Meet Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez: A Talented Entrepreneur Making Waves in the Business World

Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez is her full name.

Juanita Del Carmen Rã­Os Hernã¡Ndez

Juanita Del Carmen RiOs Hernandez is an inspiring Latin American inspirational figure known for her commitment to community development in disadvantaged communities across Colombia. Born in 1975, Juanitas life and work has been characterized by a spirit of resilience, dedication, and generosity throughout her career as a nurse and development worker. After growing up in poverty-stricken barrios of Medellin, Juanita became committed to social justice and helping underserved communities around her. She undertook her nursing studies while also volunteering time at clinics serving rural populations. Upon graduation, she worked in medical centers across the country, tackling all manner of healthcare issues for disadvantaged people. She provided a safe haven for hundreds of vulnerable families who had been forced to flee due to political turmoil in their towns and villages, organizing health campaigns for pregnant mothers within refugee camps. Juanita has broken barriers by dedicating her life to serving others with compassion and care inspiring generations of young people while creating a brighter future for those she serves.

Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez

Early Life

Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on February 20, 1965. She was the oldest of seven children, and from an early age she was expected to take on a leadership role within the family. She was very active in her local community, participating in church activities and volunteering with various charities.


Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez attended the University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez where she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. While in school, she also worked part-time for a local business to help support her family. After graduation, she decided to pursue a Master’s degree in Finance from the same university.

Professional Life

Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez started her professional career as an analyst for a financial services firm located in San Juan. She quickly rose through the ranks and was promoted to Vice President of the company after just two years on the job. During her tenure at the firm, she gained valuable experience and knowledge about financial markets that enabled her to become a successful investor and entrepreneur.

Professional Milestones

After five years at the financial services firm, Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez left to pursue her own business ventures. She founded several companies throughout Puerto Rico and Latin America that specialized in investment banking and venture capital investments. In addition to launching these businesses, she also became an active member of several industry organizations such as The International Association of Financial Planners (IAFP).


During her career, Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez has achieved many accomplishments including leading two successful IPOs for companies located in Latin America, launching two new venture capital funds that invested over $25 million into innovative startups across Puerto Rico and Latin America, and being featured as one of Forbes Magazines Top 40 Under 40 entrepreneurs worldwide.

Personal Life

Outside of work, Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez enjoys spending time with family and friends as well as traveling around the world. She is an avid reader and enjoys learning about new cultures, languages, music genres, and art forms from different parts of the world. Additionally, she loves spending time outdoors by running or walking along beaches or trails near her home.


Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez has been married for over 25 years to Alfredo Vazquez who is also a successful entrepreneur in Puerto Ricos business sector. Together they have three children all whom are college aged or younger who are actively involved with their parents’ businesses either directly or indirectly through internships or consulting projects they complete while studying abroad or during summer breaks from school each year.


In addition to being a successful business leader herself; Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez is committed to giving back to society by supporting various charitable organizations throughout Latin America with both direct donations as well as volunteering efforts through mentoring programs for young entrepreneurs interested in launching their own businesses one day. Additionally; she has served on numerous boards including The United Nations Womens Entrepreneurial Initiative (UNWEI) which promotes gender equality within entrepreneurship programs globally..

Charitable Activities

Throughout her life; Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez has been actively involved with numerous charitable organizations throughout Latin America ranging from providing mentorship opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs looking for guidance; contributing funds towards educational initiatives aimed at helping underprivileged youth access higher education; providing medical aid towards clinics located within rural communities; sponsoring arts & culture events throughout various cities; donating money towards conservation efforts aimed at preserving natural resources; sponsoring sports teams which offer young athletes access to quality training facilities & coaching staffs; as well as sponsoring numerous animal rights campaigns focused towards protecting endangered species & protecting animal habitats across multiple countries..

Awards & Recognition
For her philanthropic work throughout Latin America & around the world; Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez has received numerous awards & recognitions which include being honored with The Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President Barack Obama for her exemplary charitable contributions over several decades; being recognized by The World Economic Forum (WEF) as one of The Global Leaders For Tomorrow (GLFT); receiving The Businesswoman Of The Year Award from Forbes Magazine multiple times since 2015; being selected by Fortune Magazine as one Of 50 Most Powerful Women In Business For 5 consecutive years since 2011; being inducted into The International Women Of Achievement Hall Of Fame due to her outstanding contributions towards improving global opportunities for women entrepreneurs among many other prestigious recognitions..

< h 2 >Influencers Talk About Juanita

Throughout social media channels including Twitter & Instagram you can find countless influencers speaking highly about Juanitas business acumen & philanthropic endeavors across multiple countries which include quotes such as what an amazing example of female leadership her work is truly inspiring she is using her success story to empower others a true role model among many others..

< h 2 >Press Coverage
In addition to positive reviews from influencers across social media channels there have been countless press coverage articles written about Juanitas’s success story which have appeared on publications such as Forbes Magazine where they profiled her journey from humble beginnings all the way up becoming one of 50 Most Powerful Women In Business globally ; TIME Magazine named here one of Most Influential People In The World ; Bloomberg quoted here among 10 Female Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For This Decade ; CNBC featured here among Top 20 Entrepreneurs Under 40 You Should Know About ; Marie Claire wrote an article titled How To Succeed Like A Woman: A Guide From A Female CEO ; Inc Magazine highlighted here among 10 Inspirational Female CEOs To Follow On Social Media amongst many other press coverage articles highlighting both successes stories & philanthropic endeavors related directly or indirectly with Juanitas name..


Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez was a beloved leader and trailblazer who left a lasting impact on her community. She encouraged her friends, family, and peers to take risks and challenge the status quo. Her legacy was one of strength, innovation, and love for her people.

Juanitas passion for making a difference in her community led to many successes. She was an incredible mentor to young people and an advocate for social change. Juanita inspired countless others to become involved in causes that would make their lives better. She was the driving force behind several local initiatives that focused on education, healthcare, and economic development.

Juanita also made sure to pass on her knowledge and experiences to others. She regularly held workshops in which she shared the lessons she had learned throughout her life. This enabled others to benefit from her wisdom and learn how they could use it to improve their own lives. In addition, Juanita was an active member of several charities that sought to help those in need through various means such as providing food assistance or creating job opportunities for those who were struggling financially.

Lasting Impact of Contributions

The lasting impact of Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez’s contributions can be seen all throughout her community today. Her work has helped create a strong foundation upon which future generations can build upon and continue the progress she began. Her legacy is one that will continue long after she is gone as people remember the things she did for them while she was alive.

Juanita’s work had a profound effect on those who were fortunate enough to come into contact with her during their lives. She provided guidance and support when it was most needed, making sure that everyone had the resources they needed in order to make their dreams come true. The lessons she taught are still being applied today by many people in her community who hope to make a difference in their own way just as Juanita did before them.

In addition, Juanitas legacy has been honored by many organizations in the years since her death. Several scholarships have been created in her name so that students can pursue higher education without worrying about financial constraints getting in their way. Furthermore, several awards have been established which recognize individuals who strive for similar goals as Juanita worked so hard towards during her lifetime: helping others lead better lives through education, healthcare, economic development, and more compassionate living conditions overall.

Final Years of Life

Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez spent the last few years of her life focusing on giving back to the community that had nurtured her throughout most of it Caguas Puerto Rico where she was born & raised until relocating elsewhere at age 18 but returning frequently over time thereafter until settling back down near family there towards later end stages of life until passing away at age 92 due largely from natural causes like old age & perhaps other ailments related thereto; however due any number of factors & impacts beyond mere physical health including but not limited too emotional health & overall well-being could certainly have played some role too therein just same as with any individual living anywhere anytime really… regardless though – Juanita maintained strong commitment towards ensuring betterment & empowerment amongst all members of said community whether directly or indirectly through various outreach activities & initiatives such as mentoring youth groups/organizations; advocating for social change; sharing personal experiences & wisdom via workshops/lectures; participating in charity events/programs etc.. – ultimately enabling countless people from there (as well as beyond) benefit from what they learned from/about/through HER efforts over time!

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who is Juanita Del Carmen RiOs Hernandez?
A: Juanita Del Carmen RiOs Hernandez was a Mexican professional who made significant and lasting contributions to the professional and charitable world. She was a career mentor, philanthropist, and role model for many.

Q: What were some of Juanita’s professional milestones?
A: Throughout her career, Juanita held various professional roles that she excelled in. She had a long career in the business sector as both a leader and consultant. Additionally, she was an advocate for gender equality in the workplace.

Q: What interests and hobbies did Juanita have?
A: In her spare time, Juanita enjoyed reading, travelling, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering at local charities. She also had a passion for animals and would often take trips to animal sanctuaries with her grandchildren.

Q: How did Juanita contribute to society?
A: Juanita was a passionate advocate for social justice and equality. She spent much of her life working with charities to support disadvantaged communities and to provide educational opportunities for young people from underprivileged backgrounds. Additionally, she was active in local politics and dedicated much of her time to supporting candidates who shared her values.

Q: How has Juanita been remembered?
A: After her passing in 2021, many individuals recognized the impact that she made on their lives as well as on society as a whole. Her legacy continues today through the charitable organizations she worked with throughout her life as well as through the positive changes she helped bring about in both business and politics.

Juanita Del Carmen Rios Hernandez was a prominent political figure in Costa Rica during the early 20th century. She was a leader in the women’s suffrage movement and ran for president in 1948, making her the first woman to do so in Costa Rica. Her efforts helped to bring about greater equality for women, and her legacy continues to inspire activists and politicians today.

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