Solving Common Kimber Custom II Issues – A Comprehensive Guide

Kimber Custom TLE IIs are known for their reliability and performance, but some users have reported malfunctions and other issues.

Kimber Custom Tle Ii Problems

The Kimber Custom TLE II is one of the most popular pistols among the modern law enforcement, military and competitive shooting communities. However, despite its popularity and strength in the market, some users have experienced a few issues or problems with this model. In some cases, reports of failed to feed or failure to extract after firing have been noted. The cause of these issues can range from a minor malfunction such as out of spec maglip or ammunition, to a fault in the weapon itself. As such, it is important to make sure that proper maintenance and regular cleaning prior to use can help address any potential issues with the Kimber Custom TLE II pistol. Additionally, proper inspection of magazines and ammunition beforehand can help prevent any malfunction or issue while firing as well. With diligent care and inspection, this powerful pistol should be able to continue working reliably under pressure.

Kimber Custom TLE II

The Kimber Custom TLE II is a popular tactical pistol designed for professional use. It has become a staple of law enforcement and military personnel due to its reliability, accuracy, and design. The gun features a 4-inch barrel with a steel slide, aluminum frame, and stainless steel barrel. It is chambered in .45 ACP and comes with three-dot tritium combat sights for easy target acquisition in low light conditions. Additionally, the gun comes with an ambidextrous thumb safety, full-length guide rod, and a match grade trigger for enhanced performance.


The Kimber Custom TLE II is designed to provide maximum performance in all conditions. Its features include an extended beavertail grip safety, checkered front strap, beveled magazine well for fast reloads, and an extended magazine release button. Additionally, the gun features a lightweight aluminum frame that helps reduce felt recoil while maintaining accuracy over long shooting sessions. Furthermore, the gun has an ergonomic design that allows for comfortable shooting even when using gloves.


The Kimber Custom TLE II was designed with both military and law enforcement personnel in mind. Its frame is constructed from lightweight aluminum alloy while the slide is made from carbon steel with either matte black or silver finish depending on preference. The gun also features an ergonomic grip design that ensures comfortable handling during long shooting sessions as well as an extended beavertail grip safety that prevents accidental discharges when carrying the gun in a holster or pocket. Additionally, the pistol comes equipped with three-dot tritium combat sights for easy target acquisition in low light conditions and an ambidextrous thumb safety for both left-handed or right-handed shooters.

Common Problems of Kimber Custom TLE II

Unfortunately, like all firearms, there are some common problems associated with the Kimber Custom TLE II pistol. One of the most common issues is the tendency of the gun to jam due to inadequate lubrication or buildup of dirt or debris inside the firing mechanism or magazine well area. Another common problem is lack of accuracy when shooting at longer distances due to improper sighting or poor ammunition selection.

Solutions for Common Issues with Kimber Custom TLE II

Fortunately there are some solutions available to address these common issues associated with the Kimber Custom TLE II pistol. To ensure reliable operation and optimal accuracy it is very important to properly maintain your firearm by regularly cleaning it per manufacturer’s instructions as well as lubricating it according to manufacturer’s specifications after each use or at least once every two weeks depending on usage frequency. Additionally it is important to select quality ammunition that best suits your needs such as hollow point bullets for self-defense applications or FMJ bullets if you’re looking for more target practice rounds at lower cost per round than hollow points typically have higher prices per round than FMJ ammo does on average across different brands and calibers available on today’s market so keep this in mind when selecting ammo type best suited for your needs whether it be self defense applications or just target practice at local range you can save money by selecting proper ammo type without sacrificing performance standards you are looking for in terms of accuracy and reliability expected from your firearm investment like this one here being discussed – Kimber Custom TLE II pistol specifically today here in this article discussing its pros & cons along with some maintenance considerations & upgrades available if desired by user/owner so read on further below!

Pros and Cons of the Kimber Custom TLE II

When considering purchasing any firearm its important to weigh both positive features but also limitations that come along this particular model of gun under discussion today – Kimbers Custom TLE II pistol specifically here today – so lets discuss those now: On one hand positive features & benefits include above mentioned lightweight aluminum construction which helps reduce felt recoil while increasing accuracy & performance over long shooting sessions plus ergonomic design which makes handling easier even if wearing gloves plus wide range of accessories available such as extended magazines plus aftermarket parts/accessories available too if desired such as upgraded triggers & barrels etc… On other hand though there are some limitations that come along too such as limited capacity magazines (8 rounds) compared to other similar models which offer 10+ rounds mags which may be desired by some users/owners so keep this in mind when selecting best suited model/brand/caliber combo best suited for your individual needs & preferences!

Performance Updates for the Kimber Custom TLE II

For those looking to get even more out of their Kimber Custom TLE II pistol there are several options available depending on individual requirements & preferences such as upgrading internal parts like triggers & barrels plus aftermarket accessories such as grips which can help improve comfort level while shooting plus adjustable sights which can help increase accuracy even further too! All these upgrades will help take your firearms performance levels up another notch but keep in mind they do come at additional cost so factor them into your budget accordingly before investing into them if desired!

Kimber Custom TLE II Problems

The Kimber Custom TLE II is a popular pistol that is used by many law enforcement and military personnel. It is known for its accuracy and reliability, but there are some issues that can arise with this gun. In this article, we will discuss some of the most common problems that owners of the Kimber Custom TLE II have encountered and how they can be addressed.

Sight Systems and Lasers

The sight systems on the Kimber Custom TLE II are known to be quite accurate, but occasionally they can become misaligned or damaged. If this happens, it is important to have your sights replaced or repaired as soon as possible. Additionally, lasers can be added to the Kimber Custom TLE II for increased accuracy in low light situations. It is important to make sure that these lasers are properly installed and calibrated so that they do not interfere with the regular sight system.

Magazine Extensions and Grips

Magazine extensions and grips can be added to the Kimber Custom TLE II in order to make it easier to use and more comfortable for extended periods of use. Magazine extensions increase the capacity of the gun by adding additional rounds into the magazine, while grips enhance comfort by providing a better grip surface for your hands. It is important to make sure these accessories are properly installed so that they do not affect the gun’s performance or reliability.

Review: Is The Kimber Custom TLE-II Good For You?

The Kimber Custom TLE II is a reliable pistol that is suitable for both professional use as well as home defense. It has great accuracy when used properly and offers good ergonomics for extended shooting sessions. However, there are some potential drawbacks you should consider before making your purchase decision.

Advantages of Ownership

The advantages of owning a Kimber Custom TLE-II include its accuracy, dependability, ergonomics, and ease of maintenance. The gun also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Kimber handguns which covers any defects in material or workmanship during normal use conditions within three years from purchase date (exceptions apply). Additionally, many owners report excellent customer service when dealing with any issues related to their firearm purchases from Kimber handguns.

Disadvantages Of Buying A Used Model

Buying a used model of the Kimber Custom Tle II may not always be ideal if you dont know its history or maintenance schedule prior to purchase as there could be potential unseen damage or wear-and-tear associated with it that might not have been addressed prior to sale by its previous owner(s). Additionally, buying used also means you won’t get access to limited lifetime warranty coverage from Kimber handguns which could leave you stuck covering any repair costs out-of-pocket should something go wrong down the line after purchase.

Alternatives To Consider Before Purchasing A Kimber Custom Tle 2

Before making a decision on whether or not a Kimber Custom Tle 2 is right for you, its important to consider other options available on the market such as Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm pistols which offer similar features at comparable price points along with its own limited lifetime warranty coverage from Smith & Wesson firearms upon registration within 30 days after purchase (exceptions apply). Additionally other manufacturers such as Sig Sauer also offer various models of pistols similar in size and features with Simmons Sight Systems included on some models along with their own limited lifetime warranty coverage upon original purchaser registration within 30 days after purchase (exceptions apply).

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is a Kimber Custom TLE II?
A: The Kimber Custom TLE II is a semi-automatic pistol designed for law enforcement and military use. It features an aluminum frame, match grade barrel and slide, and adjustable sights. The pistol has a 4-inch barrel and a 7+1 round capacity.

Q: What are common problems of the Kimber Custom TLE II?
A: Common problems with the Kimber Custom TLE II include gun jamming, lack of accuracy, and reliability issues.

Q: What solutions are there for common issues with the Kimber Custom TLE II?
A: Solutions for common issues with the Kimber Custom TLE II include regular cleaning and maintenance, as well as using appropriate ammunition for the gun. Additionally, upgrading the internal parts and installing aftermarket accessories can help improve performance.

Q: What are some pros and cons to owning a Kimber Custom TLE II?
A: Pros to owning a Kimber Custom TLE II include its ergonomic design, adjustable sights, 4-inch barrel, fast cycling action, durable construction, match grade barrel and slide, light weight frame, and excellent accuracy. Cons to owning the gun include its lack of ambidextrous controls, limited magazine capacity when compared to other pistols in its class, heavy trigger pull weight (7 lbs), difficulty disassembling it for cleaning without tools or instructions from an experienced gunsmith or armorer.

Q: Are there any performance updates or accessories that can enhance my experience with a Kimber Custom TLE II?
A: Yes! There are several performance updates and accessories that can enhance your experience with the Kimber Custom TLE II such as sight systems or lasers for improved accuracy; magazine extensions or grips for increased comfort; trigger upgrades to reduce trigger pull weight; aftermarket slides for improved recoil management; extended magazines for increased ammo capacity; etc.

In conclusion, the Kimber Custom TLE II is an excellent firearm that is highly regarded for its reliability and accuracy. However, it can have some issues, such as a stiff slide, a rough trigger pull, and an unreliable magazine release. With proper maintenance and regular inspection, these issues can be addressed and the firearm will provide years of enjoyable shooting experiences.

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