Which is Better for You? Jericho 941 vs Jericho 2 – A Comprehensive Comparison

The Jericho 941 is an upgraded version of the Jericho 2.

Jericho 941 Vs Jericho 2

The Jericho 941 and Jericho 2 are two semi-automatic handguns manufactured by Israeli Weapons Industries. Both guns feature high-strength polymer frames and cold-hammer forged steel barrels, as well as an ergonomic grip design for comfortable handling. The 941 is a large frame pistol with an 8+1 capacity, while the Jericho 2 is a medium frame pistol with a 10+1 capacity. The 941 also features an ambidextrous safety for easy operation by left or right handed shooters, while the Jericho 2 includes an adjustable rear sight for improved accuracy. Both firearms have been tested in military and law enforcement applications around the world and have proven to be reliable, durable, and accurate. When comparing these two models it is important to consider not only their physical specifications but also their performance capabilities in various environments. The Jericho 941 offers superior accuracy at longer range due to its larger frame size, while the Jericho 2 has slightly less recoil due to its smaller size and lighter weight. Considering these factors as well as their respective construction quality and reliability make them both excellent choices for personal protection or competitive shooting applications.

Jericho 941 Vs Jericho 2

The Jericho 941 and the Jericho 2 are two Israeli-made semi-automatic pistols with similar features, but there are some differences between them. In this article, we’ll take a look at the design and appearance, dimensions, barrel length & construction, calibers available, capacities & magazine differences and features comparison of both these pistols.

Design and Appearance

The Jericho 941 is a very popular handgun and it has a classic design with a polymer frame. It has traditional steel slide with small grooves on it to improve grip. The pistol also has an ergonomic grip that provides superior control. The Jericho 2 is also made from polymer and steel materials but it has a more modern look with an angular slide and an aggressive texture on the frame. Both pistols have black finishes.


The Jericho 941 has an overall length of 7.6 inches while the Jericho 2 measures in at 8.1 inches in overall length. The height of the Jericho 941 is 5 inches while the height of the Jericho 2 is 5.3 inches tall. Both guns have a barrel length of 4 inches and they both weigh about 31 ounces unloaded.

Barrel Length & Construction Differences

The barrel lengths of both pistols are 4 inches long but the barrels used in each gun are different. The 941 uses a cold hammer-forged chromoly steel barrel while the 2 uses a polygonal rifled barrel for increased accuracy and velocity when shooting ammunition such as +P ammo or other high pressure rounds.

Calibers Available

Both guns are chambered in .45 ACP but they can also be found in other calibers such as 9mm Luger or .40 S&W depending on availability in your local area or online stores such as Brownells or Midway USA for instance.

Capacities & Magazine Differences

The magazine capacity of both pistols is 13 rounds for full size magazines although extended magazines can be found for both guns that hold up to 16 rounds each without compromising reliability at all according to reports from actual users who own either gun models.

Features Comparison

Both guns have ambidextrous controls which make them ideal for use by left-handed shooters as well as right-handed shooters alike since they feature safety levers, magazine releases, slide stops, trigger guards that can be accessed from either side of the gun without any difficulty whatsoever making them suitable for both lefties or righties alike without any major issues regarding manipulation of those controls since theyre all symmetrically designed on either side of the pistols frame structure itself so you dont have to worry about using one handed techniques when reloading or clearing malfunctions if any arise during shooting sessions with either pistol models which makes them more suitable than some other semi-auto handguns out there due to their ambidextrous design features built into them from factory settings itself allowing all users to operate them without any major issues regardless if theyre leftie or rightie shooters respectively! As far as grips go both guns come standard with textured grip panels allowing users to obtain great control over their handgun during shooting drills whilst minimizing excessive felt recoil due to its ergonomic design making it comfortable enough even when shooting higher pressure rounds such as +P ammo without causing any discomfort whatsoever!

Jericho 941 Vs Jericho 2

The Jericho 941 and the Jericho 2 are two different models of handguns produced by Israeli Weapons Industries (IWI). Both models have different features and advantages, making them suitable for different types of users.

Advantages of Jericho 941

One of the main advantages of the Jericho 941 is its smooth pulling trigger. This allows shooters to quickly fire off rounds in rapid succession without having to worry about whether or not their trigger pull is affecting accuracy. Additionally, the ergonomic grip system on this model provides a comfortable hold, making it easier to control during shooting.

Disadvantages of Jericho 941

The only major disadvantage of the Jericho 941 is its heavy build construction. This can make it difficult to wield and carry for some shooters, especially those who are looking for something more lightweight. Additionally, this model comes with a manual safety mechanism, which could be inconvenient for some shooters who prefer a more instinctive approach to safety.

Advantages of Jericho 2

The main advantage of the Jericho 2 lies in its lightweight design and ergonomics. This makes it easier to carry around and manipulate during shooting sessions, allowing shooters to get off shots quickly when needed. Additionally, this model also features a quick release slide design that makes it easy to reload and chamber rounds in a hurry.

Disadvantages of Jericho 2

The only major disadvantage of the Jericho 2 is its bigger trigger pulling pressure compared to other models on the market. Additionally, this model only comes with limited caliber options, meaning that shooters may not be able to find exactly what they are looking for when shopping around for ammunition.

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is the design and appearance of the Jericho 941?
A: The Jericho 941 has a semi-automatic design with a steel frame. It has an ergonomic grip system with a polymer lower frame and a textured grip for improved control. The top slide is made from stainless steel, while the barrel is hammer-forged and has polygonal rifling.

Q: What are the dimensions of the Jericho 941?
A: The overall dimensions of the Jericho 941 are 8.3 inches in length, 5.4 inches in height, and 1.45 inches in width. The barrel length is 4.4 inches, while the weight is 34 ounces when unloaded.

Q: What are the differences between barrel lengths and construction for the Jericho 941 and Jericho 2?
A: The Jericho 941 has a 4.4 inch barrel length with polygonal rifling and hammer-forging, while the Jericho 2 has a 4 inch barrel length with traditional rifling and cold hammer-forging techniques used for construction.

Q: What are the advantages of the Jericho 941?
A: Some advantages of the Jericho 941 include its smooth pulling trigger, ergonomic grip system, and its manual safety mechanism which can be beneficial for users who prefer to use them as an extra precaution when handling firearms.

Q: What are some disadvantages of using the Jericho 2?
A: Some disadvantages of using the Jericho 2 include its bigger trigger pulling pressure as well as its limited caliber options compared to other handguns on the market.

The Jericho 941 and Jericho 2 are both excellent choices for those looking for a reliable handgun. The Jericho 941 is a more modern model that offers a number of features and upgrades, while the Jericho 2 provides a classic feel with its all-steel construction. Ultimately, the choice between the two will come down to personal preference and budget. Both are reliable and effective handguns that will serve you well in any situation.

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