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Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is a collection of adult comic strips featuring various characters from the Jab Comix universe.

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is the third installment of the popular JabComix series, a collection of explicit adult comic books and illustrations. This volume follows college students Mandy and Mike as they embark on a wild and risque journey into the underworld of secret sexual encounters. Written and illustrated by Jesse McCann, this erotic story is filled with humor, intense suspense, and plenty of NSFW content. With sharp satire, layered characterizations, and a playful sense of adventure, Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 proves that taboos can be broken in witty ways. It’s an explicit comic book for adults who know how to enjoy life without taking it too seriously.

Introduction – What is Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is an adult comic by artist and writer, Jab. It is the third installment in the Dat Ass series, which follows a group of teenagers with superpowers as they take on the forces of evil. The comic has gained immense popularity for its unique blend of humor, action, and drama. It features a diverse cast of characters, all with their own individual personalities and motivations.

How to access Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 can be accessed through various online platforms such as comiXology, Amazon Kindle, and Google Play Books. It is also available in print form from select comic book stores. Additionally, fans can purchase exclusive merchandise related to the series from the official website.


Introduction of the Comic

The story begins with a group of teenagers who are granted extraordinary powers by a mysterious entity known only as The Source. Armed with these new abilities, they set off on an adventure to combat the forces of evil that threaten their world. Along the way, they must face various obstacles and challenges while learning more about themselves and each other.

The Character Development

Each character in Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 has their own unique backstory and motivations that drive them throughout the story. As they progress through their adventures, readers will get to know these characters better as they experience moments of growth and discovery. They will also learn more about The Source and its mysterious power that lies within each one of them.


Quality Of Artwork

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 features high-quality artwork that helps bring the story to life. The characters are drawn with great attention to detail that captures each expression perfectly. The colors used throughout are vibrant and bold, creating a visually stunning experience for readers to enjoy.

Use Of Colors

The use of color plays an important role in this comic series as it helps set up certain moods for each scene or situation being depicted on-page. For instance, when there is danger present in a scene, darker colors are used to convey tension or suspense while lighter colors can be used for comedic moments or lighthearted settings such as at school or home life activities between characters. This helps make each scene more engaging for readers by providing them with visual cues that allow them to further immerse themselves in the story being told on-page.

Characters And Plot

Main Protagonist Characterization

The main protagonist of Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is Dax Hunter; a teenage boy whose life changed when he was granted powers from The Source after coming into contact with it during an accident at his school lab experiment gone wrong. Dax Hunter possesses superhuman strength along with other abilities such as flight and telekinesis which he uses to help him fight against evil forces threatening his world while learning more about himself along the way. He is accompanied by his best friend Mya who helps him out in tight situations throughout their adventures while also having her own set of powers granted by The Source too! Together they stand united against any threat that comes their way no matter how powerful it may be!

Comics Plot

The plot follows Dax Hunter and his friends as they battle against various villains who threaten not only their world but also other universes too! Along the way they must learn how to use their newfound powers wisely while learning more about themselves in order develop into better heroes capable of taking down any foe no matter how powerful it may be! As they progress further into their journey together more secrets start coming out about why The Source chose them specifically which leads towards an epic showdown between good vs evil where anything could happen!


Delivery Of Jokes

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 features plenty of jokes throughout its pages which add lightheartedness to its already exciting story line! The jokes range from puns related to pop culture references or just simple one liners that make readers chuckle at times! Each joke is delivered uniquely depending on which character says it since some characters have different personalities than others so there’s always something new for readers to enjoy every time someone cracks a joke during scenes!

Style And Substance Of Hilarity

In terms of style, Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 relies heavily on dialogue driven humor which allows characters’ individual personalities shine through when making jokes or commenting on certain situations that arise throughout their adventures! That said there’s still plenty substance behind these jokes since many times there’s underlying themes such as friendship or trustworthiness being conveyed through certain humorous exchanges between characters which adds depth even when things get silly every now and then!


Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is filled with dialogue that is both authentic and accurate. The conversations between the characters flow naturally, making it easy to follow the story. The characters have a natural chemistry that brings the story to life, making it feel more genuine. Every line of dialogue is written in a way that captures the essence of each character and their relationship dynamics.

Relationships Dynamics

The relationships between the characters are explored in great detail throughout Jab Comix Dat Ass 3. Each character’s personality and motivations are explored, giving them depth. The interactions between the characters are realistic and help to progress the story naturally. The comic also has some humorous moments, which adds an additional layer of entertainment to the overall experience.

Settings and Props

The settings and props used in Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 help to create an immersive experience for readers. There is a great variety in the settings used throughout, from urban environments to rural landscapes, helping to keep readers engaged with each scene as it progresses. Additionally, props are used effectively to help drive the story forward or provide comedic relief at specific moments.

Writing Style

The writing style utilized in Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is well-crafted and engaging for readers. A consistent flow pattern is followed throughout each issue, allowing for an easy transition between scenes while still maintaining a sense of continuity within each story arc. Additionally, each character’s voice is unique and contributes to their individual personalities within the comic book series overall.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?
A: Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is a comic book series created by artist and writer, Jay Naylor. It follows the adventures of a young woman named Daisy, as she discovers her newfound powers and learns about the world around her. The series features the art style of manga/anime with vivid and expressive characters.

Q: How to access Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?
A: Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 can be accessed online via the official website Additionally, readers can purchase physical copies at most major bookstores or order them online from various vendors.

Q: What is the story of Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?
A: The story follows Daisy as she discovers her newfound powers and learns about the world around her. Along the way, she meets new allies and enemies while struggling to use her newfound abilities to their fullest potential. Along with action-packed fight scenes, there are also moments of comedic relief that add an extra layer of enjoyment to the comic series.

Q: What visual elements are used in Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?
A: Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 uses a manga/anime visual style with dynamic characters and vibrant colors to bring its story and characters to life. The artwork is detailed yet simplistic enough for readers to easily identify each character quickly.

Q: What type of humor can be found in Jab Comix Dat Ass 3?
A: The comic series has a unique blend of humor that ranges from subtle jokes to over-the-top gags that will make readers laugh out loud! There is a nice balance between style and substance that makes sure no joke or pun falls flat on its face.

Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is the third installment of the popular adult comic series by Jab Comix, featuring the adventures of various characters. This comic series has been praised for its unique and hilarious takes on adult themes, and this third installment does not disappoint. With its well-crafted artwork and clever dialogue, Jab Comix Dat Ass 3 is sure to be a hit with fans of adult comics.

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