Watch Magi in Order: A Step-By-Step Guide to Enjoying the Anime Series

To watch Magi in order, start with the Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic anime series, then watch the Magi: The Kingdom of Magic sequel series.

How To Watch Magi In Order

Watching Magi in order is a great way to get the most out of this action-packed anime series. Here’s a brief overview and guide on how to watch it properly.

Magi consists of two seasons, plus two ancillary OVAs (Original Video Animations). The first season starts with Aladdin and Alibaba’s adventures in the mysterious Dungeons, associated with the magic of Magnus Sol, and culminates with their journey to the land of Sindria. The OVAs provide a special bonus, taking place outside of the main timeline – they can either be watched after you finish season one, or before you start season two – it’s up to you!

The second season follows Aladdin and Alibaba’s venture into the Reim Empire and their battle with the Imienitari. Afterward, they continue on their quest for knowledge while getting involved in various conflicts around Magnostadt. Ultimately, they embark on a journey to find a new path for themselves as well as more secrets about Magoi – magical power sources that are heavily connected to Magnus Sol.

Complete your Magi watching experience by catching up on its four movies: Sinbad no Bouken, Pharaoh no Haka/The Labyrinth of Magic Movie, Konjiki no Shinku/The Kingdom of Magic Movie and Nejimaki Megami)Tenrou Sennen no Mahou/The Adventures of Sinbad Movie – all standalone stories that expand upon Magi’s enchanting world-building!


Magi is a Japanese anime series written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka. It follows the adventures of Aladdin, Alibaba, and Morgiana as they explore mysterious dungeons in search of treasure and fame. The series consists of two parts, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. It has been adapted into an anime series, several video games, light novels, and a movie.


When watching the Magi series, there are some things to consider. The first is whether you want to watch the original Japanese version or an English dub. While the dub is usually more accessible for those who dont understand Japanese, purists may prefer the original version to get the full experience. Additionally, if you plan to watch both parts of the series back-to-back or over a short period of time, its important to take breaks in between them so that you can fully appreciate each story arc.

The Magi Series

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic follows young Aladdin as he embarks on a journey with his friend Alibaba to explore mysterious dungeons filled with magical creatures and powerful artifacts. Along their way they meet Morgiana, a slave girl on her own quest for freedom. As they traverse through each dungeon they battle fierce monsters and gain powerful allies in their quest for fame and fortune.

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic picks up where its predecessor left off as Aladdin and his friends continue their journey across mysterious lands in pursuit of knowledge about magic and its secrets. Along their way they face new adventures with new enemies along with old allies from previous dungeons as they attempt to protect their world from destruction at the hands of rising evil forces.

Getting Started With The Series

If youre interested in watching Magi but dont know where to start then there are two main options available to you watching it online or buying physical copies from retailers or streaming services like Crunchyroll or FunimationNow. For those who want the best picture quality then buying physical copies is probably the best option but if youre on a budget then streaming is probably your best bet since most streaming services offer HD quality streams for free or at very reasonable prices.

When it comes to watching order there are two main options chronological order (which follows the timeline established by both parts) or release order (which follows when each part was released). Depending on your preference either option can work but its important to note that release order might be better for those who are more familiar with the characters and story arcs since chronological order can sometimes be confusing due to flashbacks or other plot elements that might affect how events unfold across both parts.

Conclusion Of Magi Series

After completing both parts many fans have expressed satisfaction at how everything ended up coming together in a satisfying conclusion that leaves little room for questions about what could have been different had certain events gone another way throughout both parts of the series. In addition to this positive reception, an animated movie adaptation was released shortly after completion which follows an alternate timeline but still manages to keep some elements from both parts intact such as characters and certain plot points which further enhances viewer enjoyment when watching it after finishing both parts of Magi: The Kingdom Of Magic & Labyrinth Of Magic respectively..

Finally, when considering your overall experience with Magi there are few factors worth noting; originality within its storytelling techniques such as complex character development & plot structure combined with visually stunning animation makes this series enjoyable & definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new & exciting!

Watch Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic is the first anime based on the popular manga series by Shinobu Ohtaka. It is a fantasy adventure anime about a young boy named Aladdin, who is an orphaned street rat living in a desert kingdom. He meets a mysterious djinn named Ugo and sets out on an epic journey to discover the secrets of his past and the truth behind his magical powers. In order to watch Magi in order, you should start with the first season.

Watch Magi: The Kingdom of Magic

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic follows Aladdins continuing adventures as he searches for more powerful magics and discovers new allies. It is set in different lands across the world and introduces many new characters to the series, including Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana, and Kougyoku Ren. To watch Magi in order, you should follow up with this season after watching the first season.

Watch Magi: Adventure of Sinbad

Magi: Adventure of Sinbad is a prequel series to the main story arc that focuses on Sinbads younger days as he builds up his kingdom and embarks on various adventures as part of his plan to become king. This series takes place before Aladdins journey begins and introduces many important characters who would later become key figures in Aladdins story arc. To watch Magi in order, you should watch this prequel series after watching both seasons of Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and The Kingdom of Magic.

Watch Other Special Episodes

In addition to these three main series, there are also various special episodes that provide additional backstory or explore side stories within the main storyline. These are usually released after each season or can be watched separately from the main story arcs. To watch these episodes in order, they should be watched after completing each respective season or special episode arc they are associated with.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What Is The Magi Series?
A: The Magi Series is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka. It follows the adventures of Aladdin, Alibaba and Morgiana as they explore a mysterious world filled with magic and mystery. The series consists of two main parts, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic and Magi: The Kingdom of Magic.

Q: How Do I Watch The Magi Series In Order?
A: To watch the series in order, you should start with Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic followed by Magi: The Kingdom of Magic. After that, you should watch the movie adaptation, which is titled Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad.

Q: Where Can I Find The Magi Series?
A: You can find the series online through various streaming services such as Funimation, Hulu, Netflix and Crunchyroll. Additionally, the series has been released on DVD and Blu-Ray so it can be purchased from these retailers as well.

Q: Is There A Movie Adaptation Of The Series?
A: Yes, there is a movie adaptation titled Magi: Adventure Of Sinbad which follows Sinbad’s adventures before he meets Aladdin and Alibaba in the main series. It was released in 2016 and can be found on streaming services or purchased from retail stores.

Q: What Are Some Considerations To Keep In Mind When Watching Magi?
A: There are a few things to keep in mind when watching the series such as making sure you follow the chronological order of events in order to get the full story experience. Additionally, some scenes may be confusing or contain spoilers so it might be best to watch them after having seen all previous episodes first. Lastly, make sure to look out for any essential plot points that you may have missed during your initial viewing of the show for a better understanding of what’s going on.

In conclusion, watching Magi in order is a great way to experience the full story and appreciate the characters and storylines. Watching the show in order, from season 1 to season 3, will ensure that viewers don’t miss any important plot points or character arcs. It is also a great way to get a better understanding of the overall story and themes.

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