How to Watch Fairy Tail in Order: A Step-by-Step Guide for the Ultimate Viewing Experience

To watch Fairy Tail in order, start with the first episode and continue watching sequentially from there.

How To Watch Fairy Tail In Order

Fairy Tail is a popular anime series based on the titular manga by Hiro Mashima. It follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel and his guildmates, members of the Fairy Tail guild, as they take on various tasks and challenges. Watching Fairy Tail in its entirety requires patience and dedication, but it’s worth every minute. To further maximize enjoyment, watching it in chronological order is the best way to go. By doing so, viewers can follow all the exciting plot twists and better appreciate character development more. With a total of 328 episodes, there are 3 arcs: The Phantom Lord Arc (Episodes 1-31), The Galuna Island Arc (Episodes 32-60) and Edolas & X791 Arc (Episodes 61-328). In addition, there are three film adaptations: Fairy Tail the Movie: Phoenix Priestess (2012), Fairy tail dragon cry (2017) and Fairy tail: The final season of an extraordinary idea(2019). So get ready to embark on an epic journey with your favorite characters at your side!

How To Watch Fairy Tail In Order

Fairy Tail is an incredibly popular anime series that has been around for more than a decade. It has amassed a huge fan base and it is one of the most watched anime series of all time. With so many episodes, arcs, and movies, it can be difficult to know where to start when watching Fairy Tail. Luckily, there are several ways to watch Fairy Tail in chronological order.

By Platform

The best way to watch Fairy Tail in order is by streaming it on various platforms. The most common streaming services are Netflix, Hulu, and Crunchyroll. Each service offers a different selection of episodes and movies from the series, but all three will provide an accurate viewing experience that follows the storyline from beginning to end. Netflix subscribers can find all nine seasons of the show as well as the two OVA’s (original video animations). Hulu subscribers can access eight seasons and both OVA’s while Crunchyroll subscribers have access to six seasons and both OVA’s.

By Streaming Service

In addition to streaming platforms, fans can also access episodes of Fairy Tail through digital rental or purchase services such as iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Video, and Microsoft Movies & TV. All of these services offer individual episode rentals or purchases with prices ranging from $0.99-$3.99 per episode depending on the service used. Similarly to streaming platforms, digital rental or purchase services also vary in their selection of episodes available so viewers should check multiple services before settling on one.

How To Stream Fairy Tail Legally

Viewers who wish to stream Fairy Tail legally have two main options: free options or subscription services. Free options include websites like Crunchyroll which offer ad-supported streaming for viewers who wish not to pay for a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu Plus. Subscription services such as Netflix require a monthly fee but offer higher quality video streams with no ads along with access to other shows and films not available through free services like Crunchyroll. Whichever option viewers choose, they can rest assured that they are watching legally since both streaming platforms and digital rental/purchase sites are licensed by Funimation Entertainment and Kodansha Comics USA Inc., the companies that own the rights to the series in North America.

Where To Watch Fairy Tail Online

Fairy Tail is available online through several sources including official websites such as Funimation Entertainments website which provides English dubbed episodes; Hulu which provides English subbed episodes; Crunchyroll which provides both English dubbed and subbed versions; AnimeLab which offers both English dubbed and subbed versions; Netflix which offers English dubbed versions; Amazon Video which offers English subbed versions; Microsoft Movies & TV which provides both English dubbed and subbed versions; iTunes which provides English subbed versions; Google Play which also provides both English dubbed and subbed versions; and various other websites such as Anime Planet which provide additional sources for streaming Fairy Tail online in either language version (English dub or sub).

Fairy Tail Release Dates

Fairy Tail has been airing since October 2009 with its final episode airing on March 30th 2019 making it one of the longest running anime series ever created at over 300 episodes! Additionally there are two original video animations (OVAs) titled Welcome To Fairy Hills!! released on December 16th 2011 and Memory Days released on December 11th 2013 as well as three feature length films: Fairy Tail The Movie: Phoenix Priestess released April 7th 2012; Fairy Tail The Movie: Dragon Cry released May 6th 2017; Fairy Tail Final Series: Dragon King Of The Magic World released August 18th 2018 . Furthermore there are numerous light novels based off characters from the anime series written by Hiro Mashima himself!

Best Fairy Tale Arc Rankings

When it comes to ranking arcs within the world of Fairy Tale there is no definitive answer but some fan favorites include The Grand Magic Games Arc from season four where Natsu Dragneel competes against other guilds in an epic tournament arc full of exciting moments! Another highly ranked arc is Tartaros Arc from season seven where Natsu Dragneel fights against a powerful dark guild full of powerful demons! Then there is Avatar Arc from season nine where Natsu Dragneel faces off against Zeref who was thought dead but returns with incredible power! Finally fans have come up with their own rankings based off suggested arcs by Hiro Mashima himself such as Sun Village Arc where Squad Ten goes on an adventure into an unknown village filled with mysterious events!

Episode Summaries, Reviews & Streaming Advice

Fairy Tail is an anime series based on the manga of the same name by Hiro Mashima. It follows the adventures of Natsu Dragneel, a wizard and member of the Fairy Tail guild, as he embarks on various missions and quests with his friends. The anime has aired for seven seasons since its debut in 2009, with each season having its own individual story arcs and episodes. When watching Fairy Tail, it can be helpful to have some guidance on what episodes to watch in order. This article will provide episode summaries and reviews as well as streaming advice for those wanting to watch Fairy Tail in order.

Fairy Tail Order of Story Events & Timeline- Major Points of Fairy Tail Plotline- Key Moments of the Series

The plot of Fairy Tail follows Natsu Dragneel and his companions as they journey through various magical lands while taking on jobs from other guilds and completing their own personal missions. The show’s timeline can be broken down into seven major arcs:

1) The Macao Arc (Episodes 1-23): In this arc, Natsu meets Lucy Heartfilia, Happy, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet who become his comrades at Fairy Tail. They embark on a mission to search for Macao Conbolt’s missing pet Exceed (a talking cat) while encountering many magical creatures along the way.

2) The Galuna Island Arc (Episodes 24-41): In this arc, Natsu and his friends are sent to Galuna Island to investigate the mysterious disappearance of its inhabitants. They soon discover that an ancient demon is responsible for the island’s plight and must unite together to defeat it.

3) The Tower Of Heaven Arc (Episodes 42-63): In this arc, Erza Scarlet is kidnapped by Jellal Fernandes who is planning to revive Zeref using a powerful spell known as “The Tower Of Heaven”. Natsu must rescue Erza before Jellal completes his plan or else Zeref will be unleashed upon the world once more.

4) The Grand Magic Games Arc (Episodes 64-96): In this arc, Natsu and his friends join the Grand Magic Games tournament in order to prove their strength against other powerful mages from around Fiore Kingdom. Along the way they must face off against some formidable opponents while also uncovering a sinister plot that threatens all of Fiore.

5) The Tartaros Arc (Episodes 97-127): In this arc, Natsu’s team discovers an evil organization known as Tartaros who are plotting to use powerful dark magic in order to take over Fiore Kingdom. They must find a way to stop Tartaros before it’s too late or else their entire kingdom could be destroyed by their dark magic spells.

6) The Alvarez Empire Arc (Episodes 128-175): In this arc, Natsu’s team discovers that an old enemy from years ago has returned with an entire new army at his disposal called “The Alvarez Empire”. They must join forces with allies old and new in order to take down this powerful enemy before it conquers all of Fiore Kingdom once again.

7)The Final Season (Episodes 176-328): In this arc, Natsu’s team is finally reunited after years apart only to find out that they have been targeted by an even greater enemy called Acnologia who is intent on destroying all magic users across the world. They must work together one last time if they are going to have any chance at stopping Acnologia before it is too late!

With seven major story arcs spanning over 328 episodes it can be difficult for viewers new or returning viewers alike keep track of where they left off or what episode order they should follow when watching Fairy Tail in order . To make things easier we have broken down each story arc into its individual episode summaries so you know exactly what episodes you should watch when wanting to enjoy Fairy Tail in order!

Rewatch The Manga Adaptations Of Fairy Tail- Before or After Watching Anime- Reading List & Story Summary

Fairy Tail has been adapted into both anime and manga formats since its original release in 2009; however many fans prefer one form over another when rewatching or reading for enjoyment purposes. Those wishing to rewatch/read manga adaptations should consider which version comes first when viewing/reading some prefer watching/reading them separately while others prefer watching/reading them simultaneously instead! For those wanting a reading list & story summary before or after watching/reading anime/manga adaptations then here are some key points:

Before Watching/Reading Anime/Manga Adaptations: Consider reading some key chapters from volume 1 such as Fairy Tale Start which introduces readers/viewers to characters like Lucy Heartfilia & Happy; The Fire Dragon which introduces readers/viewers to characters like Gray Fullbuster & Erza Scarlet; Fear Not Magic which introduces readers/viewers more about how magic works within this universe; Tower Of Heaven which introduces readers/viewers more about dark magic & Grimoire Heart; Tartaros which introduces readers/viewers more about villains like Jackal & Silver; Alvarez Empire which introduces readers/viewers more about villains like Zeref & Spriggan 12; And finally Fairy Heart which introduces readers/viewers more about characters like Mavis Vermillion & Acnologia! These chapters provide a great starting point for those wishing refresh their memories prior reading further volumes or watching further episodes!

After Watching Anime Adaptations: Consider reading volumes 2 onward these volumes cover further adventures our heroes go on such as Tartaros Arc Part 2 where they go up against Eileens team of demons searching for Eclipsed Keys; Alvarez Empire Arc Part 2 where they go up against Ajeel Ramals army searching for Etherious Stones; And finally Warrod Sequen Arc Part 2 where they go up against Bluenote Stingers squad searching for Tenrou Jade! These volumes are great supplements after finishing anime adaptations so readers can get further insight into characters motivations behind their actions throughout series!

Fairy Tail Movie Summary Recap & Discussion- Movie Chronology To Follow Through Series- User Engagement & Reactions

For those wishing get even more immersed into world magical adventure then there are two movies fans can watch these movies follow chronology same as series however certain events occur differently due course movie having different pacing than show does! Those looking recap movie summaries discussion user engagement reactions then here are key points:

Fairy Tail: Phoenix Priestess: This movie follows group members our heroes during S Class Mage Promotion Exam wherein mysterious woman named Eclair appears S class mage test taking place Tenrou Island her arrival brings chaos island wherein she reveals herself priestess fire dragon Igneel having traveled past look dragon slayer children she helped raise long ago! She seeks help group members prevent “Phoenix Stone” from being taken hands danger because if happens would mean destruction world! During movie heroes face off against villains Daphne Grove dangerous dragon slayer Rustyrose whom ultimately defeated allowing Eclair obtain Phoenix Stone thereby saving world destruction!
Fairy Tail Dragon Cry: This second movie takes place year later wherein group members our heroes travel kingdom Stella on mission retrieve stolen staff known Dragon Cry staff during mission discover staff stolen nation Stella King Animus behest however soon discover true reason behind mission was Animus’ own agenda resurrect god Acnologia using power Dragon Cry staff destroy entire kingdom once resurrected god completed!!! Ultimately our heroes manage thwart Animus’ plans obtaining Dragon Cry staff sealing away Acnologia before could fully resurrected saving kingdom destruction once again!!

These movies provide great insight into motivations behind certain events occurring throughout series giving viewers deeper understanding why certain happened way did throughout show run time opening door discussion user engagement reactions allow fans express themselves discuss theories might occur future films!!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the best way to watch Fairy Tail in order?
A: The best way to watch Fairy Tail in order is to start with the first episode and continue on until the end of the series. You can either watch it chronologically by platform or streaming service, or you can follow the release dates for each episode.

Q: Where can I watch Fairy Tail online?
A: You can watch Fairy Tail online both in English dubbed episodes, as well as subbed episodes. There are multiple streaming services available, such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

Q: What are some of the best Fairy Tail arcs?
A: Some of the top arcs from Fairy Tail include Tartaros Arc, Grand Magic Games Arc, Tenrou Island Arc, and Avatar Arc. However, fan rankings may vary.

Q: How should I go about rewatching the manga adaptations of Fairy Tail?
A: When rewatching the manga adaptations of Fairy Tail, its recommended that you do so before or after watching the anime versions. This way, you can compare and contrast them for a fuller understanding of the series.

Q: What is a good summary of the Fairy Tail movie?
A: The movie follows Natsu Dragneel and his friends as they attempt to save Lucy Heartfilia from a powerful dark wizard known as Zeref. Along their journey they must battle against evil forces and make many hard decisions in order to protect their beloved friends.

In conclusion, watching Fairy Tail in order is best way to experience the incredible story arc and character development. By starting from the beginning, viewers will be able to understand the complexities of the plot and characters, as well as appreciate the show’s unique aesthetic. With a wide variety of options, including official streaming services and fan-made watch orders, there is an option for everyone to enjoy this timeless classic.

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