Explore the Wasteland of Fallout New Vegas with the Item Browser

The item browser in Fallout: New Vegas allows players to browse and equip any item in the game.

Item Browser Fallout New Vegas

Item Browser Fallout New Vegas is the ultimate tool for finding and managing items in the post-apocalyptic world of the popular video game. This software helps users discover what weapons, armors, ammo, and apparel they need amidst a vast array of possible choices. It offers a fast and intuitive search interface that lets players quickly find exactly what they need. It also provides detailed information such as player health, damage infliction, armor sets, modifications for weapons or armors, and other helpful details that will aid them in their journey. Item Browser Fallout New Vegas ensures that gamers have access to all the information they need to choose items wisely to survive in this unforgiving wasteland.


Fallout New Vegas offers a vast array of weapons for players to choose from. From energy weapons such as laser rifles and plasma pistols, to hand held weapons like the 10mm pistol and .44 magnum revolver, there is something for everyone. Laser weapons are great for long-range combat, while hand held weapons are better suited for close-range engagements. The wide range of weapon types found in Fallout New Vegas allows players to customize their playstyle to their own preferences.


Armor is an essential part of surviving the harsh wasteland of Fallout New Vegas. Light armor provides basic protection from incoming fire while heavy armor offers greater protection at the cost of mobility. Power Armor is a special type of armor exclusive to certain locations in the game that provides superior protection as well as increased strength and agility. Locations to find Power Armor include Vault 11, Hidden Valley Bunker, HELIOS One, and Sierra Madre Casino. Players can also modify existing Power Armor with modifications such as jet packs, Gatling lasers, and more.

Ammunition & Consumables

Ammunition and consumables are essential for keeping you alive in Fallout New Vegas. Energy Cells are required to power most energy weapons while ammo rounds are required for more traditional firearms such as 10mm pistols or .44 magnums. Additionally, various items and supplies can be found throughout the world that can be used for crafting or healing purposes.

Apparel & Clothes

In addition to armor, apparel and clothes provide an additional layer of protection from the elements in Fallout New Vegas. Hats, masks and goggles protect your face from sandstorms while shirts and pants provide warmth in cold climates or insulation against radiation exposure. With a wide variety of styles available, players can customize their look to fit their own preferences or match their character’s backstory.

Medical Items

Medical items are essential for a successful journey in Fallout New Vegas. Stimpaks, Radaway and Hyper injections are some of the most common medical items found in game, used to heal wounds or cure radiation poisoning. Med kits provide a quick and easy way to restore health and can be found scattered throughout the wasteland. For more serious ailments, Med-X provides a potent analgesic that can increase one’s resistance to pain.

Chipsets & Keys

Control chipsets for Securitrons are another important item found in Fallout New Vegas. These chipsets allow you to command a Securitron robot to do your bidding, making them invaluable for completing certain quests or navigating the wasteland with ease. Unique keys are also found throughout the game, used to unlock safes or access restricted areas. These keys can be found in various locations and often provide valuable rewards when used correctly.

Quest Items & Collectibles

Old world relics and artifacts are often sought after by adventurers in Fallout New Vegas. These artifacts provide insight into the ancient cultures of the past and can also be used to complete certain quests or side missions. Miscellaneous memorabilia and collectibles such as bottles, books, pictures, figurines and other trinkets are also scattered across the wasteland. Collecting these items can be an enjoyable way to explore the world around you and will often reward players with caps or other useful items.

Miscellaneous Tools & Weapons

Miscellaneous tools and weapons are another important item type found in Fallout New Vegas. Lockpicking kits allow players to gain access to locked doors or containers without having to resort to violence while explosive materials and components give players an edge when dealing with difficult foes or obstacles in their path. Whether its for crafting weapons or creating distractions, these tools can prove invaluable when exploring the wastes of New Vegas.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Where can I find Power Armor in Fallout New Vegas?
A: Power Armor can be found in a variety of locations throughout the Mojave Wasteland. Some of the more common locations include the Fortification Hill, Jacobstown, and The Spine.

Q: What types of weapons are available in Fallout New Vegas?
A: Fallout New Vegas features a wide variety of weapons ranging from Hand Held weapons such as pistols, shotguns, rifles and energy weapons to laser weapons.

Q: What type of armor is available in Fallout New Vegas?
A: Fallout New Vegas offers both Light and Heavy armor. Light armor provides protection from ballistic damage while Heavy armor provides more protection from energy damage.

Q: What type of medical items are available in Fallout New Vegas?
A: Medical items include Stimpaks, Radaway and Hyper injections as well as Med Kits and Med-X. These items can restore lost health or provide temporary protection from radiation exposure.

Q: What type of chipsets and keys are needed for Securitrons in Fallout New Vegas?
A: Control chipsets are required for Securitrons to operate properly. These chipsets can be found scattered across the Mojave Wasteland or acquired through certain quests. Unique keys are also needed to access certain areas or unlock special doors.

It is clear that the Item Browser in Fallout New Vegas is a great addition to the game. It provides an easy way to find and organize items, making inventory management much simpler. The Item Browser also allows players to quickly compare item stats, which helps them make the best decisions when outfitting their character. With its intuitive design and helpful features, the Item Browser is a must-have for any serious Fallout New Vegas player.

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