Jackie Oshry’s Husband’s Net Worth: Find Out How Rich He Is

Jackie Oshry’s husband’s net worth is unknown.

Jackie Oshry Husband Net Worth

Jackie Oshry is a media personality and social media star widely known for her radio show “The Morning Breath” broadcasted on SiriusXM Hits 1. She’s married to Ben Mizrahi, an independent filmmaker who has his own production company called Narativ Films. Together they have an estimated combined net worth of $3 million dollars.

A big portion of the couple’s income comes from Jackie’s show, which is consistently in the top of SiriusXM shows and was recently awarded “Show of The Year” by the platform. Ben generates a good chunk of his earnings from his films and documentaries produced at Narativ Films. He’s most known for his 2017 film, “The Price Of Success”.

Ben also made headlines recently when he directed a FaceTime short called “I’ll Never Feel Alone Again”, which had its world premiere at the Lighthouse Film Festival in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Jackie and Ben have both found success in their respective fields, with each contributing to their wealth and helping them build a long-term financial foundation to ensure their future plans go according to plan.

Early Life

Jackie Oshry is a popular American media personality and comedian. She was born on November 2, 1994, in New York City. Jackie was raised by her parents, Debra and Howard Oshry. She is the eldest among her siblings, Margie and Claudia. Jackie attended the University of Michigan where she played lacrosse and graduated with a degree in Economics in 2016.

Professional Career

Jackie began her career as a talk show host for Sirius XM’s The Morning Mashup in 2015. In 2016 she became an internet sensation after joining the digital media company known as The Blockhead which was founded by her sister Claudia Oshry. She co-hosted the morning show at The Blockhead with her sister Margie until its closure in 2018. Jackie then went on to become the host of her own talk show, Morning Breath on the same platform until it too closed down in 2019.

Since then, Jackie has been actively working as a content creator for various online platforms such as YouTube and Instagram where she has amassed immense popularity over time. She regularly uploads videos of herself talking about various topics such as lifestyle, relationships, travel and entertainment on these platforms for her millions of followers worldwide.

Who is Jackie’s Husband?

Jackie is married to Ben Soffer, the founder of fashion brand Kith since November 2019. They first met each other at an event organized by mutual friends back in 2017 and soon started dating thereafter before tying the knot two years later.

Jackies Relationship History Before Getting Married

Prior to getting married to Ben Soffer, Jackie had a few relationships with other men which did not last very long though none of them were reported publicly before now except for one with musician John Mayer who she dated briefly back in 2018 but eventually broke up due to their busy schedules at that time.

What is Jackie Oshrys Net Worth?

Jackie Oshry has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2021 due to her successful career over the years as a media personality and content creator across various digital platforms including YouTube and Instagram where she earns money from advertisements and sponsored posts from brands like Revolve Clothing, Quay Australia Eyewear and more. Besides this she also makes money from hosting events or appearing as a guest speaker at conferences or events around the world from time to time too along with being a brand ambassador for certain products or services like Uber Eats or products from makeup brand Glossier when they launch new collections or promotions etc.,

Career Earnings and Salary of Jackie Oshry

Jacki has earned quite a decent amount throughout her career so far but there is no exact figure available regarding how much money she earns annually through advertisements or brand partnerships etc., however it can be estimated that she earns somewhere between $50k-$100k per year depending on the number of projects she takes up throughout the year plus any additional bonuses or incentives that may come along too occasionally when signing up with bigger brands or advertising campaigns etc.,

Instagram Following and Monetization of Content

Jacki currently has over 2 million followers on Instagram which is where most of her income comes from through sponsored posts from brands like Quay Australia Eyewear etc., Besides this she also shares personal lifestyle tips related videos every now & then which are all monetized according to Instagram policies ensuring that every post made by Jacki brings some form income into her pocket regardless if its sponsored or not basically due to her huge follower base alone when compared to other influencers out there right now making it easier for brands & companies alike to reach out & collaborate with Jacki whenever they need someone who can promote their products effectively without having to spend exorbitant amounts for it either way!

Other Social Networks with Presence of Jackie Oshry

Apart from Instagram Jacki also shares content regularly across many other social networks such as Twitter & Snapchat where she has nearly 400k followers combined offering fans another opportunity to stay connected with Jackis life & activities even when they are away from their phones! Moreover Jacki also runs two YouTube channels namely Jackie & LA’ & Sophisticatedly Simple which boast over 1 million subscribers collectively giving viewers access to some exclusive behind-the-scenes content related stuffs such as vlogs documenting Jackis daily life activities, challenges & more!

Popular Videos on “Jackie & LA” Channel

The Jackie & LA’ channel mostly consists videos related to lifestyle topics such as travel tips, beauty hacks & more while some popular videos include 24 Hours With A Model featuring model Gigi Hadid which gained widespread attention for its unique take on celebrity lifestyles! Other than that there are several entertaining prank videos featuring Jacki & friends providing lighthearted entertainment among viewers while also showcasing how talented an actress Jacki truly is when given an opportunity!

Content Shared on Her YouTube Channels
On both channels combined viewers can find everything ranging from informative tutorials related topics such as fashion trends or makeup looks all way up till funny skits featuring celebrities like Kim Kardashian West among others proving just how versatile Jacki really is when it comes creating engaging content regardless what platform used!

Radio Shows

Jackie Oshry is the host of several popular radio programs and podcasts. Her flagship show, The Morning Show Radio Program with Jackie and her Sisters, has been a staple of morning radio since its launch in 2017. The show features Jackie and her sisters discussing topics ranging from politics to lifestyle advice. In addition, Jackie hosts a series of podcasts featuring conversations with prominent personalities from the entertainment industry.

Charitable Work by Jacky Oshry

Jackie is an active philanthropist, supporting a variety of causes both through direct donations and through events she sponsors for fundraising purposes. She has lent her star power to a number of charitable organizations such as the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, the American Red Cross, and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. In addition to these organizations, Jackie also donates her time to various causes including animal welfare and education initiatives.

Controversies Related to Her

Despite her successes in business and philanthropy, Jackie has faced some controversies in recent years. In 2018, she was embroiled in a scandal that impacted her reputation when it was revealed that she had made some questionable comments about race on social media. Though she apologized for these remarks, they resulted in significant backlash from many who felt that she should have been more thoughtful in her words. Additionally, Jackie has had to defend herself against criticisms regarding her wealth and privilege due to being born into an affluent family.

Articles Featuring Jackie

In recent years, there have been numerous articles written about Jackie’s successful career journey as well as highlighting the social impact work she performs on a regular basis. These pieces offer readers insights into how Jackie has managed to break barriers in the entertainment industry while also taking on important causes with passion and commitment. They also feature interviews with friends and family members who offer their thoughts on what makes Jackie such an inspiring figure in today’s society.

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who is Jackie Oshry?
A: Jackie Oshry is an American media personality, radio host, and YouTube content creator. She is best known for her podcast “The Morning Breath,” and the YouTube channel “Jackie and LA.”

Q: Who is Jackie’s Husband?
A: Jackie Oshry is married to Ben Soffer, a real estate investor. The couple got married in September 2018 in a private ceremony in California.

Q: What is Jackie Oshrys Net Worth?
A: According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jackie Oshry has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

Q: What are the Popular Videos on “Jackie and LA” Channel?
A: Some of the popular videos on the channel include My First Time Doing LASIK, My Wedding Day Vlog, My Mom Reacts To My New Tattoo and How I Make A Living On YouTube.

Q: What Charitable Work Has Jackie Done?
A: Throughout her career, Jackie has been involved with a number of charitable organizations such as the American Heart Association, CureDuchenne, and the National Eating Disorders Association. She has also organized fundraising events to support these causes.

Jackie Oshry is married to Ben Soffer, a real estate developer. The couple has an estimated combined net worth of around $2 million. With their combined wealth, they have been able to enjoy a lavish lifestyle and support each other’s career ambitions.

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