in game or through the Equipment tab from within the main menu; on Mobile this is done by tapping on the Token Removal Mode button located at the bottom right corner of the screen while in game or through the Equipment tab from within the main menu. Once Token Removal Mode has been activated, simply click/tap on any equipped token that you wish to remove from your characters stats and confirm its removal with one click/tap before exiting Token Removal Mode once again!

Removing Mastery and Prestige Tokens from a Champion

Removing Tokens from a Champion in League of Legends is a simple process. However, it is important to note that tokens cannot be unequipped until the champion has reached level 18 and has completed the appropriate quests. Once this requirement is met, players can go to their champions profile page and select the Unequip Tokens option.

When selecting this option, players will be presented with two choices: removing Mastery Tokens and removing Prestige Tokens. Removing Mastery Tokens will remove all mastery points from the champion, while Prestige tokens will completely reset the champion’s prestige level to 0.

Updating Your Champions Settings after Token Removal

After unequipping tokens from a champion, players should take some time to update their champions settings. This includes finalizing runes and masteries choices, reapplying Summoner Spell selections, as well as any other settings that may have been changed due to token removal.

Tips For Improving Your Loadouts After Token Unequipment

When creating loadouts after unequipping tokens from a champion, it is important to consider different token configurations. This means that players should experiment with different combinations of mastery points and prestige levels before making any changes to their loadout. Additionally, it is also important for players to consider win rates before unequipping tokens from a champion; if the win rate is below average when using certain token configurations then it might not be worth unequipping those tokens in order to gain an edge in game play.

FAQ & Answers

Q: How do I unequip tokens in League of Legends?
A: To unequip tokens in League of Legends, you must first activate Token Removal Mode. This is done by selecting the champion you wish to unequip tokens from, clicking the Settings option, and then selecting Token Removal Mode. Once you have activated this mode, you can remove Mastery and Prestige Tokens from a champion.

Q: What are the requirements for unequipping tokens?
A: The requirements for unequipping tokens vary depending on the type of token being unequipped. For Mastery Tokens, players must be level 8 or higher to be able to remove them from a champion. For Prestige Tokens, players must be level 12 or higher to be able to remove them from a champion.

Q: How do I find tokens in game?
A: Tokens can be found in game by uncovering Mastery Tokens and unlocking Prestige Tokens. Mastery Tokens can be earned by leveling up your Summoner Level, while Prestige Tokens can be earned by completing select events or missions throughout the year.

Q: What should I do before removing tokens?
A: Before removing tokens from a champion, it is important to review their runes and masteries selections as well as make a notepad of their Summoner Spell selections for reference when reapplying them after token removal is complete. This will help ensure your champions settings are up to date after token removal is complete.

Q: Are there any tips for improving my loadouts after token unequipment?
A: Yes! After you have removed tokens from a champion it is important to consider different configurations with different token combinations as well as consider win rates before making any final decisions when loading out your champions. This will help ensure that your champions are playing at their best!

In conclusion, it is important to understand how to unequip tokens in League of Legends in order to maximize your gaming experience. By following the steps outlined above, you can successfully unequip tokens from your account and free up space in your inventory. Additionally, some players may want to take advantage of token transfers for strategic purposes. Regardless of your intentions, it is important to familiarize yourself with the process so you can play the game with confidence.

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