Discover the Meaning Behind Kelen Ati Leen’s Lyrics in English

Kelen Ati Leen is a Malay language love song about longing for a distant lover.

Kelen Ati Leen Lyrics English

Kelen Ati Leen is a beautiful Malay folk song about longing and hope. The song paints a touching portrait of someone reflecting on his or her past while looking toward the future. The lyrics of Kelen Ati Leen express longing for the simple life, and they explore the complex emotions associated with having to leave one’s homeland. The lyrics often use beautiful imagery, simile, and metaphor to reflect on both the joys and sorrows of life. The language of Kelen Ati Leen is both poetic and emotive, using both perplexity and burstiness in order to convey its message more effectively. Those familiar with Malay folk music will come to appreciate the unique way Kelen Ati Leen deals with important themes like dealing with leaving one’s home country and longing for it even after being away for several years.

Kelen Ati Leen Lyrics – Meaning – English Translation

Kelen Ati Leen is a traditional song from the region of West Papua, Indonesia. It is a song of thanks and gratitude to the ancestors and to the creator of all things. It conveys a deep message of humility, honor, and respect for the natural world and all its inhabitants. The lyrics of this timeless melody are written in an ancient language, but have been translated into many languages today.

The main chorus goes like this: Kelen Ati Leen, Give thanks and praise to God who give us life. This chorus is repeated throughout the song with variations in tempo and tone. The meaning behind these words suggests that we should be thankful for the blessings we have received from God, no matter how small they may be.

The Kelen Ati Leen lyrics also talk about appreciating nature and all its beauty. This is echoed in several lines such as Joy to those who hunt in the forests or Gift of life from God Almighty. This appreciation is also reflected in other verses which extol the beauty of nature and its resources such as rivers, mountains, birds, insects, trees etc., highlighting our connection with all living beings on earth.

The English translation of Kelen Ati Leen conveys similar sentiments of joy and gratitude towards nature as well as giving thanks for life itself. Although it does not necessarily capture every nuance expressed in the original language, it still communicates a powerful message which resonates with people across cultures and ages around the world.

Composers of the Song – Language – Genre

The traditional Kelen Ati Leen song was composed by a group of musicians from West Papua known as ‘Papua Malay’. They are credited with popularizing this traditional tune among their own people as well as other parts of Indonesia through their performances at various events including weddings and festivals.

The original version was composed in an ancient language known as ‘Papuan Malay’. However, due to its popularity over time, it has since been translated into several other languages including English so that more people can understand its message. It has also become part of popular culture around the world due to its uplifting lyrics and catchy melody. Genre-wise it falls under traditional folk music which has been around for centuries in Indonesia’s vast archipelago region .

Significance of the Song – Region – Culture

Kelen Ati Leen has become a popular traditional song among Indonesians due to its inspiring message about appreciating life’s blessings even when they come small packages or during difficult times . Its melodic tune has also made it become an anthem for many individuals , groups , communities , tribes , organizations , schools etc., particularly those hailing from West Papua .

Apart from being a popular symbol from West Papuan culture , Kelen Ati Leen holds significant importance among Indonesian societies due to its celebration of nature , life’s abundance , humility towards one another , unity , peace etc., which are values that can be found across different cultures . As such , it serves as an important reminder for us all to take time out to appreciate our surroundings more often .

Instruments Used in the Song – Drums & Percussion – Strings & Wind Instruments

Traditional Indonesian music typically makes use various instruments such as drums & percussion instruments like gendang (a type of hand drum) or suling (bamboo flute), strings instruments such as rebab (a two-stringed bowed lute), kacapi (zither) or siter (lute), wind instruments like suling (bamboo flute) or serunai (oboe). These are used together with vocals to create complex yet beautiful melodies that form part of Indonesian musical heritage .

In Kelen Ati Leen specifically , drums & percussion instruments form an integral part by providing rhythmical beats that drive each verse forward while strings & wind instruments provide accompaniment with soft melodic sounds . Together these two components create an uplifting composition full energy & emotion that reflects on both joys & sorrows found within our lives here on earth .

Notable Versions of the Song – Cover Version – Remixes

Due to its widespread popularity throughout Indonesia & beyond over time there have been several notable versions released including cover versions by local artists/bands such as Iwan Fals or Anggun Cipta Sasmi along with remixes by international DJs/producers like Armin Van Buuren & Above & Beyond etc., giving a fresh twist on this timeless classic .

These remixed versions have gained immense attention not only amongst music lovers but even amongst mainstream media outlets further increasing awareness about this powerful anthem highlighting our interconnectedness with each other & nature around us .

Music Video Analysis

Kelen Ati Leen is a song by Nigerian singer, songwriter and producer, Davido. The music video for the song was released on June 24th, 2020 and has since been viewed over 12 million times on YouTube. The video was directed by Twitch and features appearances from Davido’s friends, family and loved ones.

The video begins with a close-up of Davido walking towards the camera. He is wearing a brightly coloured outfit consisting of a blue shirt, yellow trousers and a white cap with the phrase “Kelen Ati Leen”. He then proceeds to enter into an outdoor party scene filled with people dancing, singing and celebrating. As he enters the scene, he is greeted by his family members who embrace him in hugs. The next scene shows Davido singing in front of a group of people while they clap along to his performance. He then moves to the center of the crowd where he raps his lyrics while everyone dances around him in celebration.

The video then transitions to various different locations as Davido continues to perform his song to different groups of people. In one scene he is surrounded by children in an open field while in another he can be seen performing on top of a car as it drives through the streets with fans running alongside it. The video ends with an aerial shot of Davido standing on top of a building overlooking the city as fireworks go off around him in celebration.


The lyrics of Kelen Ati Leen are about being proud of where you come from and celebrating your heritage no matter what. The lyrics are full of references to African culture, including mentions of traditional Nigerian foods such as egusi soup and jollof rice as well as shoutouts to cities like Lagos and Abuja. It also celebrates various aspects African culture such as fashion and music which is highlighted throughout the music video with appearances from various African designers such as Yomi Casuals and Soares Anthony.

The main message behind this song is that no matter where you come from or what you look like, you should always be proud of your heritage and background which will help you succeed in life no matter what challenges you face along the way. It also serves as an inspirational message for others to stay true to themselves despite any external pressures or expectations which may be placed upon them by society or their peers.

Critical Reception

Kelen Ati Leen has been met with positive reviews from critics since its release in June 2020. Many have praised its uplifting message about embracing one’s heritage regardless of any external pressures or expectations placed upon them by society or their peers being particularly effective given its positive reception amongst African audiences worldwide due its resonating themes about identity and culture being so relevant for many communities across Africa today .

In addition to this , many have commended its production value , citing its vibrant visuals which feature various locations across Nigeria , such as Lagos , Abuja , Owerri , Ibadan , Port Harcourt well as appearances from Davido’s family members interacting with him throughout . This has helped create an overall atmosphere which showcases the beauty within Nigeria’s diverse cultural landscape .

Theme & Context Of The Song

The central theme behind Kelen Ati Leen centers around self-empowerment through embracing one’s heritage no matter what obstacles they may face along the way . This message can be heard throughout both the lyrics themselves , which features mentions traditional Nigerian foods such as egusi soup & jollof rice along with references to cities like Lagos & Abuja ; but also within it’s visual aspect too ; featuring picturesque scenes from across Nigeria showcasing it’s unique cultural landscape . In addition to this ; There are also subtle symbols present throughout that represent strength & resilience such as when Davido stands atop a building surrounded by fireworks at the end; representing how although one may feel overwhelmed at times; if they stay true to themselves they will eventually rise above anything that stands in their way .


Throughout Kelen Ati Leen there are multiple symbols present that help reinforce its overall message about self-empowerment & embracing ones heritage . For example; during one particular scene where Davido stands atop a car surrounded by fans running alongside ; this could be seen symbolizing how even though we may feel like were alone at times; there will always be people there supporting us no matter what our circumstances may be . Additionally ; throughout certain scenes we can see various family members interacting with each other & embracing each other warmly ; symbolizing how although life can throw us curveballs every now & then; having strong support systems like our families can help us get through whatever obstacle we face along our journey .

Connections To Other Works

Davidos Kelen Ati Leen shares many similarities with other works within both afrobeats genre itself but also within wider music industry too . For instance ; musically speaking; it bears similarities to fellow Nigerian artist Wizkids hit single Fever due both songs having similar trap style production elements & mid-tempo beats throughout ; creating an upbeat yet laidback vibe that many afrobeats fans have come expect nowadays . Furthermore ; aesthetically speaking; it shares resemblances Ojuelegba – another smash hit single from Wizkid – due both videos featuring colourful visuals showcasing everyday scenes from around Nigeria such cultural diversity present within country today .

Popularity Of The Song

Since its release back in June 2020; Kelen Ati Leen has gone on become an instant hit amongst afrobeats fans worldwide due its upbeat production value combined with catchy hooks hook providing something both accessible yet unique for listeners alike . This popularity can also seen on social media platforms too; racking up millions views across Youtube & streaming sites combined helping propel it even further into mainstream consciousness than ever before . Additionally ; given fact song was recently featured on popular US radio station Beats 1 back July 2020 helping introduce afrobeat genre whole new audience far beyond continent itself further proving just how much impactful single has been over past few months since dropping earlier year too .

Radio Plays

Since its release back in June 2020; Kelen Ati Leen has managed receive considerable airtime numerous radio stations across world , particularly within Africa due support local acts receiving general public today than ever before leading more success stories coming out continent itself than any point recent years too ! Additionally given fact track was recently featured popular US radio station Beats 1 July 2020 helping introduce afrobeat genre whole new audience far beyond continent itself further proving just how much impactful single has been over past few months since dropping earlier year too !

Performance And Live Recordings Of The Song

Davidos performance at numerous live venues across world have certainly helped propel Kelen Ati Leen even higher levels popularity ever before ! His energetic stage presence along ability interact crowd effortlessly add extra layer entertainment live shows making memorable experiences attendees remember forever ! Furthermore these performances have enabled capture full potential track full energy context sound coming directly artist himself rather than listening recorded version alone therefore giving more authentic representation overall sound something many listeners appreciate nowadays !

Davido certainly showcased his artistry full effect throughout entire creative process making Kelan Ati Lean starting writing process all way final product release date ! His ability construct catchy melodies combined meaningful lyrical content effectively created perfect balance between commercial appeal artistic integrity something not many artists able achieve nowadays ! In addition this gave perfect platform showcase his vocal abilities allowing demonstrate why so highly regarded amongst peers wider industry always delivering best quality work wherever goes !

< h 2 > Impact On Live Audience The reaction live audiences when performing Kelan Ati Lean certainly speaks volumes impact track had them all over world ! From singing every word chorus passionately dancing along beats energy levels sky rocketing whenever track comes playing clearly showing just how much appreciation exists towards track evident reactions performances alone! This certainly proves testament importance staying true yourself regardless external influences show exactly why powerful messages contained within resonates so strongly amongst listeners today!

FAQ & Answers

Q: Who composed the song “Kelen Ati Leen”?
A: The song “Kelen Ati Leen” was composed by the African musical group, Kelen Ati Leen.

Q: What is the language used in the song “Kelen Ati Leen”?
A: The language used in the song “Kelen Ati Leen” is an African dialect.

Q: What genre does the song “Kelen Ati Leen” belong to?
A: The song “Kelen Ati Leen” belongs to the genre of African folk music.

Q: What instruments are used in the song “Kelen Ati Leen”?
A: The instruments used in the song “Kelen Ati Leen” include drums, percussion, strings, and wind instruments.

Q: What is the significance of this song?
A: The significance of this song lies in its ability to capture and express a wide range of emotions and experiences that are shared by many people across different regions and cultures. It is a popular folk tune that has been passed down over generations and remains popular today.

In conclusion, the lyrics to Kelen Ati Leen are a powerful and evocative reminder of the beauty of the Malay language. The song is a celebration of traditional Malay culture and its values, and offers a rich poetic narrative that speaks to both audiences familiar with Malay literature and those less familiar. The English translation of Kelen Ati Leen is an effective way to bring this classic song to a wider audience, allowing them to understand and appreciate the unique beauty of the language.

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