Enjoy Ordinary Days with Lycoris Recoil’s English Version

The Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English is a short novel about a teenage girl coming to terms with life’s everyday struggles.

Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English

Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English is an expressive and lively language created by the collaborative and creative team of Lycoris. At its core, it is a blend of English conventions and Japanese structural elements, placed within a unique narrative frame. With its focus on human emotion and struggle, Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English uses words, phrases, and clauses to create an engaging descriptive experience. Delivering within the complexity of its grammar, Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English is filled with bursts of poetic sentiment in the way that it combines imagery with expressions both mysterious and passionate. It is designed to create powerful feelings in those reading or writing in the language – allowing readers to travel through a vibrant journey through words.

Lycoris Recoil

Lycoris Recoil is a Japanese visual novel by Navel, originally released in 2006 for the PC. The game is set in a fictional world where gods and humans live together. The main protagonist is Akito, a young man who has been granted the power to manipulate time by the goddess Lycoris. He must use this power to protect his home town from a group of criminals known as the ‘Recoilers’.


Lycoris Recoil was first released in Japan on November 3rd, 2006 for the PC. It was later ported to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 platforms in 2008. The game has been praised for its unique storyline and beautiful art style. It has also been praised for its innovative time manipulation mechanic, which allows players to control time itself in order to solve puzzles and progress through the story.


The soundtrack for Lycoris Recoil was composed by Naoki Kodaka and features an array of both vocal and instrumental tracks that help set the mood for each scene throughout the game. Notable songs from the soundtrack include Ordinary Days, Resonance, Time Fades Away, and Eternity among others. Several remixes of these tracks were later released as part of a bonus CD entitled Remix Collection: Lycoris Recoil which was exclusively available with limited edition versions of the game.

Ordinary Days

Ordinary Days is one of the main themes from Lycoris Recoil’s soundtrack written by Naoki Kodaka. The song serves as an introduction to Akito’s journey throughout the game and his struggles with using his newfound powers responsibly while trying to protect his home town from destruction at all costs. The song also serves as a recurring motif throughout various scenes in Lycoris Recoil, further helping to build tension and suspense as events unfold throughout Akito’s journey.


The story of Lycoris Recoil follows Akito’s journey as he attempts to protect his home town from destruction at all costs using his newfound powers granted by Lycoris – the goddess who appears before him at random moments throughout his journey – while trying to come to terms with his own past mistakes that led him down this path in life in the first place. Along with his friends Eiko and Touma, Akito must confront several dangerous foes – including a group of criminals known as ‘Recoilers’ – while learning more about himself along the way.

Character Analysis

Akito is a young man who is granted special powers by Lycoris during an unexpected encounter with her one day while walking through town alone after school hours ends. He is determined to protect his home town from destruction at all costs using these newfound powers, but he struggles with understanding why he was chosen out of everyone else to be given such an incredible gift – especially considering some of his past mistakes that have put him on this path in life in the first place. He also has difficulty trusting others due to being betrayed previously by someone close to him, but eventually learns how important it is rely on others if he wishes to succeed on this journey ahead of him.

English Version

An English version of Lycoris Recoil was later released for PC on July 12th 2019 with localization done by Sekai Project Ltd., allowing English-speaking players around the world access into this beloved classic visual novel experience without having any knowledge or understanding of Japanese language beforehand . This version featured fully voiced dialogue lines along with other improvements such as optimized graphics that better suited modern standards compared to its original 2006 release for PC back then .

Development Process

The development process behind creating an English version of Lycoris Recoil began back when Sekai Project Ltd., got involved with localization works back then . They worked hard alongside Navel Team members during production stages , making sure they kept faithful translations that would maintain true representation towards original content from Japan . A lot effort went into getting voice actors onboard too , casting new voices that would allow players around world feel closer towards characters featured within game itself .

Translation Challenges

Creating an English version of this beloved classic presented certain challenges , most notably being language barrier between Japanese-English culture differences . Localization team had challenge understanding certain cultural references within original script , which needed be adjusted accordingly so they would make sense English-speaking audiences around world without losing any sensory impact contained within them originally . Other challenges included finding right voice actors fit characters featured within story , considering there were no existing reference points going off since game designed only Japan prior this English version release period .


Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English is a fantasy novel written by the author Yuu Uemura. It was released in Japan on August 15th, 2020. The novel follows the story of a young girl named Kanae, who is living in a world filled with magic and mystery. She discovers that she has the power to use magical spells to manipulate objects and people around her. With this newfound power, Kanae embarks on an adventure to discover the truth behind her mysterious past.

Plot Summary

The novel begins with Kanae discovering her magical powers and learning how to use them. She soon finds out that her powers are linked to an ancient artifact known as the Recoil Ordinary Days which is said to have been created by an ancient civilization long ago. With the help of a mysterious man named Reiji, Kanae goes on a journey to uncover the secrets behind the artifact and its connection to her past.

Along their travels, they encounter various characters including the villainous Silver Witch who seeks to use the artifact for her own nefarious purposes. Kanae eventually discovers that she is connected to an ancient lost kingdom called Lumina and learns about its history and past inhabitants. As she delves deeper into Luminas history, she finds out more about her familys connection to it as well as its dark secrets that threaten its existence.

Kanae eventually learns that in order for Lumina to survive, she must find a way to restore balance between good and evil within it. In order for this balance to be restored, Kanae must find all seven pieces of the Recoil Ordinary Days before it is too late. With Reiji by her side, Kanae sets off on a quest across time and space in search of these pieces while also fighting against enemies both old and new along the way.


Kanae is a sixteen-year-old girl with mysterious powers related to the Recoil Ordinary Days artifact from an unknown civilization long ago. She is determined yet kindhearted and has great courage when faced with danger or tough situations. Reiji is a mysterious man with ties to both Lumina and Kanaes past who helps guide her on her quest for answers about Lumina and its connection with her familys history.

The Silver Witch is one of Kanae’s main antagonists in Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English who seeks out the Recoil Ordinary Days for nefarious purposes such as world domination or other evil deeds depending on which version you read (the Japanese or English). She has powerful magic at her disposal which makes for exciting battle scenes when she comes up against our protagonists!

The Seven Guardians are seven powerful entities from Lumina whose job it is protect it from evil forces such as The Silver Witch and other enemies of Lumina who seek out its secrets for their own gain or destruction. They also have knowledge about some of Lumina’s hidden mysteries which could prove useful when trying solve some of its puzzles!


Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English is an exciting fantasy novel full of mystery, adventure, and magic that fans of all ages can enjoy! It features characters with interesting backstories as well as compelling villains like The Silver Witch who will challenge our heroes every step of their journey! The world Yuu Uemura creates in Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English will keep readers captivated until they reach its thrilling conclusion!

FAQ & Answers

Q: What is Lycoris Recoil?
A: Lycoris Recoil is a visual novel game developed by the Japanese company Innocent Grey. It was released in Japan in 2011 and has since been released in other territories as well. The game follows the story of a young woman named Yumi who discovers she has an unusual power to travel between parallel worlds, and her journey to uncover the secrets of her past.

Q: What is the storyline of Ordinary Days?
A: Ordinary Days is a spin-off of Lycoris Recoil that follows Yumi’s ordinary life in an alternate world. The story focuses on Yumi’s daily life with her friends, exploring different themes such as friendship, love, and self-discovery. It also delves into the mystery of her past and the secrets she must uncover to understand her power.

Q: Who are some of the characters in Ordinary Days?
A: There are several characters featured in Ordinary Days, including Yumi, her friend Souichi, their teacher Mr. Tachibana, and their classmate Eriko. Other characters include Sayuri, Suzuka, Shizuka, Chiharu, and Ryouichi.

Q: What was the development process for Lycoris Recoil’s English version?
A: The development process for Lycoris Recoils English version began with a translation from Japanese to English by fans of the game. This translation was then revised and edited by professionals before being released officially as an official English version of the game.

Q: What were some of the challenges encountered during Lycoris Recoil’s English translation?
A: Some of the challenges encountered during Lycoris Recoils English translation included deciphering difficult words or phrases from Japanese text into proper English equivalents as well as ensuring that cultural references were properly conveyed to an international audience without losing any meaning or context from the original Japanese version. Other challenges included ensuring that characters’ personalities remained consistent across languages while also keeping track of all dialogue changes made throughout development for accuracy and consistency purposes.

In conclusion, Lycoris Recoil Ordinary Days English is an anime series that has a unique story and characters. It follows an ordinary girl named Yuka who goes on an adventure to seek out her missing father and discovers a magical world called Lycoris. Along her journey, she meets various strange creatures and learns about the power of friendship. The series is filled with fun and action-packed moments, making it a great watch for both young and old viewers alike.

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